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Without A Bridle

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#27260
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:** (1.8)
Submitted By:ccccc*us****




Without a bridle, or a saddle,
across a thing I ride a-straddle.
And those I ride, by help of me,
though almost blind, are made to see.
What am I?

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Dec 02, 2005

Great one but I thought it might be horse blinders
Dec 02, 2005

Boy was I way off!!! I was thinking.... something that brings LIGHT at night..... like some mythological character that rides the moon....
Dec 02, 2005

Nice, easy to get, though it may have been the fact that I'm always conscious of my own.
Dec 02, 2005

Fun teaser
Dec 03, 2005

But some of them are tethered!
Dec 04, 2005

I thought it was someone riding a bike at night that has a headlight that works via a generator
Dec 04, 2005

Very good job. Really enjoyed the way you wrote it. Very nice, fun and not so easy. Keep 'em coming.
Dec 07, 2005

Gosh I was heading for a horsey thing! Good Job
Dec 10, 2005

nice and fun teaser!! liked it alot
Dec 11, 2005

sorry but that was kinda, ok really stupid!!
Dec 11, 2005

between1-10 i give it a 9. nice
Dec 13, 2005

really easy but oh well! good job
Dec 23, 2005

Very good. I guess I read it right due to my glasses.
Dec 24, 2005

I was thinking the answer was my wife until i saw the last line...

that was a good one
Jan 17, 2006

Good one !! thanks
Nov 08, 2011

Very good one. I kept thinking it was me doing the riding and what was I riding on, but the clue was as plain as the nose on my face. HA!
Nov 08, 2011

That was an interesting riddle and it brought back some WONDERFUL memories for me. I'll never forget the first time I wore a pair of glasses! I was 7 years old and all the weay home from the doctor's office I kept exclaiming, "Look at all the things I can see!" It was a thrilling moment. That was at least 30 years ago! Have a wonderful day to all my friends who are 30+ too!
Nov 08, 2011

all the WAY home!
Nov 08, 2011

Easy but magnifying I caught that little fib by Gayle, we know she is no older than 35.
Nov 08, 2011

I've heard this riddle before.
Nov 08, 2011

Couldn't get the riddle, even though I can't read this screen w/o glasses!

Doehead, I didn't know you were such a gentleman!!

Riddle--well done.
My brain sometimes--burnt.
Nov 08, 2011

Thank you wordmama, you wisdow is showing.
Nov 08, 2011

"almost blind"

Really??? In that same sense those who take their shoes off are "almost naked" without them I guess. Oh well.
Nov 08, 2011

Nice. Took me a few minutes to get past trying to think of the thing being ridden and instead look for the thing doing the riding.
Nov 09, 2011

Doehead, you should know that Gayle and I were born on the same day, so I guess that makes me younger too.
The teaser was quite easy for me, as I now have to wear reading glasses. It was very well written.
Nov 11, 2011

very clever, though it reminds me of the time i realized i needed glasses. hate that day . but don't worry, im not evil. (kinda) lol

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