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Puzzle ID:#27276
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:*** (2.6)
Submitted By:buttons03Aus*****




Below you will find three letter equations. Once you figure the answer to each equation, use those answers to figure out the answer to the fourth and final letter equation. Good luck!

1. O + F + C + S + B = WWF

2. H + T + TB + B + T = BF

3. SD + BD + X = PF

Take the answers from the equations above to figure out the fourth and final equation.

4. WWF + BF + PF = CB


1. Oboe + Flute + Clarinet + Saxophone + Bassoon = Woodwind Family

The hint for this equation states that "some family members require reeds". Flutes do not use reeds to produce sound, while all other instruments in this group do.

2. Horn + Trumpet + Trombone + Baritone + Tuba = Brass Family

The hint for this equation states that they require a "buzz" to get going. This is because you need to buzz your lips together to produce a sound.

3. Snare Drum + Bass Drum + Xylophone = Percussion Family

The hint for this equation suggests that family members need to be struck to get going. This means each one of the instruments listed require that you hit them with a stick to produce a sound. (The list of Percussion instruments provided in this equation is by no means a complete list.)

4. Woodwind Family + Brass Family + Percussion Family = Concert Band

This is the standard instrumentation for most concert bands.


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Dec 02, 2005

Great teaser, completely threw me off
Dec 02, 2005

Whoa... that was tough!!! Very clever though!!
Dec 02, 2005

Thank you so much for the input!
Dec 02, 2005

Dec 06, 2005

All I could think of was wrestling. Great teaser
Dec 06, 2005

Great teaser! I had no clue until I saw the hint, but then got it.
Dec 07, 2005

it was music to my eyes
well done
Dec 08, 2005

Thank you!
Dec 09, 2005

i though it wuz wrestling+beez+lightening
Dec 26, 2005

You seem to have it all covered! Now strike up the band - taking requests buttons? Great teaser!
Mar 16, 2006

Thanks for all of the comments
Aug 12, 2013

Good one, although trombone should be T not TB, and woodwind family WF not WWF.
Aug 12, 2013

Did not like this one! I did not even know what it was supposed to be. Sorry! Just my opinion.Is everyone on vac ation lately? no one is playing. Sad!
Aug 12, 2013

Well, I had no clue what this was about. Although, it seemed simple enough, once I saw the answers! Thanks - I'll spend more time trying to figure it out next time!
Aug 12, 2013

Time for me to be the old DOEHEAD. The editors are a bunch of lazy idiotic jerks. They use no new material and I know people send it to them. Put me in charge and I guarantee the followers will greatly increase and new teasers will be the norm. So all you old followers get behind me and oust the lazy editors.
Aug 12, 2013

Doehead, don't be so critical and negative. I think with your unpleasant attitude you wouldn't be able to do much to make things better here. Stop complaining! When you left Braingle you were crabby - doesn't look as if you've changed! It's hard to say Welcome Back! Sorry!
Aug 12, 2013

Wow. GW just put me down. Sorry but I guess your happy with old overused teasers.
Aug 12, 2013

If you see this Doehead, please realize that a lot of us are new to this and have never seen them before. You can certainly tell that by the comments. Can't you? We are enjoying everything except your complaints!
Aug 12, 2013

I was totally lost on this one. I never saw it before, so it was new to me.
Aug 12, 2013

Oh, I guess I was a little bit harsh to Doehead. Complaints just sort of bug me. And, Braingle - old and new quizzes - are just a small part, but should be a pleasant part of our lives. So enjoy the quizzes, or just wait until the next day when a new one will show up!
And, AuntieSis - great to see you here!!!
Aug 12, 2013

With the hint I got most of them (couldn't get anything before the hint). I couldn't get saxophone because I was thinking it was brass. Couldn't get baritone and would not have ever thought of it. Couldn't get trombone because it was abbreviated "TB" as if it were 2 words... So I guessed tubular bells, even though that makes no sense XD. And I didn't get the final answer (concert band). because I did not know that term or concept. I am not a musician or music student, so I suppose I did well.
Aug 12, 2013

Wasn't sure exactly what to do with this one.

I see someone is still complaining. Do you feed yourself or does your mom feed you?There are 16,558 teasers on this site. Click on the "Random" link on your left and take care of your own needs. Have you seen them all? OK create one.
Aug 12, 2013

My friend and I have created 7 teasers that the editors are to lazy to read or reply to. That is the reason you have just a few followers. Look at the past years and see the responses. PUT THAT IN YOUR WISDOM BANK!!!!

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