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First Horse

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#27343
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:*** (2.31)
Submitted By:rkaalandAus*****
Corrected By:_numpty_




It was a beautiful day, and Mary had just gotten home with her new horse, so she decided to go for a ride. She had spent several days, before purchasing the horse, riding and getting to know him and felt confident of his stability. When Mary went to saddle him, he reared back on his halter rope, broke loose and ran away. Mary was startled and surprised. Even though she had never saddled a horse on her own, she had seen it done many times at the riding stable.
What happened?


Mary tried to saddle her horse from the wrong side. Most horses are trained for the left, and Mary had gone to the right side. Horses are binocular, meaning they see independently with each eye. If they are not trained to accept things from both sides they can easily become frightened when approached with something that eye may see as new.

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Dec 06, 2005

Great one, but got me
Dec 06, 2005

Thank you! My first one!
Dec 06, 2005

i have a are you supposed to get the answer if you do not know anything about horses?? Or is that the point?
Dec 06, 2005

That is the hardest part about trivia! Thanks for reading and trying!
Dec 07, 2005

Good teaser rkaaland!!!
Yeah, it's definitely a little bit of info one should know before saddling....(or getting on!!!) a horse!!! Makes me want to go riding again. Sigh....
Dec 07, 2005

Thank You, and if you want to ride again, You should!!! Best Therapy around!!
Dec 09, 2005

Good Job! I know only a little about horses, but I did actually get the answer! Nicely done, thanks!
Dec 09, 2005

Thank You! May you always keep one leg on each side
Dec 10, 2005

Nice one!
Dec 10, 2005

Thank You, Braingle is such fun!
Dec 12, 2005

People people please tell me how to answer a teaser?No idea.
Dec 13, 2005

Good one! I thought that the horse's true additude came out because he was in a new place....oops
Dec 14, 2005

You answer it for yourself

A horse's attitude can change with a new place, in that they can be more afraid. So that was a good possible answer too!

Thank You for commenting
(user deleted)
Dec 20, 2005

Hi --
I read and re-read your puzzle, and I couldn't see where the text indicated she went to the wrong side of the horse. Maybe it's just the competitive side of me, but while I learned something new from your puzzle answer, I don't think I had a fair shot at figuring out the puzzle before peeking at the answer. I really love trivia puzzles.

It would help if your future puzzles had some easy-to-overlook clue that would indicate how to arrive at the solution. Good first shot with this one, though. :smile:
Dec 26, 2005

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I will work on these things for my next one. Although, as a trivia question I am not sure it needed more clues but definately a better hint.
Jan 13, 2006

this was a really good teaser i love horses but sadly i did not get this teaser right without looking at the answer . it was really good though
Jan 15, 2006

I liked it alot! great first teaser, but I only got it because one of my good friends is obsessed with horses
Jan 16, 2006

Rkaaland, great job on your first teaser. It was very enjoyable and educational as well. Look forward to more!
Jan 20, 2006

That was something new about horses to me .. my eyes are so different I can alternate seeing out my right or left eye (lazy eye as child) so maybe that is why I like to horse around some .. really good situation teaser and equine education! I liked it! Good job
Jan 21, 2006

Thank You all!! I am so pleased to have one published
Jan 22, 2006

That's interesting. I never knew horses were binocular. Isn't it strange how horses spook so easily despite their size?
Feb 09, 2006

Yea, It just happens to be a survival instinct of flight or fight and they are better runners than fighters, Thank you for stopping by
May 07, 2006

hold on... this is in the situation category...isn't it?

as to the teaser... well, i learned something!
May 15, 2006

Great One! I'm so glad I got it on the first try! I love horses! Do u have a horse? I ride, its great!
May 16, 2006

more like TRIVIA really.
Jun 07, 2006

If...'she had spent several days...riding and getting to know him and ...she had seen it done many times at the riding stable', why would it be a problem now?
Jun 07, 2006

that was a like um TRIVIA
Sep 13, 2006

Yes, I own a horse or two and yes I ride, quite a bit actually. You guys would be surprised how many people do not notice which side to put the saddle on. Many horses are fine with both,but I have run into at least one who was terrified of the saddle approaching on the "off" side- Thanks for the great comments!
Oct 03, 2006

Very good job rkaaland, It was very interesting, and a good fact to know! Over all, Very Very good!
Oct 03, 2006

Wow! I woulad have never gotten that! Thank you for teaching me!!!
Nov 04, 2007

It's good but should be in trivia
Nov 07, 2007

I think it's a perfect situation teaser. The whole point of a situation quesiton is to have a group of people asking questions about it; it's not meant to be answered just from the question itself.
Great job!

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