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Logic Class Fieldtrip

Series teasers are where you try to complete the sequence of a series of letters, numbers or objects.


Puzzle ID:#27370
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:*** (2.8)
Submitted By:cdrockAus****!
Corrected By:Question_Mark




Professor C. D. Rock took his kids on a fieldtrip. Unfortunately, he took them to a library, only to get a dictionary out. He led them to a few words, and told them to study the word a little bit.

In order he led them to the words;
Basic, Elf, Haiti, Kill, and No.

He then gave them a list of words.

A. Quarrel
B. Quick
C. Quaint
D. Quite
E. Queen
F. Quibble
G. Quilt
H. Query
I. Quarter
J. Quote
K. Quotient

And then asked "which word, from the list, comes next?" Can you figure it out?

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Dec 09, 2005

Whoa! Too hard for me. It is interesting though!
Dec 10, 2005

Sorry . I did not get it while I was reviewing it and I still don't! Can someone explain the logic to me? I am really feeling thick right now!
Dec 10, 2005

I love the fact that all words from the list begin in Q.
Dec 26, 2005

Great teaser LB cd! Sorry I haven't been commenting on your teasers, but I seem to run out of time before I get to commenting!
Dec 29, 2005

I GOT IT RIGHT! YAY! Ahem...great teaser.
Jan 02, 2007

I saew a teaser just like this on
Dec 13, 2007

Did not understand what I was trying to figure out. Didn't like it at all. Very confusing at 5 in the A.M.
Dec 13, 2007

I almost got it. Great quiz. I followed the alphabet concept, just didn't realize it was the last letter in each word. Good job, made me think a little
Dec 13, 2007

I agree with Auntiesis, and it's 7:45 in the morning. Very confusing teaser.
Dec 13, 2007

I don't agree that it was confusing at all! I never get these kinds of teaser, but I got this one today! It was a series, so understanding what that means helped. I thought it was quite clever. Thanks for a fun teaser!
Dec 13, 2007

Dec 13, 2007

This has been my favorite teaser so far. Good refresher course on logic!
Dec 13, 2007

I don't usually try these teasers because you often get some silly answers. I gave this one a go though and (kind of) got it. I said quarter because I noticed that the first letter of each word was in a sequence and the last letter of each word was in a sequence. Never hung around to notice that it was one sequence, but hey, I never had to.
This is exactly how this kind of teaser should be done, 5*
Dec 13, 2007

Good one. I thought quaint, because of equal number of vowels and consonants but I was wrong!!!!
Dec 13, 2007

I see you've promoted yourself to professor. Good job. Simple logic. I did not need even the fine print with the title to tell me this was a series teaser, it was logical.
Dec 13, 2007

I suck at these types of teasers. I couldn't figure out why all the words begin with Q - though I knew that was a clue.

Good job!
Dec 13, 2007

Nice teaser, got why it was q right away, took awhile for the last letter solution. Was trying other formulas. In fact I came close to looking in a dictionary at the definitions for a clue. Well done.
Dec 13, 2007

Loved it !...and I even got it correct.
I'm sure somebody already answered brainsters question but if not it is :- miss A, B...C miss D, E...F miss G, H...I miss J, K...L miss M, N...O therefore next part of sequence is miss P, Q...R which gives QuarteR as the only available choice from the list, its just like those little 'puzzle' deals on IQ tests.
Dec 13, 2007

You have to ask yourself why they all began with Q. Heh, if I had, I might have gotten it!
Dec 13, 2007

Aw! I picked "quaint," by putting them in alphabetical order.
Dec 13, 2007

I like "what-comes-next" logic puzzles, although I had no luck with this one. I tried first letters, then tried vowels, etc. I just didn't get to the 1st/last formula.
Maybe next time I won't run out of patience so fast. Thank you.
Dec 13, 2007

I got confused by the letters in front of the 'Q' words.. it should have been numbers or something. I thought the letters were part of the list, not just organizing it.
Dec 13, 2007

I got it ! yay! thank you for making my day and making me feel smartical!nice teaser
Dec 13, 2007

You got me!! I did basic alphabetical order.
Dec 13, 2007

I loved it. I got stuck and didn't get it, but when I saw the answer, I was truely delighted. Thanks for a great treasure of a teaser.

Dec 13, 2007

wow, that one was really hard...haha..
Dec 13, 2007

Wow. I realized that the first letters of each word changes by going up three letters in the alphabet each time and that it was the same with the last letters of each word. Never realized all those letters were connected...
Oh well, I got the right answer!
Thanks for the cool teaser, Professor!
Dec 15, 2007

i figured out the sequence with the first letter, but never noticed it was to include the last letter... great teaser, and i consider myself to be somewhat of a logic buff

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