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Prime Time TV

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Puzzle ID:#27384
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:*** (2.12)
Submitted By:rose_rox*ca****
Corrected By:cnmne




THIS WEEK... It's sweeps week! Five major television networks battle it out every Wednesday night on prime time TV for television dominance. These networks skillfully, or not so skillfully, play out their best advertising strategies to grab as many viewers as possible for their 8 pm time slot. Who will win?!!? TO BE REVEALED IN THE NEXT TEASER....

Actually, just figure out the shows that the networks aired, what the advertising strategy was for each, how many people watched (ratings), and the genres of these shows.

Networks: ROX, The WC, MBC, 123, TWTV

Contenders: "Loss", "Smalltown", "Crime Scene Inventory", "During Prison Break", and "The Octopus"

Genres: drama, sci-fi, comedy, reality, animated

No. of viewers: 13 million, 10.4 million, 5.5 million, 3.8 million, 1.2 million

Advertising strategies: magazine ads, promotional giveaways, special guest stars, lots of explosions, billboard ads

The WC aired the animated series.

"Smalltown" had greater ratings than "The Octopus". However, it did NOT receive the highest ratings.

Promotional giveaways were distributed by the 123 network.

Explosions were watched by 3.8 million viewers.

"Crime Scene Inventory" is a sci-fi show.

The reality show did very poorly once again, receiving the lowest ratings.

Billboard ads drew in 10.4 million viewers.

MBC was able to book very famous celebrities for an episode of their comedy.

The loveable 2-D characters of "Loss" were pasted inside every magazine.

"During Prison Break" is not a reality show.

The studio audience of "Smalltown" was in fits of laughter.

ROX came in second in the ratings.

About half of the 1.2 million viewers that tuned into this show were drawn in by promotional giveaways.

TWTV, that did not air the drama or reality series, was followed by 123 in the ratings.

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