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Elected Government

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27460
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.44)
Submitted By:sweetime*****
Corrected By:luckythirteen




Detective Sing and his friend, John, were walking down the streets of Melbourne on the evening of Election Day.
They walked past a young boy selling newspapers. As they got close they heard him call out "John Howard wins Government again - he's secured a majority in the Senate!"

John rushed towards the boy to buy a paper, eager for the latest news, but Detective Sing stopped him.

"The boy is lying," said Detective Sing.

How did he know?

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Dec 13, 2005

ooh! I am the first to comment! So uhhhhhh.......... well I guess it was a bit hard to solve if u didn't know much about goverment... IN AUSTRALIA!
(user deleted)
Dec 13, 2005

Truly bad. An answer that might have worked for those of us outside 'Stralia is that no one knows the results (much less already in a newspaper) on the EVENING of election day - the papers wouldn't have the results until the next day's editions.
Dec 13, 2005

I thought the same as zap. I'm not particularly good with Australian politics.
Dec 13, 2005

To clarify, I didn't think it was bad like zap did, I just thought that the answer was that the results would not be published until the next morning.
Dec 13, 2005

Easy if you are an Australian like me! Thanks, it's nice to see occasionally
Dec 13, 2005

having the winner in a newspaper is not entirely farfetched.
winners of the election are often known in australia on the night of the election, there's no reason why a newspaper *couldn't* stay open and bring out an election night paper.
unlikely i grant you, but not impossible...

thanks renae, glad you liked it
Dec 14, 2005

I enjoyed it. Good writing sweetime!
I didn't know any of this, and not all teasers are gonna to be world wide known.
So lets show a bit of respect for the people in different locations sharing their cultures and ways with us in teasers!v

Very good job!!
Dec 14, 2005

Kinda interesting but shouldn't this fall under "TRIVIA"? Not much mystery to it...?
Dec 14, 2005

Good Job! and I learned something to!
Dec 16, 2005

It's nice to find a mystery that you learn something from!

Great job sweetime and keep 'em comin'
Jan 03, 2006

A truely goood Mystery gives all clues important to discovering the truth, or facts of the Mystery. It appears to me that the street Melbourne only exist in Austy. It seems to be the major clue here. Please, give Clues that are germane to the mystery. Oh, good teaser.
Jan 27, 2006

Oz is the mystery, the truth is out there, but most of us haven't taken Civic 101 au style.
Mar 01, 2006

"The Senate" seemed to be the only suspicious clue. And it was.
Mar 18, 2006

Ok it was hard but realy, how many of us live in Australia??
Mar 24, 2006

About 20 000 000 of us live in Australia! Good teaser.
Apr 01, 2006

or i could be bcause the paper runs in the morning so he couldnt have printed it
Apr 15, 2006

i thought the exact same thing as zap. and if it wasnt that, i thought it had something to do with the senate. so actually you have two answers, one impossible for two ways, and one impossible for one way. am i confusing anyone?
Apr 17, 2006

I didn't really like this teaser, I have to say. It was a good teaser, but I am not from Australia and have no clue about that kind of stuff. O well
May 02, 2006

Yes I agree with Zapp33 I had no clue about the goverment in Austraila try ones that everon knows or easyer ones
Jun 02, 2006

It was good but it should be in trivia and I don't live in australia
Jun 03, 2006

With tied elections in the upper an lower house it is possible that John Howard can be returned as Prime Minister AND achieve a majority in the Senate at the same election. In fact this is currently the case in Australia now. Here is a quatoe from a newspaper report in 2004.
"The Coalition increased its majority in the House of Representatives with the Liberal Party claiming 75 Lower House seats, the Nationals 12 and Labor 60.

Three independents claimed the other seats.

The strong support for the Government also flowed through to the Senate where the Coalition gained control of the Upper House in its own right."
Sorry but the reasoning is incorrect.
Jun 15, 2006

It's really nice to get an "Australian" teaser now and again. Those who complained because 'it's Australian and I'm not from Australia' has had a taste of what we Aussies have to endure on here time and time again when American politics, etc. are quoted in teasers.
(user deleted)
Jun 21, 2006

How r we suposed 2 know that
Jun 26, 2006

i don't have knowledge on Australian govt,
Dec 18, 2006

i fell asleep during our government lectures about canada, what am i supposed to know about the australia gov.?
Dec 30, 2006

got it wrong because i'm not from*AUSTRALIA* got a completely different reason. but its still good.
Jan 28, 2007

I love it! Im from brisbane. i didnt get it though good teaser! all australians send me a message!!
Jul 17, 2007

dusnt mattr govs the same in alot of countries
-sweetime truly brilliant thx for the lesson
Mar 18, 2008

I agree with jazzmusician, this site should expose us to everything, not just American trivia. Sorry for the people who think otherwise
Apr 06, 2008

It's very fun for someone familiar with the entire governmental set-up, but for someone with less knowledge of such, they'd rely more on logic than not-prior knowledge, which wouldn't get them all too far as long as solid evidence is concerned.
Mar 22, 2010

Its not bad that its Australian. I just think you could put more hints that it is set in Australia. Good mystery otherwise.
May 19, 2010

how would people know its Australia? And couldn't he already have been in the lower house? otherwise good idea for a teaser!
Dec 29, 2014

nice! If I had not read a book on Australian Politics, this would have been very difficult

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