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The Llama Fiasco

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27552
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.24)
Submitted By:Llama-Llover****
Corrected By:baby_girls23




Like all detectives in Washington, Agent Llearson liked to get away once in a while. One day, while looking at the news, he noticed that there was a carnival in town, complete with an animal show. Llearson had always had a fondness for animals, so it was all the more reason to take off the day and head on down, which is just what he did.

After purchasing a ticket, Llearson stepped through the gate and into the carnival itself. All around him there were games and people, and as he walked down the main path, his ever-observant detective ears caught little snippets of conversations of the people walking by.

"...didn't I tell you not to eat that stick?"
"... of course it's a bay, what could go wrong?"
"C'mon Johnny, take the rag and get that mess cleaned up..."
"... are you sure this is California, honey?..."
"... and then he got 3 dollars worth of gum!"

Deciding that there was nothing important going on, Llearson headed toward the animal convention to watch a couple of shows. He was just about to take a seat when, all of the sudden, he heard angry yells, and a few seconds later a man came running into the field with a llama, followed closely by a shouting man.

"Come back you thief! That is my llama! I had it tied right next to my car and you had the nerve to go and steal it boy! Oh, if only there were police here..."

The other man attempted to run out of the other side of the field, but Llearson stepped in front of him and asked, "Just what is going on here?"

"That man stole my prize bay llama, he did!" The angry person yelled, "Quick call the police or something!"

Agent Llearson sighed. So much for the day off. "I'm all the help you're going to need, sir. Llearson's the name. Detective Llearson. With 2 l's.

"Llearson?" The man with the llama asked. "Well, my name is... Tony. And I did not steal that man's llama!"

"Oh yes you did!" the other man howled. "You are a no-good llama thief, that's what you are, and if you do not give me back my llama now, I will take it back by force!"

"Detective, I did not steal this llama! My family owns a black calico llama farm down in Oregon, and I decided to bring my favorite and enroll him in the contests. That's the honest truth!"

The angry man leapt forward and grabbed at the llama's tail, but all he got for his efforts were a few limp black hairs, which he promptly threw on the ground in disgust. "You let my llama go now, or I will phone a SWAT team down here in 3 seconds!"

"No way!" Tony yelled back, "This is my llama, and there's no way you're going to get it!"

Both men advanced on each other, but Agent Llearson stepped between them and said, "Now, now, gentlemen. I know which one of you fellows is lying, and if a confession is not made, I will be forced to make an arrest for attempted burglary."

Who stole the llama? And how did Agent Llearson know who did it?

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Dec 17, 2005

OOO! This was very good, going straight to my favs!
Dec 17, 2005

Got it right off, and I don't know anything about Llamas! What I do know is that the color referred to as "bay" is NOT black. Nice story telling anyway. I enjoyed it!
Dec 18, 2005

I knew it was that angry guy, and I knew it had something to do with the bay thing, but I wasn't sure what 'bay' meant. Great teaser.
Dec 18, 2005

Oh, I first thought that llama meant flame...
Dec 22, 2005

wow this teaser was really well-written! full marks for sure!
Dec 24, 2005

great job! i love following the llama stories!
Dec 27, 2005

This was well written! I hope to hear of more llama escapades in the near future!
Jan 02, 2006

Great teaser please write more of those llama mysteries soon
Jan 11, 2006

nice teaser
Feb 05, 2006

s good!!
keep them coming!
Mar 01, 2006

Nice try
Apr 15, 2006

Harder than 'the missing llama', I think. But I got this one. Nice riddle!
May 03, 2006

SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Good I love you llama ones they make me laugh!!!!
Jun 02, 2006

Jun 05, 2006

Very good. I figured it out, but it was well-written and well-thought-out. Thank you for the awesome story. Hope to see more llama stories in the future
Jun 13, 2006

awesomest teaser eva
I love llamas!
Feb 16, 2007

I didn't get it... I don't know the first thing about llama's except that the one living next door to me is adorable. I assumed that since Tony claimed he lived in Oregon, yet said "down in Oregon", he must be the lier. Oregon is up from California (North).

I assumed the carnival attendees were talking about water- duh! And I had no idea that bay meant not black- duh again.

Feb 24, 2007

i know 2007. nice teaser great stuff
Nov 18, 2007

AHHHH! I know nothing about llamas!
Apr 12, 2008

I got this one, good teaser. I always look for certain clues in the story that might give it away
Jun 18, 2010

Mystery teasers are really hard for me, but this was especially hard because I know nothing about llamas.
Feb 03, 2011

Great teaser! I loved it
Jul 25, 2013

I'm a horse person so when they said bay I thought they meant they horse type of bay (Dark brown with black mane and tail) Whoops!

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