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Tasting Words

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#27805
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:*** (2.68)
Submitted By:metallicman*us***
Corrected By:BobbyKat




Liz, Blondulla, and Fred were talking to each other. Blondulla and Liz have been friends for many years, but they just met Fred a week ago and were trying to get to know him.
They started talking about computers, and after Fred had repeated the word, "Chip" a few times while talking about computer chips Blondulla told him to stop saying it, as it tastes bad. Fred thought she was full of it, but Liz knew she was telling the truth. How could Blondulla taste the word?


Blondulla has a very rare ability called Synaesthesia. It is where people are "Wired" a different way, and two senses come together. In her case, she tastes what she hears. There have also been cases where people feel what they hear, people hear what they smell, etc. In fact, the majority people who have this case are usually unaware that they even have it. Some of you may be shocked to learn as you read the answer that you have this condition.

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Jan 01, 2006

Interesting! I never heard this before. Good one!
Jan 01, 2006

Wow, really?
Jan 01, 2006

Jan 01, 2006

What a colorful story! Ive even heard of a person who perceived words with visual color images. I was thinking in that direction, but didn't feel so bold as to tell myself that that was the answer. With a name like "Blondulla", I was thinking it might me a "dull (dumb) blonde" joke.
Jan 01, 2006

I really like this one, even though i have heard of the condition before. i wish i had it to music, as i've heard of a few having
Jan 01, 2006

Wow, what a really wierd fact. I want to research this now and learn more about it. Great teaser.
Jan 02, 2006

Great teaser tinman!
Jan 02, 2006

Yay, finally a useless fact that I know comes in handy!

(Once I'd checked that it wasn't in the trick category - I thought it might have something to do with alphabet soup if it was a trick )
Jan 07, 2006

my mom has it, she also tastes what shee heers.
Jan 07, 2006

Shas two different kinds? I really doubt that. There hasn't been a single documented case (I did my homework) where someone has two different cases.
Jan 12, 2006

He didn't say she had two different kinds. His mother tastes what she hears also, just like the girl in the story.
Jan 13, 2006

amazing! i would have not believed you ahd i not jsut done a paper in this in psychlogy class. i loved the topic. numbers had colors, like, the number 2 in type was green, (even though it was black) and 5 was red, chicken tasted pointy, all these other amazing things. i got it right away, but loved it.
Feb 12, 2006

I'm shocked. I looked this up after reading about it...


I have this! In my case, I can see what I hear. I can hear just about anything and some kind of image comes to mind.

And I seriously thought that everyone did this!
Jun 09, 2006

Jun 20, 2006

Very interesting - and scary - stuff! Like this teaser!
Nov 03, 2006

Nov 03, 2006

Interesting, metal man, thanks for an insightful teaser. Well done.
Nov 03, 2006

Oh... I didn't read the category... Supposed she was talking about french fries, which are called chips in Britain, or something...
Nov 03, 2006

Nov 03, 2006

Is this for real? Amazing!!
Nov 03, 2006

Amazing! Isn't it?!! Superb teaser. You seem to have even stymied 'ol LM' WTG! The powers some of us have.
Nov 03, 2006

Actually, Blondulla thought Fred meant buffalo chips and she didn't want him to have to eat his words.
Nov 03, 2006

WOW! You really do learn somethihng new everyday. Thanks for the information.
Nov 03, 2006

Nov 03, 2006

This is true, I have read a magazine article about it. Thanks for some new thoughts.
Nov 03, 2006

Thanks Cliff, you're really smart! Can someone please explain how this is a teaser, versus just some statement of random fact.
Nov 03, 2006

By me.. I can barely taste what I eat!!!!???
Nov 03, 2006

Wow, I just learned something!
Nov 03, 2006

I agree with Zaya. To me a teaser is something you can figure out. This was a condition you either had heard of or not.

Nov 03, 2006

I do these teasxers as a way of making me use my brain. This was just some fact, keep to the spirit of the game.
Nov 03, 2006

excuse me "teasers"
Nov 03, 2006

I too agree with Zaya. I knew about the condition, but figured that wasn't the "teaser" and was off on a tangent trying to figure out what made "chip" taste bad v. some other word, like computer, which wouldn't taste bad.
Nov 03, 2006

I actually got this one right, when I thought my answer would be wrong (I was also contemplating that maybe the girl just didn't like junkfood or something). I thought the subject was cool, but I didn't really like how the teaser itself was set up...still, a very wicked cool piece of trivia! Thanks!
Nov 03, 2006

I found this through google. This web site claims that it is possible to have more than one kind of synaesthesia.

Q.5 Is it possible for a synaesthete to have more than one type of synaesthesia?
Yes, around half of all synaesthetes have more than one type of synaesthesia, such as taste, sound and touch all producing colours (Day, 2002). Chains may potentially exist, such as speech producing taste and taste then producing colour. It would be very interesting to speak to people who think that they might have this. ^
Nov 03, 2006

I thought the person just didn't like chips!!! Them again what do I know I'm in Junior High!!!
Nov 03, 2006

According to Wikipedia, it isn't rare at all; closer to 1/23, with females having by far the highest concentration, of 6:1. I might have a sort of form of it, where I sort of associate words with pictures that don't correspond with the meaning of the word at all.

Wiki also noted though, that estimates had ranged from 1/23 to 1/20,000, though, 1/23 was more accepted.

(user deleted)
Nov 03, 2006

gabbo gabbo wooooot?
Nov 03, 2006

Nov 03, 2006

Whoa! That's so cool! I've never heard of it though. I thought she was a computer or something and he was typing the words in. I don't know.
Nov 03, 2006

My IQ just went for a LOOp!!!!!
Nov 03, 2006

Nov 03, 2006

Good teaser!

I, myself, have heard of the condition, but didnt even think about it when it came to the teaser! Brilliant!
Nov 03, 2006

wow!!!!!!!! thats interesting....never knew...thats for the new information
Nov 03, 2006

Great teaser!!! I actually knew this. I read a really good (fiction) book in which the main character had synesthesia.
Nov 03, 2006

yeah i heard about this too. great teaser!
Nov 03, 2006

Great information but I guess I didn't see the teaser part of it other than I didn't know the answer. Factual inforation is great tho so good job tinman.

Wonder if that is what it is called when you accidentally touch a fork to a metal filling and your mouth goes all drooly? Just a thought.

Keep them coming as we are never too old to learn something new.
Nov 03, 2006

I read a novel about a girl who has this condition. The teaser wasn't too hard after I read that book. But great teaser anyway.
Nov 03, 2006

Very Interesting. I did not know this. I ofcourse did not quess an answer. Thanks for info.
Nov 03, 2006


my guess was that the girl was on LSD... i was close though! kind of..
Nov 04, 2006

Hey, this was great. And since the category was plainly marked SCIENCE-understanding of phisical and biological laws required- nobody needs to gripe and hey I learned something. THX.
Nov 04, 2006

that is so crazy....i have never heard of this before....but you learn something new every day! cool teaser....or whatever it is still cool....
Nov 19, 2006

not really a "teaser" but enjoy all new info
Dec 07, 2006

I too had to double-check the category thinking it had to be Trick. Since it wasn't, I just knew I didn't know.

And now I know something new! What a wild concept!! It's amazing how the brain works sometimes. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for peculiar associations in my experiences, in case I have anything like this. Wicked teaser!
Dec 07, 2006

I too had to double-check the category thinking it had to be Trick. Since it wasn't, I just knew I didn't know.

And now I know something new! What a wild concept!! It's amazing how the brain works sometimes. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for peculiar associations in my experiences, in case I have anything like this. Wicked teaser!
Jan 18, 2007

i thought she was eating chips and thought they tated bad hile he was in the middle of talking to her
i dont know anyway i read a book in 7th grade about a girl and her grandmother who both saw colors to music.
but still didnt get it though
Jul 03, 2007

Maybe i have that rare thing. i sometimes can taste what i hear, feel what i hear.
Dec 16, 2007

I knew this one. I don't know if I see what I hear, or if I just have a vivid imagination, but if I did have it then it would another brain disfuntion I have
Apr 06, 2008

There is a period missing. Otherwise, ho hum, pretty obvious.

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