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Double-Nitions II

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#27856
Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:** (1.41)
Submitted By:peppamintp*us****




Many of our everyday words have more than one meaning. Below are 13 pairs of definitions; both definitions in each pair fit the same word. When read down, the first letters of the word will spell out the name of the first person who invented the first modern pinball machine.

1. Small quantity of water or let fall
2. Airplane parking area or kitchen garment
3. Empty space or rug cleaning machine
4. Significance or ship in foreign merchandise
5. Boat's floor or pack of cards
6. Some eyewear or drinking vessels
7. Mountain scenery stop or fail to notice
8. Bank employee or narrator
9. Screw groove or sewing cord
10. Portion of a trip or table support
11. Creamy color or tusk material
12. Divisible by two or balanced
13. Young Girl Scout or chocolate dessert


David Gottlieb

1. Drop
2. Apron
3. Vacuum
4. Import
5. Deck
6. Glasses
7. Overlook
8. Teller
9. Thread
10. Leg
11. Ivory
12. Even
13. Brownie


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Jan 03, 2006

This was a lot of fun!! Nice job! I really liked this!
Jan 03, 2006

Interesting little quiz. Had to think about #7 for awhile.
Jan 03, 2006

Much fun. I also got hung up on seven. Good job!
Jan 03, 2006

I thought this one was good--until I realized it came from a puzzle magazine I was working on last week. I don't know if these have to be original or not, but it sure wrecked it for me when this one wasn't.
Jan 03, 2006

I missed number seven. This was a fun puzzle to work out.
Jan 04, 2006

knowing Gottlieb made it too easy, but it was still fun
Dec 14, 2008

When I saw pinball, my first thought was Bally, but that's not a person, that's short for Ballyhoo, the name of an early machine. So then I thought Gotlieb. I didn't know his first name, but I figured it was Gotlieb. I probably would halve gotten all the pairs without the acrostic help.
Dec 14, 2008

Interesting and pretty easy.
Dec 14, 2008

So - who was the SECOND person to invent the first modern pinball machine?
Dec 14, 2008

I liked this one. It was easy, but did take some thought. Thanks for posting.
Dec 14, 2008

Ditto Bradon. Very enjoyable.
Dec 14, 2008

Dec 14, 2008

This really was fun.
Dec 14, 2008

Best teaser in about two weeks.
Dec 14, 2008

I had gotten all the words except for 7. When I wrote them out and saw the name, the missing letter 'o' led me to overlook, the missing answer. I love this kind of puzzle, as you can tell by my handle; thanks for posting!!
Dec 14, 2008

Excellent Teaser. I enjoyed the Comfort intellectual level of this teaser. I did not get an A nor B, but when I see Teasers like this, I am not afraid of playing. Good Work, well written and thought out.
Dec 14, 2008

Birdman said this Teaser was NOT an original; he said he'd seen this s ame teaser in a mag he read. I thought Teasers had to be originals or at least an attempted original. Oh, Well, still a good teaser, well written and well infinged work
Dec 14, 2008

Really great!!! I didn't get all of them, but I got most of them!
Dec 16, 2008

Couldn't get three of these - very bad performance from me. An interesting puzzle.
Dec 20, 2008

Easy, but fun. Thanks!
Dec 14, 2011

I liked this teaser. Wasn't difficult, but it was fun and challenging@ Thanks!
Dec 14, 2011

I only got about half of these. I didn't know that 'overlook' can refer to the view or that 'leg' can refer to a portion of a trip. I learnt something new!
Dec 14, 2011

Overlook escaped me for some reason, when I saw the answer it was "D'oh, of course" felt pretty dumb. I didn't know who invented the pin ball machine, but was able to work out the "O" in the same way as an above poster , in that it was the only letter that made sense, not that it helped any.
Dec 14, 2011

I thought this was pretty easy, although I enjoyed it.
Dec 14, 2011

I like this kind! Makes you use the old noggin while still having fun!
Dec 14, 2011

didnt lik this one very much.
but not bad thinking
Dec 15, 2011

I really enjoyed this one even though it was easy.
Dec 14, 2014

I hate when I do not remember solving things back in 2011, but then again it was fun once again and I got them all, and the answer.
Dec 14, 2014

Babe, thanks for posting.

I liked this teaser. Challenging, fun, lots to do (I didn't "get" all of it, but did most of it).

322 4:40 a CST-USA Dec 14 2014


(why is he still laughing and what do the line of figures mean?)
Dec 14, 2014

I agree with Brandon also!!!
Dec 14, 2014

EZ but not 2 EZ Made me think, which is why I come here. Love the challenges.
Dec 14, 2014

I have a feeling that BadBunee is back in the for of LitteGreenMan.
Their posts seem similar in several ways.

LGM claims to be "new to the site" yet is thanking Babe for posting a comment. BB was obsessed with that.

Badbunne was constantly trying to appear clever by adding extra "games" to his comments
LGM just did that with his "why is he laughing and whad do the string of characters mean"

Badbunee always signed off with his initials (BB/BB02/BB03) just as LittleGreenMan (LGM) Of all the people who post on here VERY FEW do that. There is no need, we can see from the comment who posted it.

He ha yet to become obnoxious and abusive but I am quite confident in my assumption. I have thought this since LGM showed up and with today's post thought I'd say something.
Dec 14, 2014

Thank you raisin, catmom, & HABS for posting.

It's nice to see people posting comments, even on some of the (albeit 'tired') reruns.


(why is 'it' still laughing? ... check my avatar for your next clue !!)
Dec 14, 2014

Got it! I'm glad it was doable. FUN
Dec 14, 2014

Hey LGM, you can sign your posts "BB04" if you'd like, we all know who you are.
Dec 14, 2014


(cheers and confetti from the gallery)

HABS' comment makes it EIGHT and that's ONE more than the number of comments made the year when this tired old re-run was originally posted.

So ...... see ............ it IS possible.

Yes it is ....


(laughing twice as much, now ... but nobody has guessed the REAL reason why !!)
Dec 21, 2014

Oh but I do know the reason LGM and it is being taken care of.
Dec 22, 2014

Wonderful froggg !!!

I trust your judgment so I'll accept that you've derived the "correct" reason for "us".

"us" = Dad (deceased), Bro (terminally ill), Me ("carrying on in the glorious family tradition").

Does this mean I am about to be sanctioned .... or .... elevated ?


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