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Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27913
Fun:*** (2.43)
Difficulty:* (0.66)
Submitted By:GoHarryPotterCS*us***
Corrected By:MarcM1098




A group of soon-to-be-first-years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry just walked into the Great Hall. Everybody has been sorted into a house of either Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff = Loyal and Trustworthy; Ravenclaw = cunning and intelligent; Gryffindor = brave and noble; Slytherin = keen and ambitious.
There are still 4 kids to be sorted. Their names are Billy, Shelby, Anthony, and Kristen. The sorting hat takes some time for each kid. Find out the amount of time the hat took and which house each kid ended up in.

Clue 1. Shelby is VERY smart.

Clue 2. Billy is a scaredy cat.

Clue 3. Billy and the boy in Slytherin took under a minute to be sorted.

Clue 4. Billy always keeps promises and is not very bright.

Clue 5. The person in Gryffindor took the longest.

Clue 6. Anthony was the fastest to be sorted.

Clue 7. Billy was sorted 30 seconds faster than the Ravenclaw.

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Jan 05, 2006

Lots of fun, this, but I didn't need clues 4,5 & 6!
Jan 05, 2006

Quick & fun.
Jan 05, 2006

confusing for someone who doesnt follow harry potter
Jan 05, 2006

i need more of these easy ones to boost my confidence. keep them coming!
Jan 05, 2006

Thanks everyone, this is the first teaser of mine to ever be accepted!
Jan 05, 2006

Loved it! Nice job! Especially fun 'cuz I have read all the Harry Potters.
Jan 05, 2006

I have read Harry Potter, but I don't think that knowledge of the books or films affects this puzzle one way or the other. I think that it is a very good puzzle, even though a few of the clues seem to be unnecessary
Jan 06, 2006

very easy but good. keep em cumin
Jan 06, 2006

Jan 07, 2006

That was really cute. A few of the clues weren't needed, but it was fun to work out. I love to watch the Harry Potter movies with my son.
Jan 07, 2006

kinda easy for harry potter fans like myself...but fun
Jan 08, 2006

I'm glad you liked it!!! Maybe I should make more Harry Potter ones... what's your opinion???
Jan 08, 2006

Good job on your first teaser!! Keep 'em coming!
Jan 09, 2006

Just a tip if you ever submit another...You should have listed the times in the question; not everyone uses the logic grid solver.
Jan 12, 2006

Ok, thx I'll remember that!
Jan 13, 2006

ARGH! I am so sick of Harry Potter!
Good teaser, though.
(user deleted)
Jan 14, 2006

very goOd like it though it's easy.. harRy poTter rOck on..!
Jan 18, 2006

Nice one! Congratulations on your first teaser! Keep 'em coming!
Jan 19, 2006

Good job on your first one. Lots of unnecessay clues. Look forward to another one!!
Feb 03, 2006

Ok everyone. Maybe I'll try to make the next one harder.... we'll just have to see. I was thinking of submitting another but I really don't have the time but I'll get back to Braingle as soon as possible.
Feb 08, 2006

didn't need all the clues. good job for a first one.
Feb 19, 2006

This is the best ive seen so far! Go Harry Potter!
Feb 25, 2006

Pretty easy, didn't need clue 4 or 7. Thanks for submitting.
Apr 05, 2006

A few unnecessary clues, quite easy, but I really enjoyed it. I liked the subject and the kinds of clues. Good job!
Apr 13, 2006

Pleasantly simple. I love Harry Potter so I enjoyed this very much.
Apr 24, 2006

Easy, but I loved the theme.
May 11, 2006

I love it a lot
May 27, 2006

Awesome! Well since I have so many people liking this, maybe I'll make a new Harry Potter one!
Jul 29, 2007

good quiz but very easy make more like this please
Sep 20, 2008

i dont know a thing about harry potter and it was easy for me i enjoyed it hope to see more from you
Mar 09, 2009

Great Teaser, Thanks!
Jun 16, 2010

I agree with PineappleMama. Still a good teaser especially for Harry Potteer fanatics like me. Very fun!
Aug 21, 2013

The only thing I don't like about it is the way Hufflepuff is portrayed as dumb. There are plenty of smart or brave Hufflepuffs - they just aren't haughty enough for Ravenclaw, or bold enough to be in Gryffindor. Overall one of my favorite teasers though! Keep them coming!
Jul 08, 2015

That was really fun! Good for beginners, but on the easier side for.

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