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Mysterious Liquid

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#27952
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.96)
Submitted By:zonahoboAus****
Corrected By:norcekri




Zona, the nutty professor, gathered the class one day for an experiment. Zona began, "I have in my hands a rock and a piece of wood. I am going to place them in this beaker of mysterious liquid, and you may observe what happens." Surprisingly, the rock floated and the wood sank! He turned to the class and said, "My question is: What is this mysterious liquid in the beaker?"

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Jan 07, 2006

Very nice Zona. I realyy enjoyed this.
Jan 07, 2006

I've always known of those, but didn't have a clue on how to make it into a teaser

Good job.

However, couldn't any liquid (to an extent) work? Like Gatorade, lighter fluid, white out, etc.
Jan 07, 2006

Awesome teaser. I spent about ten minutes trying to figure it out, and I still didn't get it! Keep it up Hobo.
Jan 08, 2006

Nice job Zona!! Really great teaser!!
Jan 08, 2006

Awesome teaser; Arizona flavor and nicely done.
Jan 08, 2006

Enjoyed this one. Good one hobo!! Keep them coming.
Jan 12, 2006

I agree with the above comment. The trick here is that the liquid doesn't really matter, so long as its density is less than ironwood and greater than pumice. Lemonade would have done it.
Jan 12, 2006

umm... wanted to say good teaser too...
Jan 17, 2006

Well noted Warrior .. you get an A in the class .. (Thanks to all for the nice comments)--Zona
Jan 17, 2006

This was fun, thanks!
Jan 21, 2006

terrific ..keep it up goodie..
Jan 22, 2006

i alf guessed the answer, but it was a good teaser
Feb 09, 2006

great teaser " Z ", I knew the water and pumice, ...but not the desert ironwood learn something new everyday!
Feb 09, 2006

At first I was thinking mercury, but nothing like wood would really sink. The pumice I got but the desert ironwood tree which is so dense that it actually sinks in water, I'm not too sure about. Structure wise it would float. Cool
Feb 09, 2006

At first I was thinking mercury, but nothing like wood would really sink. The pumice I got but the desert ironwood tree which is so dense that it actually sinks in water, I'm not too sure about. Structure wise it would float. Cool
Feb 09, 2006

Zona ,good thinking girl. I am going to pull this one on my friends this morning over coffee. Thank you Bob.
Feb 09, 2006

Silly me - I didn't get it. Thanks and keep them coming!!
Feb 09, 2006

...and I was thinking too much about the liquid.
Feb 09, 2006

Woah good one!!
Feb 09, 2006

Very good teaser. Fun and informative. I learned something today!
Feb 09, 2006

at first i was hoping it was a riddle so i wouldn't have to feel that bad dor not knowing the answer . but i then remembered the pumice stone i used this morning . i couldn't really figure out the wood . so i thought maybe petrified wood ?!
Feb 09, 2006

haha...i was just thinking it was a really dense piece of wood and a very un-dense rock....i guess that makes the rock nice teaser!
Feb 09, 2006

Wow it seems like thatd be so simple... I got it wrong anyway.
Feb 09, 2006

I am torn on this teaser. On the one hand, I think it was a clever teaser, but on the other, I think it was full of misdirection that the Science category should be without.

I thought of both pumice and the desert ironwood (though I couldn't recall the name of the tree-my grandfather was a geologist) but then, when I looked at the teaser again, it seemed that the point was not to figure out what kind of rock or wood were involved, but to figure out what kind of liquid they were both in. So, after thinking I was wrong, I gave up and peeked...and felt cheated. Grrr. But still, it is clever.
Feb 09, 2006

while stuck between a rock and a hard place, i guessed water, figuring it had to do with the type of rock and wood, but thats as far as i could go.
Feb 09, 2006

clever & creative.
Feb 09, 2006

i found it really easy cause if you know what type of rock has air holes, then you know the answer! very nice teaser. it's the second one i'v gotten right so far!
Feb 09, 2006

good one - science teaser are my favorite
Feb 09, 2006

Not a bad teaser, but obsidian is considered volcanic glass. As a matter of fact, pumice is not at all glassy, but more soft and powdery. Thought I'd let you know that, otherwise, pretty good!
Feb 09, 2006

very well done kinda easy but i stilled liked it good job zona!!!
(user deleted)
Feb 09, 2006

2006Feb9 Superb trivia, but the type of wood is not familiar in my location (Manila,Philippines) Surely look forward to more trivia. regards,
Feb 09, 2006

i like it even though it was rele hard. but maybe it was justt me. lol!!!
Feb 09, 2006

Having a teaser as teaser of the day (TOD) is always a high point for submitters on Braingle because you get to see posts from so many new and interesting people. Thanks for the comments all!

I would add for Sword that the pumice and obsidian are both volcanic glass .. one cooled as a liquid (obsidian) and the other was more of a froth which made it light enough to float. Indeed, Oldchina the wood sinks. You could make a floatable boat out of it like you can with steel and concrete, but it does sink right off the tree. I also thought of petrified wood when I wrote this, but really there is no wood in pertrified wood. It has all been replaced by quartz mostly.

As far as the misdirection in the science category, that is the nutty professor's fault. That is why the students call him nutty. Has anyone had a teacher like that? I did and it made science kind of fun.

Those are great comments all and sorry about the location specific tree but that is why I am Zona!

I hope everyone has as much fun as possible on this site.
Feb 09, 2006

is rele supposed to be real or really
Feb 09, 2006

about the petrified wood , do you mean that you just can't find it outside anymore ?
also , i guess i thought petrified wood was available because i grew up with it in my house but i think my grandfather had gotten it in his travels . (he died before i was born so i don't know) it was an ashtray .
Feb 09, 2006

Sure, there is plenty around but it is rock that has filled in where the wood was over many many years. We have a place called the Petrified Forest (a national park) that has giant logs still on the surface. It is protected there and if you get caught trying to leave with a free sample, you can get in big trouble from the park service.

There are lots of unprotected sites, so you can still find it on the market and if you are lucky, on the ground. It polishes beautifully and is great looking in many art forms. It also lasts a lot longer than its owners, so someday your grandchild can treasure that ash tray as you probably do.
Feb 09, 2006

that was nice zona . i did know about the petrified forest . i just didn't know if i could walk in my front yard and find some .
thanks for getting back with me . you're awesome !!!!
Feb 09, 2006

Zona your birthday is two days after mine .
Feb 09, 2006

i would have never guessed that !! since i have no clue what either of those are !! but great teaser anyway..good job!
Feb 09, 2006

Great Teaser, made my day!
Feb 09, 2006

Feb 09, 2006

I got it right away. I think I get these better if I do them at the end of the day instead of the first thing
Feb 10, 2006

Feb 10, 2006

HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 19, 2006

Lil angel - pumice is that gray rocky stuff that people use when showering. You know... to buff the rough skin off their feet? It's called a pumice stone and has lots of edges (holes) that do the scraping.

As for the tree, no idea.
Feb 24, 2006

That was really neat, I hope to see many more like this one! Great work!
Mar 05, 2006

Didn't get that one- great work!!!
(user deleted)
Mar 16, 2006

science really rocks!!!
Apr 24, 2006

May 31, 2006

Liked the way you had me thinking about the liquid more than the objects. Doesn't seem to have been the opinion of everyone but that's what makes some teasers stand out from the rest - good presentation.
Jun 10, 2006

Cool...I got it right.
Aug 19, 2006

:[] WHAT?
Sep 07, 2007

i got it write!
Feb 09, 2009

good 1
Feb 09, 2009

Nice teaser, Bo. I guess it's one of those that you either know or you don't. I didn't. Now I do. Thanks for posting.
Feb 09, 2009

This would work in any liquid that does not have an oil base.
Feb 09, 2009

Great Teaser Bo! Make us some more!!!!!
Feb 09, 2009

good one, Bo!
Feb 09, 2009

I figured this was the trick and was right!!!
Feb 09, 2009

I thought of water right away, because of the pumice stone, but I got hung up on the ironwood. Very good teaser, and the commentw were great. Keep up the good work hobo.
Feb 09, 2009

Great teaser Bo!!!... i had gotten the pumice part, but was unaware of Desert Ironwood... i did some research on it and it is a very interesting tree... thanx for the informative teaser this Monday morning!!!
Feb 09, 2009

I thought it wasn't the liquid, so I was on the right track. I immediately thought of the Petrified Forest, which I saw as a little girl; but never did think of volcanic rock. I have some pumice stones around the house to remove limestone in the water that builds up on our toilets; but I didn't think of pumice.
Feb 09, 2009

I'm pretty pleased at how quickly I got that.
Feb 09, 2009

Wooo! I actually got this one; living in Arizona, we've got a lot of ironwood trees and we scrub our pools with pumice. Great teaser!
Feb 09, 2009

I got this from when I was in arizona! nice teser!
Feb 09, 2009

That was NOT fair... the liquid was comrpomised by the differences in the two items. UNFAIR!!!
I usually am an unfair-reporter of difficult answers so don't take this personally!
Feb 09, 2009

This teaser is no good.
2 things.

Firstly, how is it a mysterious liquid?
Secondly it could just as easily be mercury or bromine or even coca-cola.
Feb 09, 2009

Feb 09, 2009

I really liked this teaser. I thought water, but I wasn't sure.
Feb 11, 2009

that was 1 horrible teaser, thats all i gots to say
Feb 11, 2009

Thanks all for reading and taking time to comment. I guess it proves you can't please all the people all the time.
Feb 09, 2012

That was a good one! I learned a few things!! Thanks for posting!
Feb 09, 2012

Nice one!
Feb 09, 2012

Nice one!
Feb 09, 2012

I too enjoyed the focus on the liquid instead of the objects. It did not occur to me that they would not just be your average garden variety rock and wood. I could not think of a liquid in which those items would exhibit that behaviour. great teaser even if I missed out on the answer.
Feb 09, 2012

Pumice rock is also used as a medium for some potted plants. I have heard of petrified wood, but not ironwood. Good teaser anyway.
Feb 09, 2012

Got this one. I have a piece of ironwood. It is appropriately named.
Feb 09, 2012

Take no notice of the critics Zona - I love this teaser and I learned something as well!
Feb 09, 2015

I can't help wondering how many people would actually know this. It was more of a fact than a teaser.
To mepapa To answer your question.. Heavens NO. I would never try to influence people and be such an unpleasant person as "badbunee was. besides at my age I do not have the energy . .I do think he comes back occasionally under a new name. I thought I recognized his banter about a week ago saying he had been away for a month. I hope not though.
Feb 09, 2015

I got it, but see from the comments that there may be several answers.
Feb 09, 2015

To Babe, mepapa, doodley ....

You may rest easy. I'm (of the "bad rabbit" clan) ... still here.

And the hysteria continues.

Let me tire you with more facts (If I may).

Today's TOTD had 52 comments when it was first posted in 2006.

Check the most RECENT new teasers.

Click on "all" under "browse teasers" to your left.

You have to go all the way back to October of last year to get more than 10 comments.

Most have 0, 1, 2, or 3.

Facts, please, facts.

You evasion and denial is ... still .....


Jaye (for Dad - the original BadBunnee - and Jay - my brother; BadBunnee02).

(still laughing)
Feb 09, 2015

I had pumice and PETRIFIED WOOD!!

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