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Anagram Power VIII

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#27971
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:** (1.59)
Submitted By:peppamintp*us****




Find an anagram for the words in Group A. The anagram will answer one of the clues in Group B.

Group A

1. Dover
2. Quale
3. Harpo
4. Shore
5. Canoe
6. Rebut

Group B

A. Took the wheel
B. Pacific or Indian
C. Root veggie
D. Fifty-fifty
E. Thoroughbred
F. Book Club personality


1. Drove (a)
2. Equal (d)
3. Oprah (f)
4. Horse (e)
5. Ocean (b)
6. Tuber (c)


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Jan 08, 2006

Very good. I missed number five and felt silly when I saw the answer!
Jan 08, 2006

Loved it........but missed the last one
Jan 08, 2006

That was fun! I missed a few and when I saw the answers I said "DUH"!! Good one!!
Jan 14, 2006

Yay! I got them all! The book club thing was a good one, cos I remembered it because one of Oprah's shows talked about her having a book club too!
Sep 13, 2007

I missed only one. The one about the Book Personality. I would have never gotten that one right in a hundred years. Thanks so much for a great teaser.

Sep 13, 2007

harpo was easy Oprah's production company is harpo productions

the logo is her name falling of a kid's wagon in reverse order
Sep 13, 2007

Sep 13, 2007

back off imurry...I thought it was a great teaser
Sep 13, 2007

Normally I'm not much good at these, but today for some reason I got them all -- yay!
Sep 13, 2007

I liked this one - language puzzles are my favorite.
Thanks for a good one!
Sep 13, 2007

Sep 13, 2007

hate these kind of teasers not mutch of a challenge
Sep 13, 2007

good one
Sep 13, 2007

This one came EZ for me
Sep 13, 2007

I got almost all of them. I have never heard of a tuber. Learned something new today! Thanks!
Sep 13, 2007

fairly easy, but nice...Hey Lmurray, if these are no challenge, then why don't you create and submit some teasers that would reach your high standards??
Sep 13, 2007

Tuber???? what the heck is that??? Got all but Tuber???
Sep 13, 2007

Very, very nice!
Sep 13, 2007

easy but fun
Sep 13, 2007

A tuber is a root vegetable such as a potato. Good teaser.
Sep 13, 2007

I got em all right but had to look up tuber in the dictionary just to make sure. Loved the quiz, not too hard and not too easy. and I agree with you 100% Yorkshire-Boy!!
Sep 13, 2007

I usually try to rearrange things into non-personal words - i.e. not names. However, I did get Oprah after using the clues below and going backwards.

I got them all.
Sep 13, 2007

I thought Oprah was the easiest one of all, after that the others fell into place.
Sep 13, 2007

I only got nuber one because i didnt realize that the number didnt have to corrispond with the letter. (1,a-2,b-3,c). I guess I should have read the directions more carefully!

Nice job!
Sep 13, 2007

Oddrey: The directions were not very clear.

Suggestion for writing the directions on this teaser: "Find an anagram for EACH of the words in Group A. Each anagram will have a matching definition in Group B."
Sep 13, 2007

I wasn't a huge fan of this quiz....but apreciate the work!
Sep 13, 2007

I liked it and liked Peppa's earlier ones. Fun to solve
Sep 13, 2007

Sep 13, 2007

VERY easy, but way fun! More, please!
Sep 14, 2007

Liked it a lot. Not too hard, and not too easy. Just fun.
Sep 14, 2007

Got all but Oprah , I just did not think. I liked it Thx.
Sep 15, 2007

Cool teaser! I got 3/6 (the last three) right before I gave up... I was even thinking of driving, but could not get "drove"...
Well, I'm an impatient person and don't always have the patience to solve a riddle to its end. Keep more teasers like this coming!
Sep 13, 2010

I agree with Grandma B above. The instructions could have been clearer, more precise.
Sep 13, 2013

Instructions were clearer than my brain this morning Gave up early after only getting a couple needed more coffee! Fun!
Sep 13, 2013

For some reason, the answers came easily for me today. I like jumble puzzles. To each his own, I guess. Thanks for posting!
Sep 13, 2013

What in the world is a tuber?
Sep 13, 2013

Good teaser, fairly easy, but fun.
Sep 13, 2013

Pay as I see! (easy as pie)
But fun!
Sep 13, 2013

Still no Babe. Hope she's okay. Puzzle was easy but fun
Sep 14, 2016

Habs. and gaylewolf I wrote a long answer to you in last night's teaser, but guess you did not read it. I am fine and do not know why I missed those you refer to. I usually do everyone unless I am extremely sick, so thank you both for being concerned and liking me. I like you both also.
I only missed one on this teaser and it was fun!
Sep 14, 2016

too easy
Sep 14, 2016

This one is a decent teaser and it's a shame that "pepamint"-'patty' was driven off the boards over 3000 days ago.

She was a creative and valued Braingle member but several of you didn't like her.

I missed yesterday's TOTD (we been VERY busy) ... but wanted to add the comment made by my bro (Jay) but discovered it's been deleted because a lot of you didn't like HIM ..,. either ...
Here's his comment (yesterday's TOTD)) (we; Dad, Jay, I ... copy ALL our stuff to Braingle .. so we got it on file.)

Jun 03, 2006

Great rebus/teaser. I'm glad to see you got it accepted by the eds. Even though "do", "dew", "due" are not pronounced EXACTLY the same, they are close enough for a punned rebus. Hope to see some more.

I'll add my own ... (also to yesterday's TOTD)

I (Jaye ... not Jay) think it's time those linear/literal thinkers of you who are incapable of "cluster" or "non-linear" problem-solving stop trashing some contributions to Braingle - mainly some of the Rebuses.

A Rebus (by definition and common understanding and usage) is NOT a pragmatic puzzle. They can't be solved by the usual rules.

It requires some of the "intuitive leap" to solve.

And it's NO SIN that some of you simply can't do it and, therefore, can't "see" the solution and therefore come up with ALL SORTS of things to make yourselves feel better about not dealing well with Rebuses.

Live with it, but stop *I***I* about it.

Thank you.
Sep 14, 2016

Enjoyed this teaser - thanks. And, thanks, Babe, for your comments yesterday. I did read those and appreciate it.

Have a great day!

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