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Pure Folly

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#28013
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:*** (2.64)
Submitted By:snoopdogg*****




With the head of an elephant,

and the tail of a monkey,

My touch can be deadly if you're unlucky.

I'm an excellent swimmer,

But if you wet me I'll holler,

And racing me would be pure folly.



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Jan 10, 2006

Nice riddle it was fun!!!!
Jan 10, 2006

*sob* i thought it was a cheetah couldn't figure out the elephant head part, though...i guess that's why it's wrong!
Jan 10, 2006

i apologize for my run-on sentence
Jan 10, 2006

Good one! I liked it! Keep 'em coming!
Jan 10, 2006

It was cool, i culdnt work out the head of an elephants bit, but i thaught it was a cat
Jan 10, 2006

Fun, and enjoyable reading. Loved the riddle, good job! Nicely done and hope to see more from you.
Jan 11, 2006

I don't get the elephant head or monkey tail part.
Jan 11, 2006

I liked it.
Jan 12, 2006

Funny, I got the head and tail part, but didn't understand the other references (excellent swimmer, it will holler when wet). Nice teaser, though..
Jan 13, 2006

i was all messd up! Good one!
Jan 14, 2006

that was a tricky one
Jan 16, 2006

i thought it was a cobra
Jan 18, 2006

Elephant head and monkey tail????
Didn't get this one at all
Jan 19, 2006

Maybe you didn't get it because it was wrong. I guess you could just write anything and say it's "this" or "that" but if the clues are wrong... well it's a bad riddle.
Jan 19, 2006

Also wanted to point out that water is a very poor conductor of electricity, despite what you might think. Want proof? Wet your finger with water from a drinking bottle, and lay it across a 9 volt battery... nothing. The water is pure enough to be called water. Now add some salt to the water and try it again... get ready for a little tingle.
Jan 23, 2006

It was good but easy! Thanks for the fun!
Jan 24, 2006

Yeah the first three letters are "ele", so that justiries the head reference. The tail ending with a "y" was a bit of a stretch though. Your basic facts are also misleading.
Jan 24, 2006

Typo, "justifies".
Jan 24, 2006

Hmm, I think an explanation of the clues in the answer would help us all out, Good one though
Jan 24, 2006

I didn't quite understand the clues... I thought it was a cheetah too! LOL
Feb 02, 2006

Potentially very good, but the good swimmer and "wet me I'll holler" clues I think could be improved.
Apr 19, 2006

Wow, cool teaser! Very clever!
Sep 29, 2006

I Didnt Understand Elephant head and Monkey Tail
Sep 29, 2006

I didnt Get It Either Just Like Sprringe

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