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Bowling Buddies

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#28034
Fun:**** (3.16)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)
Submitted By:Dave*en*****!




Five guys meet at college, and become the best of buddies when they discover that they have a common interest in ten-pin bowling. Not only are they avid bowlers, but they also have an eccentric taste in the pattern on their bowling ball.
They each play for a different team during the week, but get together on Saturday nights to find out which of them is the best.
From the following clues, can you find out each of their names, the local team they play for, the pattern on their bowling ball, and how many points each scored in the first game.

Strike - all ten pins are knocked down on the first ball.
Spare - all ten pins are knocked down using two balls.
You do not need to keep track of the scoring - all the final scores can be deduced from the clues. When 'score' is mentioned in the clues, it means the final score, not the score at that point in the game.

1st Frame: The five buddies bowled in turn, in the following order: Fred; the bowler with the tiger print ball; the bowler who scored 227; Johnson; and the bowler who plays for the Golden Gates. Only the second bowler, Dawson, did not get a strike with his first delivery, although he did get a spare.

2nd Frame: The players with the top three scores, Eddie, the Snake Eyes' bowler and the Picket Fences' bowler, all managed strikes this frame, while Johnson and the Dead Woods' bowler both got spares.

3rd Frame: The Dead Woods' bowler had a terrible bowl, only knocking down three pins, but still managed to crack a joke with Dawson as Dave was hitting his turkey (third strike in a row).

4th Frame: Flagg, the Flying Elbows' bowler and the bowler with the flame pattern ball all hit strikes. The Picket Fences' bowler and Fred both got a spare.

5th Frame: Steve, the Snake Eyes' bowler, the owner of the globe ball, and the Golden Gates' bowler all had strikes. Garrett managed a spare.

6th Frame: This was nearly a disaster for the bowler with the leopard ball which just clipped the 7 pin on its way into the gutter. Luckily, he made the spare, which meant he scored more than the bowler with 192.

7th Frame: The bowler with the cow print ball was the only one to get a strike this round. Steve, the Flying Elbows' bowler, the bowler with 214, and Hobson did not even get a spare.

8th Frame: Dave only managed a spare this frame, while Carl, who bowled just after him, got a strike. Neither of them ended up with 205 points.

9th Frame: The bowler with an intricate map of the world on his ball scored a strike this frame, as did Steve. Flagg got a spare.

10th Frame: The losers congratulated the 'Flame' thrower on a game well played, and Garrett went to the bar to get in the drinks as he had the lowest score with 186.

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Jan 11, 2006

Nice one, Dave. I'm not a great scoring-person, so I completely messed the teaser up the first time I tried it . Oh well. Great job and keep 'em coming!
Jan 11, 2006

Phew, that was tricky! Thanks!!!!
Jan 11, 2006

WOW! That wore me out!! Great teaser though!!
Jan 11, 2006

That was GREAT!! Very challenging and very fun. I got stuck on Carl and Dave until I saw the hint. I didn't think about the order that they played in.
Jan 12, 2006

That was the most brainwracking teaser I have ever managed to solve. I took me well over 30 minutes This was by far the best logic teaser I've laid eyes upon. Bravo!
Jan 12, 2006

Wow! Finally, a tough one! Keep 'em coming!
Jan 12, 2006

I love it when there are a lot of things to put together! I practically drooled when I saw the grid. The form the clues were in and the subject itself very creative. I didn't need the info in the 8th and 9th frames, but I understand it was for the sake of the clues being sequential/story-like. Anyway, great one and keep 'em comin', PLEASE!
Jan 12, 2006

Glad you all like it, and thanks for the support
Jan 12, 2006

Whoa...I don't even KNOW how I got it right...
Jan 13, 2006

Loved it!
Jan 14, 2006

Dave, if you have not donated so that you can post unlimited puzzles then I will gladly contribute to that cause! What an excellent teaser - I had to quit & come back to it alot!
Jan 14, 2006

Hey, thanks Goatroper605, please send used notes in a plain brown wrapper to ... but seriously, even if I had a subscription, I couldn't rattle one of these off every day!
Don't worry, I have started on Bowling Buddies II, and hope to get a 3+ difficulty rating.
Jan 15, 2006

way hard early in the morning. I didn't get much at all! good job.
Jan 15, 2006

This was a 300 game for you, Dave! VERY difficult, VERY fun! Beautifully put together!
Jan 17, 2006

Excellent Job!!! It took me quite awhile, but was so much fun. I was practically jumping when I realized I got it right!!! So much fun! Look foward to your next one!!!
Jan 18, 2006

Ooh I liked this one a lot. ilike the sequence clues and the sets and subsets. Makes it take me 15 minutes (if I use paper, otherwise i can't keep subsets in my head). I give it 5 stars.
Feb 09, 2006

Ouch! That was painful. Three times and I still didn't get it completely right. Nice teaser, smarty pants!!
Feb 21, 2006

That was fun... I love that you have the fifth fact we have to figure out, that makes it more difficult for us nerds who do these grids so often that they are all too easy. Thanks...
Mar 01, 2006

That was fun! not too hard to figure out but not too easy.. it was just right... luckily for me i didn't have a brain fart and i knew wut to check for everything to fall into place! very very good! keep writting teasers!!
Jul 06, 2006

Very nice. That was a tough one.
Dec 04, 2006

That one was tough! Very uniquely written. Well done.
Jan 23, 2007

This took me two full days to figure this out. That was rough, but ultra-fun!!! !!!
May 06, 2007

Loved it. Very challenging, yet not confusing. Did have to go through the clues more than once, but that is ok - two thumbs up. Can't wait for the sequel.
Aug 17, 2007

Great quiz! I loved the 10-frame format, even though the clues in the 8th & 9th frames were unnecessary.
Sep 15, 2007

I like that the clues were easy enough understand that one doesn't need an English degree, but not to revealing as to make it easy to solve. I have to say this is probably the best one i have come across yet.
Nov 19, 2007

I must say this is by far the best logic grid I've done! It took me forever, but I got it in the end. Keep em coming!
Mar 04, 2008

Very Masterful.

Wonderful Grid - the Best I've seen so far!

Great Job!
Mar 20, 2008

Not entirely sure I follow the logic for distinguishing between carl and Dave
Jan 07, 2009

homeschool-bowling is done in a certain order which does not change throughout the frames

Great teaser, definitely took me a while and was glad to see the hint once I got stuck between Carl and Dave. Interesting how the top row in the grid was solved at the end and everything else was needed to obtain that.
Jul 20, 2009

Really liked this one, challenging and a sport I love to boot! Almost got lost, but the hint helped.
Aug 25, 2009

Wow! What a great logic puzzle. This is by far the very best teaser that I have come across on this site. Thank you!
Aug 09, 2010

Great puzzle

And Dave are you a genius?
Jan 27, 2011

Nice job, got it on first try.
Nov 15, 2011

smart, fun. I like the storyline. Thanks!
Aug 24, 2013

Thanks, that was fun
Aug 30, 2013

Very good! I was stuck between Carl and Dave until I reread the first few clues again. Awesome job!
Oct 05, 2015

Awesome job

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