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Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#28038
Fun:*** (2.65)
Difficulty:** (1.58)
Submitted By:dutchymonster*en***!!!




Which of the following words, with the suffix -ise, does not belong?


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Jan 11, 2006

Pretty easy but fun. I just thought organize was spelled wrong, I didn't know it could be both ways
Jan 11, 2006

Nice and easy!! Good teaser!
Jan 12, 2006

I thought it was despise - it was the only one that didn't have an "r" in it! Oh well I didn't know about the -ize thing. you learn something new every day.
Jan 19, 2006

they all fit!! and organise is spelled that way in the UK and organize in the USA, just like color and colour, labor, lobour, tire, tyre, I lived in both the UK and here in the states so I know this..
Jan 19, 2006

sorry I misspelled labour, and I forgot to mention thanks for the fun teaser
Jan 21, 2006

I didn't even think of that. I did say organise, but not because of the diff't ways it can be spelled. I know it's spelled with an s in UK and Aus., but I wasn't even tinking of that. I just thought it wasn't a word, like organ, than ise. I was like, does that mean like to make into an organ? Wasn't thinking, sorry! Good teaser though!
Jan 21, 2006

sorry, "thinking"
Mar 16, 2008

I thought it was despise because it is the only one that did not have to do with running a business. (Although I'm sure it comes to play in often enough!)
Mar 16, 2008

It did takine alot of thought to figure it out. Got it wrong. great job.
Mar 16, 2008

didn't get it. good one!
Mar 16, 2008

That was (sort of) easy...I thought organize at first but then I thought revize or despize...oops I spelled them wrong
Mar 16, 2008

I guess my head is organized.It took all of five seconds to get the answered.Spelling was always easy for me.
Mar 16, 2008

I got the right answer for the wrong reason. Oh, well, I guess it counts anyway.
Mar 16, 2008

I guessed organize because of the spelling, but I never realized that in other countries it is spelled differently. What a wonderful education I'm getting from the daily teasers. Thanks for posting.
Mar 16, 2008

Wow! I didn't know that it could be spelled like that. Great teaser!
Mar 16, 2008

It's also the only one that is a proper word without the -ise ending. That was my answer.
Mar 16, 2008

I thout organize was the right spelling anyway. That was fun for me. Thanks for the great teaser. Loved it.

Mar 16, 2008

Nice. I got fooled!
Mar 16, 2008

i said "despise" because it was the only one that is viewed as negative...all the others would be considered positive things.
Mar 16, 2008

I said "despise" because all of the others was actually DOING something, and despise was only a feeling. I didn't catch the different spelling of organise. good one, though.
Mar 16, 2008

Nice one
Mar 16, 2008

nice. cute
Mar 17, 2008

ise got this one right!!!
Mar 17, 2008

Lassie 730

Great teaser.
Jun 01, 2008

I guessed "compromise" because it can be a noun as well as a verb.

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