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Inspector Beethoven III

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#28115
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (2.07)
Submitted By:beethovenswigA*****
Corrected By:4demo




Handel has been killed and Beethoven is on the case. He has interviewed the four suspects and their statements are shown below. Each suspect has said two sentences. One sentence of each suspect is a lie and one sentence is the truth. Help Beethoven figure out who the killer is.

Joplin: I did not kill Handel. Either Grieg is the killer or none of us is.
Grieg: I did not kill Handel. Gershwin is the killer.
Strauss: I did not kill Handel. Grieg is lying when he says Gershwin is the killer.
Gershwin: I did not kill Handel. If Joplin did not kill him, then Grieg did.


Strauss is the one who killed Handel.
You need to take turns assuming someone is the killer; that means everyone's second sentence is a lie. If Joplin was the killer, Grieg's lie mixed with Strauss' counteracts the other. If Grieg was the killer, Gershwin would need to be a killer too. If Gershwin was the killer, Grieg and Strauss counter each other again, but with Strauss, everything would fit.


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Jan 16, 2006

Not too hard, but I love it!
Jan 16, 2006

I give a BIG THANKS to TROT who helped me explain the answer to this teaser in print. Hope everyone likes it!
Jan 16, 2006

Good one!! I didn't get it, although it did become crystal clear after I read the answer!!! Nice job!!
(user deleted)
Jan 16, 2006

Jan 22, 2006

enjoyed it very much
Jan 28, 2006

It was a lot of fun.
Made perfect sense to me... after I saw the answer.
Keep them coming.
Feb 02, 2006

That was great!!!
I got it, though my strategy was slightly different. loved it
Feb 25, 2006

i got it
Feb 25, 2006

Feb 25, 2006

Good one Swig!
This is a fun one
I figured this one out
Keep up the good work.

Feb 25, 2006

Oh man, I was never any good at these, no matter how late in the morning or how many cups of coffee!! I only barely tried to get it, but I just knew I wouldn't, always out there in left field with these types. Sure was a good one to make me think though!
Feb 25, 2006

This seemed to be merely the reworking of other teasers. The names were changed to protect the 'innocent', as they say.
Feb 25, 2006

My head is spinning.
Feb 25, 2006

Feb 25, 2006

Not bad. Wish I'd taken more time to try and figure it out (busy Saturday morning) because I think I would have gotten it eventually.
Feb 25, 2006

Everybody seemed to think it was easy . I guess I'am just too slow when it comes to these teasers . I didn't get it.
Feb 25, 2006

Have you ever noticed that most of the people that comment have never had a teaser printed? STRANGE
Feb 25, 2006

Wow that was hard... I gussed that it was george, But that one was the ovius one
Feb 25, 2006

i didn't get it i thought it was grieg o well great teaser
Feb 25, 2006

I got it!! I kind of guessed though. But at least I got it!! Yay!! I loved it!
Feb 25, 2006

i didn't get the answer right, but it was a good riddle, nonethess
Feb 25, 2006

I got it right. I am good at these kind of teasers. They are very fun.
Feb 25, 2006

kind of easy but that's ok, it was still well done and fun anyway-- actually got the wheels turning.
Feb 25, 2006

This is the kind of logic test that requires you just work it out one step at a time. After a coupla minutes you can easily determine which can be the only one lying about his guilt.
Feb 25, 2006

Thanks, Highlama. I've never been a Logic-Puzzle-Lover, but I will try your advice!
Feb 25, 2006

I thought it was fun but first i didnt get it
Feb 25, 2006

I liked it. I am not good at these, so my logic was that since no one blamed Strauss, he was the killer. It's always the last guy you'd expect...
Feb 25, 2006

i didn't get it ithought greig was the killer it was ok though
Feb 25, 2006

i didn't get it ithought greig was the killer it was ok though
Feb 25, 2006

Clever. I liked it. Keep 'em comin'
Feb 25, 2006

Again, right over my ol' head. Guess I just don't think logically. Yes, I can put one foot in front of the other and chew gum at the same time, but . . . this one left me clear out in left field. As a brain teaser tho it had to be a really good one, I think. Let's see, logically it must have been good because I couldn't solve it.
Feb 25, 2006

great one if you have the time to sit and figure it out for a few minutes, which unfortunately I did not today.
Feb 25, 2006

I didn't get it right, but it was very clever!
I am not patient enough to take the time to figure it out. Good teaser!
Feb 25, 2006

This was one of the best Teasers I have encountered. Simple but difficult if you don't know your classic music from jazz, and so on. I enjoy reading Teasers that do exactly what they purport, and this one did. Again, this was very good. As I always say: Keep them coming, love. Don't stop it, no. Don't stop it nooooooo.....
Feb 27, 2006

I GOT IT!!!!
Feb 28, 2006

i figured it out but i made it harder than it was

it had to be Strauss cuz hes the only 1 that didnt blame someone else
Feb 28, 2006

Aw, yeah! Aw, yeah! Got it right... How you like me NOW?!?!?! SUCKAS!!!
Mar 01, 2006

Excellent logic teaser! Enjoyed solving it, and got the correct answer too. Give us some more of these.
Mar 05, 2006

Very hard, but very fun. Bravo, and great setting! I like!
Feb 26, 2007

Got it right great i feel better now, i do like the logic puzzles, you really just have to figure til you solve it . THX
Feb 26, 2007

I don't really understand your explanation.

Assuming Grieg was the killer for example, all the other's hints are void, since their true sentence is the fact that they did NOT kill Handel.

So the only valdid hint is the one from the killer. And the only one who does not say who it might have been is Strauss, so that it had to be him.

Is that what you meant? (Still the puzzle is very good)
Feb 26, 2007

Excellent!!! I really enjoyed this teaser. It wasn't too hard yet it was not a give away. Great job!!!
Feb 26, 2007



Feb 26, 2007

I love this teaser and I'm no sleuth But somehow I uncovered the truth
GOOD teaser!
Feb 26, 2007

That was confusing to me!
Feb 26, 2007

wow a very nice one indeed...made me think a little harder this the answer a little diffrerent then i was supposed to .but i still got it...great teaser...
Feb 26, 2007

A year later I still didn't get it. Even took more time to think about it. Good job, ya got me twice.
Feb 26, 2007

I enjoyed trying to work this out even though I reached a wrong conclusion (Joplin). Sometimes it is the journey and not the destination....
Feb 26, 2007

This one was really good! I enjoyed it a lot! I did figure it out but it took me a while. I refused to look at the answer until I figured it out! The way I looked at it was - whoever the killer is can't blame someone else for the killing because then they'd be lying for both sentences. Strauss was the only one who didn't accuse someone else!
Feb 26, 2007

I worked it out a little differently:
Since there is one killer, one of the first statements is true and the other three false. That means that only one of the second statements can be true. Since Grieg and Strauss' second statements contradict each other, (one of their second statements has to be true) then one of them is the killer. That means that Joplin and Gershwin have false second statements and are telling the truth about not being the killers. Since Gershwin didn't do it, then Grieg's second statement is false and we are left with Strauss' second statement being true, meaning he is lying in his first statement and is the killer.

Excellent logic puzzle!
Feb 26, 2007

Exactly right, starry!
Feb 26, 2007

Feb 26, 2007

I got it, It was easy, though, I didn't really get to the answer the way you suggested, I got the correct answer. I liked it very much! Keep these coming!
Feb 26, 2007

I had a harder time getting the answer than the way yiu explained it. Very easy to do it correctly. Thanks for the tip.
Feb 26, 2007

I didn't do it cause I didn't get it.
Feb 26, 2007

Usually I will try on these, but today my head or heart just wasn'tin it. Sorry.
Feb 26, 2007

This is an easy one! Besides, hearing it again, just allows me to comfirm the answer! Fantastic teaser, though! Keep up the Amazing work! I enjoyed it!
Feb 26, 2007

My approach was a bit different than the solution, here's how I got it:

The key is in knowing that each suspects answers are mutually exclusive, meaning only one of their statements is true. With that in mind, you can get to the answer before you have even read all the suspects statements.

1 - You know right away it wasn't Joplin, because if his second statement is true, then his first statement is also true, which violates the constraints of the puzzle, therefore his first statement is the only one that can be true.

2 - Same with Griegs statement, if his second statement is true then his first statement must also be true, so that violates the constraints, therefore his first statement is the only one that can be true, so we know Grieg didn't do it.

3 - We know right away that Straus did it, merely by knowing that Grieg didn't do it. Since we already know Grieg's first statement is true, then this confirm's Strauss' statement about grieg blaming gerschwin as true, which ultimately incriminates him because by knowing his second statement is true, we know his first statement is a lie, which means he killed Handle. Don't need to go any further, but you can if you like just to confirm.

4 - Gershwin's second statement can not be true because we already know Joplin and Grieg didn't do it, therefore Gershwin's first statement is the only one that can be true.
Feb 26, 2007

Not my favorite type of teaser but well done.
Feb 26, 2007

very fun~
not too difficult, but it made me think ~
Feb 26, 2007

Nice and simple, a lot of fun!
Feb 27, 2007

Not so difficult.
Nice quiz
Mar 01, 2007

Cute! and fun. I did know the approach to solving that was given in the answer, and I agree with lmurray that it's kinda a shame you gave away the way to solve this sort! I will also say, though, that I liked how it felt a little different than the ways I've seen almost the same puzzle... never seen it with four people, and never had each of them claiming innocence in one of their sentences either. Very cool!
May 07, 2007

Love it!
Jul 08, 2007

I had No clue what the heck this puzzle was about or how to solve it until I read amccari's explanation. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment because without it I would have been lost forever. Am I the only one that did not enjoy this puzzle?
(user deleted)
Nov 08, 2008

It took me 2 seconds. The answer is Strauss but the explanation is too complicated and not accurate. Simply read: Therefore the 2nd sentence is not a lie as stated by the explanation. Strauss stands out 'cuz he's the only one not accusing anybody.
(user deleted)
Apr 28, 2009

Nice one! I'm so proud got that one
(user deleted)
Jun 06, 2009

....................that answer isn't clear in the slightest, i don't even know how you people can figure it out so quickly, or even explain it.
Jan 30, 2010

This is too easy.

Assume joplin is the killer. Then either grieg is the killer or none of us is. Contradiction.

Assume grieg is the killer. Then gershwin is the killer. Contradiction

Assume strauss is the killer. Then grieg is lying when he says Gershwin is the killer. No problem

Assume gershwin is the killer. Then if joplin did not kill him, then grieg did. Contradiction.

Killer is Strauss. Can do this in ~15 seconds.
Feb 26, 2010

I got the answer from first two statement.

Great puzzle though!
Feb 26, 2010

Sherlock Holmes helped me figure it out. We came up with the answer.
Feb 26, 2010

I have never trusted that Strauss fellow.
Feb 26, 2010

easy, and simpler than you explanation. Strauss is the only one who's 2nd sentence does not blame someone and therefore can be true if the first sentence is a lie
Feb 26, 2010

I really didn't have to do much. Grieg's and Strauss' 2nd statements directly oppose one another, so one of them is guilty, and looking at Joplin's 2nd statement tells me which one.
Aug 04, 2010

Lol that was fun. A bit easy, but it took me a bit to organize the thoughts for some reason.
Feb 23, 2013

27 seconds. I love these types of teasers. Keep 'em coming!
Feb 26, 2013

I don't think you have to take into account the other statements when assuming that one of them is the killer. Anyone who says that someone else can't be the killer because if they were, that would be two lies. Other than that, I really like this one.
Feb 26, 2013

Couldn't wrap my head around this one. I'll try again later when I have more time.
Feb 26, 2013

I thought O J Simpson did it.
Feb 26, 2013

It's possible to solve without even using Joplin and Gershwin's statements. In fact, that is how I solved it. Here's how:

Take Grieg's statement first. If he was the killer, than his first statement is false, making his second statement true. However, this isn't possible, as it states that Gershwin is the killer, when we already know that Grieg is. Therefore Grieg is not the killer, making his first statement true, and his second statement false. Now look at Strauss's second statement. It says that Grieg's second statement is false, which we already know. Therefore, Strauss's second statement is true, which means his first is false. His first statement saye "I did not kill Handel," which we know is a lie. Therefore, Strauss is the killer.

Overall, nice teaser. Although I do not think it was intentional, the two ways of solving were nice, and using composers was a nice part. It very well deserved being the teaser of the day.
Feb 26, 2013

I just have a very hard time solving these. Guess logic is not my thing.
Feb 26, 2016

I like Cutebug's answer the best. I do not even try these, but love the comments

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