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Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#28190
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (1.82)
Submitted By:harmonize9*us****
Corrected By:4demo




Oh no! All of the dogs on Lexington Avenue have run away from home. The owners quickly made police reports and luckily all the dogs were found. But the poor officers mixed up the paper work and can't figure out who owns which dog, where they were found, and in what order. They are in great need of help. Can you figure it out?

Owners: Sam, Bailey, Chase, Joel, Paige
Dogs: Spot, Wiggles, Butch, Roscoe, Heinz
Locations: Park, Neighbor, Pound, Parking lot, Restaurant
Order: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth

1. Heinz's owner knew exactly where to find his dog, in front of the restaurant where he discovered Heinz as a puppy. That's why Heinz was safe in bed first.
2. The 5 dogs are: Wiggles, Joel's dog, the dog in the parking lot, Chase's dog, and the last dog found.
3. Only one owner shares the same initials as his/her dog.
4. Butch was found before the dog in the pound but after Sam's dog.
5. Chase found his dog after Paige.
6. Spot was found 2nd.
7. Paige was so happy when her neighbor brought Wiggles home.

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Jan 21, 2006

Ooh I get to comment first! It was fun and well written, but not hard. I liked it. I especially like that the clues are short and yet not "simple". Good job!
Jan 21, 2006

The clues were very well thought out, and they were tricky enough that I rated it semi-difficult. Good!
Jan 21, 2006

loved it!
Jan 21, 2006

That was fun! I almost missed the neighbor part in clue seven, but once I found it, everything came together
Jan 21, 2006

Fun and easy! Enjoyed it and had fun working it out. Good Job! Keep them coming!
Jan 22, 2006

I liked this one. I thought it was a little difficult, and I had to reread a lot!! But in the end I got it right th first try, so I was happy. A job well done!!!
Jan 22, 2006

Keep those coming. I like it!
Jan 22, 2006

harmonize, really enjoyed your teaser, well written. This one will go into my favorites. I look forward to more of your teasers.
Jan 22, 2006

Good, but there's actually two possible answers, as nothing seems to distinguish between Wiggles and Butch being found first (they are either 3rd & 4th respectively, or 4th and 3rd).
Jan 23, 2006

actually, clue five avoids that problem. since wiggles belongs to paige, he must have been found third--before butch.
Jan 23, 2006

Bizarre...I totally missed that clue! As it happened the answer I first got was right anyway.
Feb 03, 2006

Good on Ya...
Feb 07, 2006

really enjoyed this one! Thanks.
Mar 04, 2008


Almost missed the neighbor clue
Jun 13, 2008

fun loaded with good clues ... nice simple story line
Dec 18, 2010

Very nice. I read through it twice and then it was all a process of elimination after that. Great job!
Jul 13, 2011

Loved this, good work. also enjoyed your other teaser, keep them coming ,they're the best ones i've done

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