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Guarded Queen

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#28344
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.86)
Submitted By:xsagirlA*****
Corrected By:xsagirl




I am a queen, beautiful and
Covered with a sweet fragrance,
Guarded by five guardsmen,
Two of them clean-shaven,
Two of them unshaven,
And the last one half-shaven.

What am I?

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Jan 29, 2006

I enjoyed this teaser. I thought you wrote it nicely. Beautiful way to describe a rose. Clever. Fun and not to easy either. Hope to see more from you as well
Jan 29, 2006

Thank you for your comment Sunrose. My dad told me the story of the rose when I was still a little girl. It still facinates me after so many years.
Jan 29, 2006

Interesting observation.
Jan 29, 2006

I guessed it must be rose (or something like it), but I can't imagine too many people would have observed one that closely!
Jan 30, 2006

That was great. I can't wait to check it out, but all our roses are gone for the winter. I hope I still remember this when they come back.
Jan 31, 2006

WJSMama....Maybe you'll get some for Valentine's Day!!

That was a great teaser, xsagirl!! Funny thing is, I guessed a rose, but it was just a random guess... pure luck!! Good job!
Jan 31, 2006

Thank you for your comment choptlivva. Glad you enjoyed it!

WJSMama... I too hope someone gives you roses soon.
Feb 01, 2006

Nice one! I also thought of rose. Very well written and explained. I never knew that!! Good job!!
Feb 01, 2006

Wow, I was thinking a bee... or something
Feb 01, 2006

LOL...I thought bee as well, but I don't know why. The teaser was wonderfully written and the answer both interesting and informative.
Feb 02, 2006

Thanks Brainy, Aceinator and kimberlykay! This was one of my first teasers and I'm glad everybody liked it so much! Thanks all!
Feb 05, 2006

That's really cool, xsa! Great job!
Feb 06, 2006

This was put together very nicely; excellent job! Keep it up!
Feb 08, 2006

Fun and informative
Feb 11, 2006

I'll have to get my wife some roses for Valentine's Day, just to check this out. Very well done.
Feb 11, 2006

Paul, I'm sure your wife will love the roses.
Feb 12, 2006

That was fun! I was close, I guessed a flower. Nice Teaser
Feb 25, 2006

Well, I certainly learned something about roses today. Thanks.
Mar 01, 2006

I, too, figured it had to be a flower, however I did not know the interesting information you supplied about the rose. Not only a beautiful flower, but also a great song Well done Hope to see more.
Mar 01, 2006

What a wonderfully refreshing teaser. I absolutely loved it. Didn't get the answer but anyway. Very well written, and how great that it is something your father taught you from when you were little. Right to mfaves
Mar 01, 2006

XSAGIRL has done it. Cheers to you.A rose is a beautiful flower.

Mar 01, 2006

I got it right away, but had to look at the answer to be sure I was correct.
Mar 01, 2006

Very fun and interesting, I had no idea that roses were put together that way!!

Of course, I didn't have a CLUE as to what the answer was!
Mar 01, 2006

I never knew that about roses, and I tend to be a "plant person"! I guessed "Bearded Iris", because some of the petals have the furry catapillar "beard" on them, but I don't know exactly how many do, don't, etc. Its nice to learn something new, thanks!
Mar 01, 2006

I had no idea a rose had these characteristics... ya definately learn something new every day! Thanks for the fun and insiteful teaser.
Mar 01, 2006

FASCINATING facts ... thanks for a great lesson that will be fun to pass on!
Mar 01, 2006

p.s. Happy Coming-Up-Birthday, xsagirl! Hope you get a buncharoses!!!
Mar 01, 2006

That was a good one! I was actually thinking of a bee for a second there. Happy Birthday!!
Mar 01, 2006

Thank you everybody for all the very nice comments. I'm glad you like the teaser so much. It is definately one of my favorites too! Wonderful day to all!
Mar 01, 2006

Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes as well. Yep, getting one year older again!
Mar 01, 2006

thats just something you would have to know. I liked it, very interesting.
Mar 01, 2006

I was thinking bee, too. The thing that threw me is that not all roses have a fragrance. Good one, though. Very beautiful writing.
Mar 01, 2006

I got it but my Mom is a rose fannatic and she passed her knowledge on to me. GREAT JOB
Mar 01, 2006

I figured it was a flower, but couldn't figure out what kind. Tks for info on rose, very informative
Mar 01, 2006

Well, you learnsomething new every day! Very interesting and enjoyable. Great job!
Mar 01, 2006

WOW! I had no idea. But I pulled a rose from my wifes garden and sure enough....
Mar 01, 2006

dodgerh8ter --> glad you could see it for yourself ...
Mar 01, 2006


on a scale of one to ten i give it a solid 11. Great job, going in my faves, this is amazing--you must be a very observative person!
Mar 01, 2006

it took me a second to figure it out but i eventually came up with the answer and it was right!
Mar 01, 2006

Oh my,I also guessed a bee. I think the queen part got some of us thinking that's what it My fave flowers happen to be yellow roses,too. I learned something today!
Mar 01, 2006

I don't know how much sense this Teaser makes, if any at all. The only thoughts I had reading this Teaser were Razors, or something sharp. Rose Leafs, clean shaven, or course, are still ambigy. I guess the Teaser was steel fun for those in the No.
Mar 01, 2006

Oh, by the way Happy Birthday.
And, I must apologize to the World of Men. You know, the Rose situation....
Mar 01, 2006

arrrrrg i thought it was a pansy....seemed to remember some story kinda like that about a pansy...guess not...oh well cute teaser
Mar 01, 2006

I liked it. I guessed a queen from a chess board, I dont know why.
Mar 01, 2006

I thought it was Cinderella. He he. Nice! Really good!
Mar 01, 2006

oh that was hard but fun... im sure not to many people knew that i that it had to do with a deck of cards....don't know why
Mar 02, 2006

soooo cute!
Mar 04, 2006

Wow that was really cool nice job!!!
Mar 05, 2006

Awsome!!! Very good, and educational, no? Keep 'em comin'!
Apr 19, 2006

Well, I was thinking of a flower, but only because of the fragrance clue. I had no idea where the guards came into it. Nice riddle!
Jun 11, 2006

Loved your informative teaser! Didn't know that about roses.
Dec 01, 2007

Loved this teaser. Great job.
Mar 01, 2009

The purple rose is the symbol for Cystic Fibrosis. When a CF patient is taught to say thier disease they are taught to say 65 roses.

The story goes a little boy(who didn't know he had Cystic Fibrosis) overheard his mother trying to raise money for research and when his mom got off the phone he told her "Mom I know what you are trying to do. You're trying to get money for 65 roses." Needless to say the mother broke down crying and said yes that's what I'm trying to do.
Mar 01, 2009

I knew the answer had to be some kind of flower. I guessed a bearded iris, but knew that was wrong. Didn't know all the arcana about rose sepals.
Mar 01, 2009

The answer is partially true. I raise pink rose bud bushes and they are do not have this characteristic.
Mar 01, 2009

I did not even come close on this one. Very good teaser with information I never heard before. One of my faves. Loved it !
Mar 01, 2009

I had decided it was a flower, but didn't know which one - I was thinking about an iris. But, this is a very interesting teaser. Thanks!
Mar 01, 2009

I dunno... how obscure does a factoid get before you shouldn't make a riddle about it? I mean, I can make a riddle about the stuff on my desk, and all that makes it is impossible to guess.
Mar 01, 2009

Pretty easy riddle. Good one, though!
Mar 01, 2009

Mar 01, 2012

Interesting riddle, but I didn't know the answer! Thanks - I learned a few things!
Mar 01, 2012

Just because you can make up something does not make it a teaser- more like a confuser. What is the point? To make yourself look clever...... not!
Mar 01, 2012

Just because you can make up something does not make it a teaser- more like a confuser. What is the point? To make yourself look clever...... not!
Mar 01, 2012

Kinda glad I gave up on this one quickly as I had no chance of ever figuring out this "riddle" on my own. It's borderline Random Useless Trivia to be honest - the kind of inside knowledge only specialty individuals are ever likely to know or care about.

Perhaps keep this sort of entry under Trivia instead of a Brain Teaser?
Mar 01, 2015

Most people liked it, but I did not. You would have to be a horticulturist to get this one. I just do not like the ones where you have to be a specialist of some kind to figure it out. Very sorry, but it is just my opinion.
Mar 01, 2015

Yes. A difficult but interesting teaser.

And for those not learning-centered it can be very frustrating.

And frustration can lead to anger and nastiness.

Too bad. Not good for Braingle.

But ... uuuu .... maybe that's why they are called "teasers"?

US (always laughing)

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