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Liars, Liars...?

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#28787
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:** (1.59)
Submitted By:teen_wizAca*****!




In the land of Brainopia, there are three races of people: Mikkos, who tell the truth all the time, Kikkos, who always tell lies, and Zikkos, who tell alternate false and true statements, in which the order is not known (i.e. true, false, true or false, true, false). When interviewing three Brainopians, a foreigner received the following statements:

Person 1:
I am a Mikko.

Person 2:
I am a Kikko.

Person 3:
a. They are both lying.
b. I am a Zikko.

Can you help the very confused foreigner determine who is who, assuming each person represents a different race?

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Feb 24, 2006

Woo, hoo. Me first, me first. That was a great teaser, and I am happy to report that I got this one. Good job
Feb 24, 2006

I got it too, but it took a bit of work. Very well done!
(user deleted)
Feb 24, 2006

This was a fun teaser, and I enjoyed it! Even though I was able to get it without the hint, I do think, however, that the hint should be changed. It seems to me that it is person 2's comment that is the give away, not 3. .
Feb 24, 2006

yay! i got it!!!
that was a VERY good teaser!!!
Feb 24, 2006

At first I thought number thee had to be the alternater, but I figured out that it made no sense that way. I decided to just assume someone else said ther two statments and got it right from there.
Feb 25, 2006

HOlY COW that took me like 20 miutes to figure it out it was awsome
Feb 26, 2006

i almost got it
Feb 26, 2006

It was okay I suppose...
(user deleted)
Mar 02, 2006

Thought it was very easy, almost to easy.
Mar 03, 2006

Thanks everyone! *is overwhelmed by positive feedback*
Mar 13, 2006

Mar 14, 2006

I almost got it!
Mar 16, 2006

A good rework of an oldie.
Mar 17, 2006

Thanks guys!
Mar 19, 2006

i like this one but it was kinda easy
Mar 24, 2006

It was okay. How did person 2 be a ZIkko anyway?
Mar 24, 2006

Ohhh. now I know. DOn't tell me anything.
Apr 25, 2006

Apr 26, 2006

here is the reason 4 all u confused peoples:

If person 2 said he was a kikko, if he in fact WAS a Kikko, then he would be telling the truth, which is against his race. If he were a Mikko, this statement would obviously be false. Therefore he is a Zikko. This means that person 3 is lying about being a Zikko, which means (s)he is a Kikko. That leaves person 1 as being a Mikko.

Sep 08, 2006

Cute!! I liked it!!
Dec 05, 2006

Great teaser! And I got it!
Dec 10, 2006

Yeeyah! I got it! Great Teaser!
Jan 10, 2007

Well I sure got it and I loved it! Awesome teaser!
And I should point out that I am not a Kikko or Zikko-- want to be sure you have no doubt that what I said is true!

Jan 10, 2007

LOL... Thanks everyone!
Jan 31, 2007

Yay!! i got it! Great teaser by the way!
Nov 25, 2009

I got it, too! I like that type of puzzle.

Happy Thanksgiving every body!
Nov 25, 2009

Only valid if stated that there is only one of each race. Doesn't state that. Could have been two Kikkos and one Mikko.....
Nov 25, 2009

J-Mac, the statement "assuming each person represents a different race" means that there is only one of each.
Nov 25, 2009

It was fun, but maybe a bit too easy!
Nov 25, 2009

Yay! Got it!
Great teaser!
Nov 25, 2009

it would be nice to have an explination after the answer for people who couldn't understand it
Nov 25, 2009

easy but fun
Nov 25, 2009

Fun and easy! Thanks!
Nov 25, 2009

That was confusing, but I got it in the end.
Nov 25, 2009

-a Kikko
Nov 25, 2009

I'll second that one...
Nov 27, 2009

Davidrools, some people might call your comment offensive - not a very perceptive response to an excellent teaser! Trying to hide behind the Kikko label is a thin disguise!
Jan 30, 2011

Who is
Jan 30, 2011

Who is
Nov 25, 2012

That was so easy and obvious it was not even fun!
Nov 25, 2012

Uh, no, y'all. Person 3 could also be a Zikko. His first statement, that both Persons 1 and 2 are lying, is false if only one of them is lying or if both of them are telling the truth, and in fact, Person 1 is telling the truth, and Person 2 is lying. Which means that Person 3's second statement, if he is a Zikko, must be true. to wit, he is a Zikko, whose first statement is false, and whose second statement is true. If Person 3 is in fact a Kikko, then both of his statements must be false, and this condition is met if he says he is a Zikko. As for Person 2, he is another Zikko; it just so happens that his first and only utterance is a lie instead of the truth. So it seems that the identity of Person 3 cannot actually be determined: he could be either a Kikko, both of whose utterances are false, or a Zikko, the first of whose utterances is false, and the second of whose utterances is true. He could not, however, be a Zikko, the first of whose utterances is true and the second of whose utterances is false, because if the first utterance is true, then Person 2, as a Kikko, a habitual liar, could not identify himself as such, for to do so would be to tell the truth.
Nov 25, 2012

Great for the little ones. Very easy for the grownups.
Nov 25, 2012

If person 1 is an 'L/T'(In that order), person 2 a 'T' and person 3 an 'L' then person 2 must be a Kikko. Person 3's first statement is a lie-because person 2 is telling the truth.(Subtle but 'they are both lying' is then a lie.) His second statement is a lie, therefore he is not a Zikko. Hence he must be a Mikko since Kikko is taken. Person 1 is lying-He can not be a Mikko or Kikko, hence he is a Zikko.
Nov 25, 2012

Person 2 cannot be a Kikko; if he were, he would not say that he were because Kikkos only lie. If he were a Mikko, he would not say that he weren't, because Mikkos can't lie. Therefore person 2 is a Zikko.

Therefore person 3 is lying about being a Zikko, so he must be a Kikko, which leaves person 1 as the Mikko.
Feb 09, 2016

Instead of just the answer, the Solution should provide the process:

1. Person 2 is a Zikko; no one else can make such a statement.
2. If person 3 is telling the truth with statement b, he is a Zikko, and his first statement is false. If lying, he is neither Zikko (which was a lie), nor Mikko (they tell the truth), and is a Kikko. Either way, his "a" statement was false, and Person 1 is a Mikko.
3. Person 3 is a Kikko. Each person represents a different race, and we've ruled out the other two.

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