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Storigram VI

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#28969
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:** (2.08)
Submitted By:phrebh*us****




Below is a (very) short story with 10 capitalized words or phrases which are anagrams of words that all fit in a certain category. Can you find the anagrams and determine the category?

NOTE: One of the answers contains two words.

A recently PAROLED man named Ari was going to ROB A PEARL boat of all of its FIG FARE. The boat was just off of the SHORE. He put on his BALM and donned his TOGA to SNEAK aboard. ARI GOT ALL of the NEAT HELP he needed from a safety pin that kept his toga IN PLACE.

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Mar 10, 2006

That was fun! I got them all but the last one! I love these!
Mar 14, 2006

Finally got one of your Storigrams completely. Thanks for the easy one!!
Mar 16, 2006

Nice Teaser and fun too.
Aug 25, 2006

This was easy? I found it hard... then again, I'm not too good at teasers...
Aug 25, 2006

Aug 25, 2006

Very good . . . and fun, too!!
Aug 25, 2006

Wow! You put a lot of work into that. Congrats! Good work.
Aug 25, 2006

I found this teaser easy. Once I figured out goat, it was simple. Good wake me up this morning. Thanks for the fun.
Aug 25, 2006

I like anagrams - a couple were very easy, making the category easy to figure out, but a few took a few minutes. Liked it - thanks!
Aug 25, 2006

Fooled me: For the two word one, I got "GORILLA AT"
Aug 25, 2006

Lots of fun! Great teaser! Almost thru in the towel on "in place", but stuck with it and it finally popped. Thank you very much for submitting.
Aug 25, 2006

Unlike Badger, I threw in the towel on IN PLACE. I lived in Louisiana for 2 1/2 years and still couldn't get pelican!! I enjoyed this teaser! Very Good!
Aug 25, 2006

Like the two part solution.
Aug 25, 2006

i got 2 right then just filpped good teaser
Aug 25, 2006

I love anagrams and could get all except polar bear! Silly of me. The story was quite good, and it must have been hard work to think of all the links. Great job done, and I appreciate that.
Aug 25, 2006

WoW! That was Fun!! Good JOb!!
Aug 25, 2006

Loved the teaser. Got them all besides alligator and i was sure it was arial goat and there had been atypo It was fun.
Aug 25, 2006

I am NOT much of an anagram man, but this was very entertaining and good for a morning lift. You put some heavy effort into this one and I commend you. WTG!
Aug 25, 2006

Very nice!
Aug 25, 2006

i dont get it
Aug 25, 2006

Anagrams are so much fun! I got most, but missed a couple. thanks for the great teaser! you put a lot of work into it!
Aug 25, 2006

i kinda found it easy but it was very fun!
Aug 25, 2006

Pelican was the hard one. Great puzzle.
Aug 25, 2006

This was great! Like others, didn't get pelican but was very clever.
Aug 25, 2006

S Very Clever!
Aug 25, 2006

Thanks for putting in the effort.
Aug 26, 2006, I didn't get a one
Better luck next time 4 me.
Good job.
Aug 26, 2006

i got 4 out of the 10. first i had to look up anagram in the dictionary. very good teaser. you must have worked really hard on it. great job.
Aug 27, 2006

As everyone said Phrebd, you did a super job of putting this story together and the two part thingy made it just that much more fun. I figured out the animal part as I did get some of them right, just not all of them. This was fun. More, please!
Aug 30, 2006

yep I couldn't get pelican either ..... i just toyed with the letters, mixed this way and that, and gave up after 49 variations. The one that sounded closest to actually being an animal was: "lepican", which, now that I know the answer, was painfully close.

Anyways, I had fun, and I enjoyed actually GETTING the rest of the anagrams! I think I may go seek out the rest of the storigrams just because....
Aug 31, 2006

nice one....i got the theme but polar bear and pelican got me...good stuff though
Sep 05, 2009

This was fun! I figured out half of them rather quickly, and came up with animal as the category. But I didn't have time to figure the rest, so I had to cheat and peek at the answers. Thought Polar Bear was Boar something! Great fun!
Sep 05, 2009

Easy and good.
Sep 05, 2009

Once I read the hint I started to make headway. Without knowing it was all animals I was stumped. Even with the hint I missed giraffe. Great quiz, made me think.
Sep 05, 2009

Sep 06, 2009

Got them all but some of them made me think more...
Sep 06, 2012

Good teaser ove figuring these out
Sep 06, 2012

I really enjoyed this teaser. I didn't look at the hint until it was mentioned in some of the above comments. Didn't need to. GOAT and LAMB were easy to figure, which gave the category. After that, it was pretty easy to finish.
Sep 06, 2012

Loved this one - thanks!
Sep 06, 2012

really fun and i did't get polar bear and i gave u[ on pelican because i thought that one was two words.
Sep 06, 2012

I got CAPELIN for the last one ( a small fish like a sardine) instead of pelican.
Sep 08, 2012

Missed a couple , but enjoyed the whole thing!
Nov 30, 2012

I love these stories. The concept is fun, and the stories are entertaining. They remind me of mad libs, where you can make the story funny without making real sense. Now if only I could actually solve these''' Anyhow, thanks for the entertainment.
Sep 06, 2015

easy, but well done
Sep 06, 2015

Took me about 10 minutes to get the last one, but got am all! Very well assembled.
Sep 06, 2015

Fun teaser; minimal difficulty. I figured out the category but could only get 8/10 of the animals.
Sep 06, 2015

I got stuck on the last one. I kept wondering what "pinacle' had to do with animals and why spell check kept popping up. Dummy (to myself) there is only one L. Then a bulb went off in my dim head, pelican!!
Sep 06, 2015

Still dim....I meant to say one 'n'.

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