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Break it Down! #4


Puzzle ID:#29011
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:** (1.6)
Submitted By:sugarnspice4u7*us****




~Countries Edition*

For each of the following, fill in the best answer to the saying or definition on a separate sheet of paper. The # of blanks is given in or after the clue. After, repeat the small answers (in order) until you get the larger word. For the clues that refer to the alphabet, pronounce the letter as it is pronounced in the alphabet. You might have to repeat the smaller words to get the larger word. An example is given below.

a) false statement: _ _ _
b) a teddy _ _ _ _
c) 5th in the alphabet: _
d) 1st in the alphabet: _

Answer: Liberia (lie-bear-e-a)

Try the following:

a) opposite of love: _ _ _ _
b) type of drink: iced _ _ _

a) a six- _ _ _ _ of soda
b) 19th in the alphabet: _
c) browning of the skin by exposure to the sun: _ _ _

a) to get married: _ _ _ the knot
b) the plane will _ _ _ _ on the runway

a) angry: _ _ _
b) 1st in the alphabet: _
c) water can be a liquid, solid or a _ _ _
d) an automobile:_ _ _

a) 22nd in the alphabet: _
b) I love _ _ !
c) "name" minus "e": _ _ _

a) to _ _ _ _ a song!
b) 1st in the alphabet: _
c) a very tiny opening in the skin: _ _ _ _

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Mar 10, 2006

This was really fun, I think I did pretty good in getting all but one of them! Glad to be the first to tell you that too! Keep them up.
Mar 10, 2006

I got one wrong but I skipped it and I thought that was really cool. Keep submitting the cool teasers!
Mar 10, 2006

i luved ur teaser1 it was so cool, and fun 2! my name is ashley and my username is ashley133 so please send me a message or chat with me!
Mar 11, 2006

This was really fun, but pretty easy! Even though the problem was simple it felt satisfying to complete each one correctly!
Mar 16, 2006

I got 4-6
Mar 17, 2006

i only missed one. I love these teasers!

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