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Movie Night

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Puzzle ID:#29161
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:*** (2.12)
Submitted By:aprilsprings29*us******
Corrected By:norcekri




Finally! A night out without the kids! Five couples went to the movie theater, and each couple watched a movie of a different genre, shared a snack, and then returned home at a different time. Can you figure out who is husband and wife, the snack they shared, the genre they saw, and what time they came home?

Wives: Theresa, Rochelle, Nikki, Anne, and Chanice
Husbands: Danny, Sam, Max, Kevin and Rick
Snack: Popcorn, Hotdog, Pizza, Nachos, and M&Ms
Movie Genre: Comedy, Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Romance
Time: 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 10:00, and 11:30

1) The couple that saw the action movie shared nachos.
2) It was almost midnight by the time Anne and Sam came home.
3) Rochelle hates sci-fi, but saw it with her husband anyways.
4) The couple that shared popcorn didn't see a horror movie or an action movie.
5) Theresa arrived at home an hour after Max and his wife.
6) The movie was so funny, Nikki almost choked on her hotdog, she was laughing so hard.
7) Danny chose not to see an action movie or sci-fi.
8) The five women were: Chanice, the one who shared a bag of M&Ms with her husband, the lady who saw the comedy, the woman that came home at 8:00 and Kevin's wife.
9) The horror movie didn't start until 8:30.
10) Max and his wife came home the earliest.
11) Theresa thought her movie went a little overboard with the explosions and gunfights.
12) Chanice, who saw the horror movie, came out of the theater petrified and her husband, who wasn't Danny, had to calm her down.

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Mar 18, 2006

Very good! I had to read the clues several times, and then I got tricked by it anyway! Finally got it
Mar 18, 2006

Good one, but you don't need the last bit of clue #4. Still, better than I would have done! Thanks for the teaser!
Mar 18, 2006

Good teaser. I went through all the clues and then had to go back through them again to get all the answers.
Mar 18, 2006

It was really good! It took me awhile, but I finally got it!!!
Mar 19, 2006

I loved it! It was fun. Thank you!
Mar 20, 2006

Good Teaser!
Mar 21, 2006

Thanks for a great stumper. I like lots of clues and I won't say how many times I tried before I got it.
Mar 21, 2006

Very good!
Mar 25, 2006

NO YOU ARE WRONG!!!! In clue #9 it specifically says that The horror movie didn't start until 8:30. And in your answer key you state that the answer is, it starts at 100..... it should be Horror movie at 8:30 and Comedy at 100. You should read your own clues more carefully! You are Wrong!
Mar 26, 2006

To Nurpin: It is the time they came home. Look at the beginning.
Jul 29, 2006

Orbrab is Right it was the time they came home not the time of the start of the movie.

I only got stumped by one thing. I couldn't decide if Theresa's husband was Rick or Kevin and if Chanice's husband was Rick or Kevin. I still didn't get it in the end I had to look at the answer, but I got everything else right. Please can someone supply me on how they got that part. Thanks

It was a very nice teasers! The clues just didn't give it off at the bat.
Jul 30, 2007

Good teaser these are the tough ones that i like. Hm! I remember the last time i saw a comedy movie and chocked on a hotdog i believe it was scary movie 3
Jun 12, 2013

Very nice!
Jun 12, 2013

To et 2012: clue 4 got me to the answer

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