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Math brain teasers require computations to solve.


Puzzle ID:#29344
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:** (1.87)
Submitted By:Crazycriely*
Corrected By:MarcM1098




Assume the ladder is NOT an extension ladder.
A 25 ft ladder is placed with its foot 7 ft away from a building. If the top of the ladder slips down 4 ft, how many feet will the bottom slide out?

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Mar 26, 2006

Yeah craz! Grats on your first teaser. Good job!
Mar 26, 2006

Much love to you on your first.
Mar 26, 2006

Way to go, CC! Congrats on your first teaser!
Mar 26, 2006

The way you worded the question can give the suggestion that the ladder is an extention ladder. Therefore if the top slips down, as you say-- you're not saying the whole ladder slips down 4 ft., just the top --- then the bottom, most likely, will not move at all! For as we all know, extension ladders can have the problem of the top slipping down when not properly hooked, thus making a loud clank, but leaving the bottom of the ladder where it originally was-- give or take a few millimeters or so.
Mar 26, 2006

YEY!! lol it came from a problem i had for homework so sorry about the confusion
Mar 26, 2006

It has been sooooooooooo long since I have used pythag theorem
Mar 26, 2006

Well done, at least your teasers make it on here, mine are way to difficult for the editors to solve, they assume everyone else can't do it which isn't true.
I'm tired of thinking up puzzles and having em rejected.
Mar 27, 2006

Chur teaser rocks.
It's very good. Congrats on getting it accpeted!

I got 6ft. does that count as the right answer? XD
Mar 27, 2006

great job, crazy
Mar 27, 2006

Impressive first teaser! I hope to see more.
(user deleted)
Mar 28, 2006

Just for the sake of accuracy, you did mean to put in the solution that 25 squared - 20 squared = 225 right?
Mar 28, 2006

inpressive 1st teaser like mine but wow urs it's off the hook! lol
but im not a math wiz but still good teaser
Mar 29, 2006

lol ty everyone!!
Mar 30, 2006

CRAZY wrecks my head... yet again..LOL

Mar 31, 2006

Guess what? i just learned about that Pythagorean Theorem on thursday in math class!! (but i still got it wrong)lol
Apr 03, 2006

I also just learnt Pythagorus Therom so I got it after reading the hint. Nice job my fellow crazy one
Apr 12, 2006

Hey CC, great first teaser (esp since I'm a Math teacher). I really do love ladder problems and this was a great one. (plus, I did it quick in my head and got it WRONG ...... don't tell my students)
Apr 12, 2006

thank you!!! and ok i wont gunn lol
Apr 22, 2006

w2g gurlie
P.S. i got it rong
Jun 13, 2006

cool teaser i liked it but i didnt get it right away but still cool teaser
Jun 25, 2006

Good job on your first teaser, CC!
Jun 27, 2006

Ha! I still remember how to do this
(well i only learned it last year, but i don't usually think during the summer)
Aug 09, 2006

it's just dopy lol
Aug 10, 2006

lol i find it ironic and comical that my first accepted teaser was about a ladder...and i just fell off one a week ago
Sep 14, 2006

boring, but interesting ...just
Sep 27, 2006

Sep 28, 2006

Yayy, I did it-- that was really easy, actually.
Apr 12, 2007

hey i thought this was a trick question. the bottom stay on the ground. this was hard.
(user deleted)
Dec 27, 2007

The question is worded poorly. The correct answer is that the ladder slips out 1 foot (being the sum of the original 7 plus an extra foot, giving an overall distance from the wall of 8 feet)
Dec 21, 2008

:-) nce one.. so u mean before by buddy pytho , one would have to use a actual ladder to find the answer ?

johnlr - pls read the answer again.. the ladder slips out 15 ft ... so 8 more than the previous 7ft
Dec 21, 2008

I got it, but if I had to show my work, I would have got an F-!

Thanks, great teaser and now I have something to look up and learn!
Dec 21, 2008

Math was one of my strongest subjects,so this was easy.
Dec 21, 2008

Suddenly I'm back in high school again! Will there be a test on this? Great teaser. I'm ready for another!!!
Dec 21, 2008

Math is no my thing. So I didn't even try, but thanks for posting.
Dec 21, 2008

Complicated answer.
Dec 21, 2008

Nice teaser.
Dec 21, 2008

A squared + B squared = C squared, boy does that bring back memories of elementary school. Always loved math. Good one.
Dec 21, 2008

very nice teaser. I enjoyed it. Thanks.
Dec 21, 2008

WOO HOO! Second time this has been the Teaser of the Day...I think. =D
Dec 22, 2008

I know that 8ft is the correct answer using geometry.

A lateral-thinking (or would that be ladderal thinking) solution would be that both of the ladder's feet slid out. Therefore the ladder slid two feet out.
Dec 24, 2008

I gave up that kind of math when I graduated from college. I couldn't even understand the explanation!
Jan 02, 2009

12 seconds in my head. I could even guess the answer before doing it since I was pretty sure you were using a 3-4-5 right triangle for the second part since 25 is a multiple of 5.

Still, nice teaser.
Sep 11, 2010

Know your 7-24-25 and 3-4-5's!!!!

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