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Magical Scroll Case


Puzzle ID:#29345
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (1.62)
Submitted By:SunroseAus**!!!
Corrected By:boodler




After some relaxing, the Seekers of Knowledge received a gift from an anonymous person. The gift was a magical scroll case that had 12 gemstones on it. The Seekers were a bit shocked at the elegance of the scroll case as they knew it was very expensive.

There was a catch with it. They had no idea how to open it. As they looked over the scroll case with amazement, suddenly a magic mouth appeared before them and said, "The code to open this scroll case is hidden within the stones; you must press each stone in the proper order to open it." The magic faded out.

The stones are in this order on the scroll case: Turquoise, Diamond, Opal, Aquamarine, Topaz, Emerald, Moonstone, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Peridot.

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Mar 26, 2006

this was cool. i thought you had to do them alphabetically but i guess not. good teaser anyway
Mar 26, 2006

Great, Sunrose. This was hard, but very enjoyable. I got lazy and looked at the hint and should have realized they were birthstones as I have tried to give each of 19 grandkids something with their birthstone in it. Excellent job.
Mar 29, 2006

Good one Sunrose! You stumped me on a couple of the stones...
Apr 03, 2006

So my birth stone is Garnet??Great info! into my favorites
Apr 12, 2006

i knew u had to in birthstone month that good enough?
Jul 09, 2008

Too simple for words! Great fun! Kudos! $ourDough sez 2 thumbs up!

Jul 09, 2008

With a June birthday, I had always believed my birthstone was Alexandrite or Pearl.

What the heck is moonstone?

You stumped me with this one. Fun teaser!
Jul 09, 2008

Sorry, but this was REALLY easy.
Jul 09, 2008

Well, apparently it wasn't so easy for everybody! Just because a teaser seems very easy to you, doesn't mean it's the same for most or everybody else! I liked this one, and... I GOT IT! Yayyyyyy!!!

Thanks, sunrose!!!

Jul 09, 2008

This was really fun!!! A little bit easy, but SUPER FUN.
Jul 09, 2008

The minute I saw that there were 12 gems I figured the months were represented. Since there was no stone beginning with a J it stood to reason that they must be the birthstones. Since I didn't know them in order I couldn't come up with the correct answer, but I was too lazy to look them up,so I guess I failed. But that was a great quiz.
Jul 09, 2008

I also knew they were birthstones, but I wasn't sure where a couple of them should be listed.
Jul 09, 2008

Thanks everyone! I realize that it may not be that hard, but I am happy that there are people who are still enjoying it.

Thanks so much you all! /hugs to all
Jul 09, 2008

hmm, I knew they were birthstones, bit I had no idea what the order was, so in a way I got it and in a way I failed
Jul 09, 2008

I thought to myself, why 12? And the answer came easy.

Good one!
Jul 09, 2008

lame, I know nothing about birthstones but knew it was the answer since its the only logical association one could make for 12 random gemstones.
Jul 09, 2008

I got HOW to do it, but I was to lazy to look up the anwsers.
i )
Jul 09, 2008

not hard, but very nice.
Jul 09, 2008

REALLY EASY! But, really fun!

I'm a Diamond Aries!
Jul 09, 2008

I didn't know all of the months, but I knew right away that you had to put them in order of which birthstone came in which month. I really liked this teaser
Jul 09, 2008

Well, I didn't get it. I was trying to spell out something using the first letter of each stone, forwards, backwards every way I could think of, Good teaser. Thanks for posting.
Jul 10, 2008

Easy and fun. I liked it. I figured it had to be birthstones and when I counted 12 I was certain. Cool teaser. i'm opal..october
Dec 29, 2009

So.....what was in the box? A scroll I guess. What was on the scroll? I guess I'll never know.
Jun 28, 2010

Like many others I knew what to do but not how to do it.
Jul 09, 2011

Not so easy, when one is aware that there are at least 4 listings of monthly gemstones, the Traditional, the Modern, and the Mystical, and the Ayurvedic. Traditionally, the gemstone for March is either Bloodstone or Jasper, and the gemstone for July is Turquoise or Onyx. This is one of those puzzles for which, the more you know, the harder the puzzle is going to be.
Jul 09, 2011

I knew it was the 12 birthstones, but I didn't know their order.Each one is considered to be a rock just like my brain.
Jul 09, 2011

I woyldve gotten it, except for the fact that June is the PEARL...
Jul 09, 2011

Yeah, I knew some of them were birthstones. I know what my birthstone is (it's a garnet) so I knew which stone to press first.
Jul 09, 2011

I thought this would be tricky ... but I got it! Kinda easy ..
Jul 09, 2011

It looked hard and random at first, but i figured it out in a few seconds (literally!)It was a great one though!
Jul 09, 2014

That was an easy one to figure out. However not everyone knows what order they are in and would have to look it all up if the wanted to actually put them in order. Just knowing the answer was enough for me. Cute, but long story yet fun teaser.
Jul 09, 2014

I too knew they were birthstones and although I have my late grandmother's family ring, we have purchased my mother both a family ring and a "Grandmoter's necklace, sadly I don't know the stones for any month other than March (my own birth month).
Jul 09, 2014

Knew they were birth stones. Don't know the order and really don't care.
Jul 09, 2014

Moonstone-March? July-Onyx? My birthday is in July and I have always known it to be a Ruby.
11/12 I knew they had to be birth stones.

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