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"Oh, No!"

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#29601
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:*** (2.16)
Submitted By:Winner4600******
Corrected By:MarcM1098




Oh, no! Chris, Dan, Jorge, Karl, and Eric have forgotten about Valentine's Day! And, it's February 13th! Each has bought a last-minute gift for his girlfriend, fiancee, or wife, wrapped in a different color. Figure out which gift each bought, the wrapping color, who he bought for, and what the relationships are.

The five men are Dan, the guy who sent roses, the man who sent chocolate, Eric, and Zoe's fiance.
The roses were wrapped in green. The chocolate was not wrapped in pink and white.
The teddy bear was given to the 4 month girlfriend, who is not Tina.
A delighted wife received a gift wrapped in purple. An equally happy girlfriend, not Tina, had a red-covered present.
Carla has been dating for only 4 months, and Zoe was the most recently engaged.
No man has the same first initial as his girlfriend, fiancee, or wife.
Eric wasn't proposing to Tina, but gave her a ring, anyway. They are not married.
Chris knows Zoe hates mushy stuff, so he got her an electronic device, wrapped in a color not normally associated with Valentine's Day.
Jorge gave his fiancee a gift in emerald wrapping paper that matched the color of her eyes.

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Apr 07, 2006

I hate to say it, but it looks like you are missing a line or two of the puzzle. I was enjoying it; but can't see Ellen, Joann, Laptop or blue in any clue...not sure how to put this one together without it!
Apr 07, 2006

I thought it was fantastic! I didn't find that anything was missing...Kudos
Apr 07, 2006

I really enjoyed this puzzle. It wasn't too hard, but it made me think. Great job!

RGW4: Laptop is given in the clue about Zoe getting something electronic from Chris. The other things you mentioned can be found through elimination.
Apr 07, 2006

Nice one!
Apr 07, 2006

Good story and good teaser!
Apr 07, 2006

Good puzzle. Brain is working a bit slow today so it took a bit longer.
Apr 07, 2006

Enjoyed working it out, and the story along with it.
Apr 07, 2006

Good one!
It wasn't simple, but it was still solvable. Although the clue about Tina not being a girlfriend was a bit vague. I didn't know if that meant she was a fiance or the wife.
Apr 07, 2006

Good one, took a lot of thinking about and re reading but got there
Apr 07, 2006

RGW4 is correct. The puzzle is not complete from the paragraphs themselves. Laptop is an electronic device, but how do we know that Chris did not give Zoe a cell phone? That is also an electronic device. Another clue says "No man has the same first initial as his girlfriend, fiancee, or wife", but how can we use that clue if 2 of the women's names are not given? Other things that were missing from the puzzle which RGW4 didn't mention were "2 months engaged", "3 months engaged", and "6 months dating". All we know about the engagement is that one is "most recently engaged", implying that one is "less recently engaged" but no time frame. One MUST open the "Grid Solver" to get the remainder of clues. To correct this mistake, the author could say in the puzzle, "Ellen and Joann make lovely companions with their man", "The Laptop was bought on sale for only $399", "Blue made a nice wrapping paper color", etc... I solved this puzzle only after assuming that the "Grid Solver" matrix was true
Apr 07, 2006

I already had the laptop clue figured out, so I didn't need the mention of the electronic device. Also, all I needed to know in the last clue was that Jorge had a fiancee (not the green). Overall, it was easy and fun.
Apr 07, 2006

thanks, everyone...everything can be found either directly or through elimination
Apr 07, 2006

Spikeit, OF COURSE THE GRID IS TRUE!!! That's the point of logic GRIDS!

Another thing about LOGIC GRID puzzles...YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO USE THE LOGIC GRID!!!!!!!!!!

Is this your first time at these?
Apr 07, 2006

Ok, yeah, I guess it is...
Apr 07, 2006

I liked this puzzle. easy, but fun. some people make their own grids and solve the puzzle without the one provided. if you were to do that, you wouldnt know what all the information was, but for most of us that isn't a problem.
Apr 07, 2006

Well, I cater to the public...
Apr 12, 2006

I thought the puzzle was relatively easy and didn't have any of the problems mentioned above. I enjoyed the story line and am looking forward to your next one. Good job!
Apr 12, 2006

Apr 15, 2006

Where are the clues for 3 and 6 months dating?
Apr 16, 2006

orbrab, you don't have to mention everything in clues...elimination also works, too!
Apr 16, 2006

Thank you for answering me. I did it again and the difficulties came from my hastily reading. I didn't see the 3 different girlcategories the first time - only 2. Sorry
Apr 16, 2006

my pleasure!!!
Jun 26, 2006

That was fun! I really enjoyed it. It was a little puzzling, but all in all I liked it.
Aug 23, 2007

Nice teaser.

I got confused a few times but got everything straightened out eventually.
Nov 02, 2007

Great storyline once again!

Somehow I got red and pink/white backwards, but everything else right.
Jan 11, 2008

Great Teaser, Winner! I enjoyed it very much. I do have to point out a very small flaw in the logic though.... The clue about Eric not proposing to Tina and not being married, doesn't necessarily rule them out as being engaged. If I understood the intro correctly, these gifts were given on Valentines day and the engaged couples would have already been engaged either 2 or 3 months before. So just because Eric wasn't proposing on V-Day doesn't mean they weren't already engaged prior. Follow me? I went along with the assumption you meant they were dating and got the right answer anyway. Just had to point that out. Don't hate me...
Jan 11, 2008

Haha... I actually... don't remember this teaser all that well. What you're saying makes sense to me, but I have to go back and look at the clues... Thanks!
Sep 25, 2008

great! i noticed that your other teaser was about relationships. you are sweet
Feb 28, 2011

Great puzzle; very fun and a good skill level. Thanks for sharing!
Jun 13, 2013

Thanks for the great teaser, and your work for us to enjoy. I know this is years since you made it, but the grids that actually use elimination are hard to come by. I hope there are more in the future Thanks again!

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