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The Dealership, Part 1

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#29668
Fun:**** (3.15)
Difficulty:*** (2.87)
Submitted By:thompson1Aus******
Corrected By:MarcM1098




"Car"-l (Carl) Smith owns a used-car dealership in Cartown, Missouri. In the past week, he has had 5 different people sell him 5 different cars on 5 different days. He was carrying papers with the information about the purchases, when one of the cars that was near him honked very loudly. He dropped all of the papers, and couldn't figure out any of the information. Help Carl figure out each customer's first and last name, what car they sold him, how much each one cost, and what day of the week they sold to him on.

First names - George, James, Brad, Jessica, and Patricia
Last names - Robertson, Johnson, Buckner, Thompson, and Sullivan
Car - Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Ford
Amount of $ - $10,000, $15,000, $21,000, $28,000, and $35,000
Day of the Week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

1. The 5 people are: George, Thompson, the one who sold the Mini, the one who sold the car for $35,000, and the one who sold a car on Wednesday.

2. The 5 cars are: the BMW, the one sold on Saturday, the one sold by Mrs. Johnson, the one sold by Jessica, and the one that was sold for $15,000.

3. The person who sold a car 2 days before Robertson did sold his car for $7,000 less than James.

4. Thompson sold his car for 4000 times as many dollars as there are letters in the day that he sold it.

5. Buckner sold his car for $35,000.

6. The Ford, which was sold by Sullivan, was sold for $13,000 less than the car sold on Tuesday.

7. The Mercedes sold for the most amount of money, which was $14,000 more than the one sold on Wednesday.

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Apr 10, 2006

i just looked at the answer, ill do it again
Apr 10, 2006

I'm a goof, I got almost all of them right, except I switched two of the days and prices, grrrrr!
Apr 10, 2006

Good one!! I had to reread a few times ! I got it tho. The only problem is that in the answer Roberts needs to be changed to Robertson to match the clues. Still, a job well done!
Apr 10, 2006

I had to do it twice to get it right. Good job!!
Apr 11, 2006

I enjoyed the challenge! Had to come back and try again. Good Job!
Apr 12, 2006

This was more challenging than the others I tried. I had to shut the game down before I finished it the first time, then I had to print out the second attempt because I was brain dead in the wee hours of the morning. (I didn't want to start it over again.) I finished it this morning and am looking forward to Part II. Very nice challenge!
Apr 13, 2006

Part II!!! Part II!!!

thompson, your teasers are always challenging and I love doing them!!!
Apr 15, 2006

Clue 3 is wrong "before Robertson did sold his car" - should be her.
Apr 15, 2006

orbrab, no it's not. The him is talking about the first person, not Robertson.

Thanks for all the great comments!
Apr 15, 2006

OK, I understand now. Maybe it should have a comma before did?
Apr 16, 2006

Good on ya...
Apr 19, 2006

Very difficult one! as fun for the hours it took.
Apr 19, 2006

That should have been was not as!
May 11, 2006

Dude thompson that thing was crazzzzzzy. It blew my mind. Very good.
Nov 25, 2006

wow this one was tough. this is about the sixth one ive done, but the first that really challeged me. i guess the key was to go back and get all the info you can out of clue #3 once u get to a certain point in the solution grid
Dec 02, 2006

A very enjoyable challenge! I'll run to Part II now
Jul 09, 2007

Awesome Puzzle! I had to do it twice and be really, really careful! Loved it!
Jul 09, 2007

Somehow this got so much easier once the kids were in bed. The only thing that bothered me about it is that I had to assume the names were gender-typical. I was just dreading getting to the end & finding out that George was really a girl, but her parents had always wanted a boy, so they gave her an a-typical name. Of course, maybe there was a way around relying on that, but I didn't see it.
Jan 19, 2008

This was fun and very challenging!! I had to start over once because I misread clue 3 the first time thinking Robertson was male. oops! I got it the second time though. I'm looking forward to doing part 2 tomorrow!
Mar 19, 2008

Excellent puzzle. Count me as a victim of the gender clue in clue #3 on my first attempt. I then redid it, saving all of the gender items for last. Looking forward to Part 2.
Jun 27, 2008

Fantastic job! I've been putting off doing this pair until I could sit down and do them back to back, and it was WELL worth the wait. Thank you for all of the work you put into this, I know it takes a long time to make good ones!
Jun 17, 2013

Thank you so much, ditto to what the others have said, fun and not too easy.
Oct 06, 2015

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