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7, 14, 17, 21, 27, 28, 35, 37, ?, ?

Series teasers are where you try to complete the sequence of a series of letters, numbers or objects.


Puzzle ID:#29714
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:** (1.72)
Submitted By:DrawA****
Corrected By:MarcM1098




What are the next two numbers in this sequence?

7, 14, 17, 21, 27, 28, 35, 37, ?, ?


These numbers are passed in a game.

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Apr 12, 2006

that was very easy... didn't pick it up at first but once I read the clue I knew instantly what was going on...
Apr 12, 2006

I have no idea here! Enlighten me please?
Apr 12, 2006

What game? Craps?
Apr 12, 2006

That was easy..
Apr 12, 2006

the game is called "buzz" and what you do is a group of people sit around in a circle, and one of them starts by saying "1". The next person (clockwise) says "2" and they keep going until they come across a number divisible by 7 or contains a 7: in which case they say "buzz". Anyone who screws up by unnecessarily saying buzz or not saying it when they should, they are out and everyone continues until only one person is left. He/she is the winner.
Apr 12, 2006

by the way, they start counting over each time somebody is out.
Apr 12, 2006

back to 1.
Apr 12, 2006

Very easy.
Apr 13, 2006

You are my saviour! 'Q
Apr 13, 2006

Why should they start counting over each time somebody is out? I think they should continue, because people are more likely to make mistakes in larger numbers.
Apr 13, 2006

thats dumb. what game?
Apr 16, 2006

Yeah this was really easy for me because I play it at school for Maths every week. It's a fun game and I usually win. Good riddle, I guess, although too easy.
May 02, 2009

I saw it! I just couldn't say it into words? lol
May 02, 2009

I got the multiplication of 7 quickly, took me a little more studying to get the 7 as second digit.
good one!
May 02, 2009

Never heard of the game, would never have figured this out. Quite a challenge. Thanks for posting.
May 02, 2009

The hint was worthless but I still figured it out.
May 02, 2009

If you follow the sequence of the sequence of a number ending in 7 and the number following it be divisable by 7 should the 7 and 8 numbers in the sequence be 37 and 42, NOT 35 AND 37, therefore making the correct answer to the braingle 47 and 49.
first 7,14
second 17,21
third 27,28
fourth should be 37, 42
and not 35 and 37
therefore fifth in sequence 47, 49
May 02, 2009

Kasie, you are changing the original sequence, which would negate the whole teaser.
May 02, 2009

Kasiecom, why skip 35? It is divisible by 7.
May 02, 2009

May 02, 2009

I KINDA got it, but got the numbers wrong. I keep telling you I'm "numerically challenged!" I might as well delete the quiz when it has number in it!
(user deleted)
May 03, 2009

very easy
May 04, 2009

The number 7 isn't the only one used, it's just the toughest for younger kids. Any (single-digit) number can be used.
A variation of the game is Bizz Buzz, where two numbers, say 7 & 4, are used. Players say "Bizz" on the sevens, "Buzz" on the fours, and "Bizz Buzz" on the numbers divisible 4 & 7 or have 4 & 7 in them.
(user deleted)
May 06, 2009

Very easy. I enjoyed it only because the unknown numbers have some symbolical value to me.
May 02, 2012

May 02, 2012

Made me feel less math challenged-thank you!
May 02, 2012

I got it, too, and was happy for the same reason as you, Maggie!

Happy MAY and good health, every one!
May 02, 2012

For those of us who never played that game or ever heard of it, the puzzle was totally random. The hint only acted as a misdirection for the same reason - you had to have played that game to get it.
May 02, 2012

I've never heard of the game, but I did figure it out - sort of. I started with "7" and every other number added 10 (7-17-27, etc); the interspersed numbers were multiples of 7 - except when I got to the last 2 numbers (35, and 37) they were backwards - I thought that was a typo and turned them around - so I still got the right answer!
good quiz!!
May 18, 2012

guys when I saw the answer I thought that it is wrong .. someone should light me ... which is right answer (42,49)"it is mine" or (42,47)"the written one" ????

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