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Pur-fect Riddle

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#29939
Fun:*** (2.77)
Difficulty:* (0.67)
Submitted By:dodger*gb*****
Corrected By:Winner4600




Catherine the Great had 9 tales to tell,
If the tin roof is hot, she'll offer a yell.
Her brother is Tom, and her sister's Siamese,
She looks great in her boots, eating eaters of cheese.

What is she?

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Apr 21, 2006

Fun and easy.
Apr 21, 2006

Apr 21, 2006

this was cute but too simple
Apr 21, 2006

the title gave it away, i think you should choose a less obvious and a title that makes you think more

other than that, awsome job!
Apr 22, 2006

that was too easy you should make them alittle more difficult....
Apr 22, 2006

Cute one!
Apr 22, 2006

Title definitely gave it away...
Apr 22, 2006

Thanx for the feedback. I made the teaser simple because my kid sister keeps telling me that she can never solve riddles on Braingle. It made me think about the other Young members and i thought i would try to cater from them too. Sometimes we all forget that there are younger members in the Braingle community too.
Apr 22, 2006

This was fun, I liked it because it wasn't really difficult or anything.
Apr 22, 2006

the title totally gave it away but i thought too hard and said it was Puss in Boots!!
Apr 22, 2006

cute one.
Apr 22, 2006

That PUR-fect thing gave it away
Apr 24, 2006

Thanks for a fun and easy one. While we do forget some of our younger community; there are also the ESL community member who at all levels also enjoy these brain teasers. Some of these have been great for classroom activities.
Apr 24, 2006

Thanx for the comments OldChinaHand and for realising it's appeal. I agree that the ESL community also like these type of teaser too.
Apr 24, 2006

For those who are unsure ESL stands for (English As A Second Language) CHEERS
Apr 27, 2006

Apr 29, 2006

theres three in my house
and they make me sneeze
but I got your riddle
with relative ease
Apr 29, 2006

I couldn't do it
I don't see how any of it refers to a cat
Apr 29, 2006

Catherine the greats nickname was CAT.
Cat o' Nine Tails was an instrument of torture on ships.
Cat on a hot tin roof.
Tom Cat is her brother.
Siamese Cat is her sister.
Puss in Boots.
Eating eaters of cheese, mice eat cheese, Cats eat mice.
(user deleted)
Apr 30, 2006

Great but too simple
May 02, 2006

I love cats but way to easy even my friends sister who is 7 knew that try harder ones look what other prople have wrote take ideas off of them
May 04, 2006

I liked the teaser, but one look at the title gave it away
May 05, 2006

Why so personal? although the teaser is rather simple i don't think it merits that sort of abuse. Does anyone agree with me? I enjoy being a part the the braingle community but it's members like you King that ruins it. Constructive critisism is cool but not personal abuse.
May 09, 2006

Don't listen to him Dodger! I thought it was good. Cute and easy.
May 14, 2006

A giveaway, but very cute. Very good for those younger riddlers.
May 15, 2006

Grade-school level - TOO EASY
May 15, 2006

IS there a Braingle for kids? That would be great.
Jan 08, 2008

Purr-ty good teaser! Yes, it was easy, but my tired brain needs something easy once in a while! And as someone mentioned, we have kids on this net, who need to cut their mental teeth! I once had a cat nemed Alexander the Great; he would have loved Catherine!
Jan 08, 2008

Duh! And Alexander could probably spell better than I did!
Aug 09, 2008

Great job! Thanks, I shared that with my son and he got it right away... Then I realized he was listening to me read it aloud! Kids are so smarty these days!

Thanks again!
Aug 09, 2008

Fantastic riddle! A bit tricky at first, but then it clicked! I really enjoyed it!!!!!
Aug 09, 2008

Written for the under 10 yr olds.
Aug 09, 2008

Maybe it was a bit too easy, but then again, what is easy for one person may not be for another.
Aug 09, 2008

Quite easy, but nicely written. Thanks for posting.
Aug 09, 2008

Easy, and a great riddle!!!!
Aug 09, 2008

Easy, and a great riddle!
Aug 09, 2008

The title sort of gave it away, but oh well...
Aug 09, 2008

I agree. It is really cute but way too simple.
Aug 09, 2008

Cute kitty!!!
Aug 09, 2008

Aug 09, 2008

i thought it was a nice little poem, and well writtten.

but as far as riddles go, it was way too easy for my taste. a good one for the youngest of the younger crowd.

but, no matter what the age, you must admit it was nicely written.
Aug 09, 2008

Don't take the harsh posts to seriously. I like the easy ones as well as the hard ones. A certain percentage of the population just aren't happy unless 1) they think they are better/smarter than you or 2) they are complaining. I'm sure everyone here works or has worked with both of these type of people.
You can tell #1's because they either tell you your work is lacking, or too easy,no matter how difficult the question is,and the 2's because they are just derroatory in the way they treat you. Braingle has their share of both. Luckily it's avery small percentage, and the rest of Braingle's members are very supportive. My ggratitude goes out to all of you that are supportive. Writing these puzzles is not nearly as easy as it appears.
I can't understand why these complainers make posts in the first place.
Aug 09, 2008

Cute and easy. Loved it!
Aug 09, 2008

I'm glad it was an easy one. It was a perfect go-with with the trivia quiz for today: a bible one. I have extremely limited knowledge of the bible, so I got some "redemption" here!
Aug 09, 2008

cute! the title made it a bit easy, but cute and obviously loved!
Aug 09, 2008

It was PUR-fect
I solved it right away but I had my lil sister come in here and try to solve it. She's starting Kindergarten this Wednesday so it was PUR-fect for her.
Aug 10, 2008

Very nice riddle, I got it easily and never noticed the title. Well done.
Jul 16, 2014

Your riddle certainly was sweet and purrrr-fect

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