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Sea Shells

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#29964
Fun:*** (2.87)
Difficulty:*** (2.58)
Submitted By:tsimkinAus*****!




Gretchen just returned from the beach, and told her brother Henry that she found three interesting types of shells. He asked what they were, and she answered with these rebuses:


1. Nice Naughty Nice Naughty
2. Naughty Nice Naughty Nice
*3. Nice Nice Nice Nice

After thinking for a while, Henry says, "I get the first two types of shells, but didn't you say you found three?"

"Oops! I almost forgot!" replies Gretchen, as she hits her brother on the head.

"Now I know them all!" he laughs.

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Apr 23, 2006

I got scallops, but not the other two. Good idea 4 a riddle. :]
Apr 27, 2006

Didnt get this one
Apr 28, 2006

What a doozy! That one took me for a ride, great job!
Apr 28, 2006

Takes some knowledge on kinda of seashells. Thus, I really only got the first and last one.
Apr 28, 2006

reall good teaser. very clever
Apr 28, 2006

Didn't notice the asterix. Dumb me.
May 04, 2006

May 10, 2006

Well I only got the conch shell, but this was very entertaining and funny. I appreciate the story.


May 13, 2006

I like this one... going in my favourites...
Sep 13, 2006

Ow, great teaser
Nov 04, 2006


Very clever, I got the first and last
Nov 24, 2006

Heh.. only got the conch.
Jul 22, 2007

I got the scallops and the conch. Good teaser!
Apr 14, 2008

Never heard of the last two... And who says "conk"?
May 31, 2009

Excellent rebus. Very clever. Thanks for posting.
Jul 04, 2009

First two were good, but how do you get conk from conch?
Jul 04, 2009

because conk is pronounced the same way as conch

good teaser. I didn't get the 2nd one, but that was it.
Jul 04, 2009

Jul 04, 2009

Facr 1: WE do!! To conk means to hit, as in 'she conked her brother over the head', or, 'I was conked on the head by a brick, a frying pan, or whatever'.
Jul 04, 2009

Sorry, I don't have the American flag next to my name for the WE to have meaning.

And Happy Birthday to us!! Hope everyone has a safe 4th!! Don't drink and drive, and don't use fireworks (enjoy from afar); illegal in most states, n'est-ce pas?
Jul 04, 2009

5 States ban all sorts of fireworks, every other state has some type of fireworks for sale. Where did you get the "most states ban fireworks"
Jul 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July. Fireworks are dangerous in the wrong hands, but so are a lot of other things and that doesn't stop people from using them. Hope everyone is safe and happy this holiday. And I didn't get this teaser at all. Drew a total blank.
Jul 05, 2009

I was a little lost here ; didn't get any !! But this was an amazing teaser that's going in my favorites for sure!!!
Jul 06, 2009

Never heard of nautilus shells.
I don't get how conch with "ch" could be conk.
Jul 06, 2009

"Conk" is the primary pronunciation of "conch". See here:

...and here is a description of the nautilus shell:
Jul 14, 2009

cool teaser
Jul 04, 2012

Like almost everyone else, I didn't get nautalis (sp). First and last were easy for me, though. Thanks for the teaser!
Jul 04, 2012

I also missed the nautilus ( never heard of it as a shell). I somehow got the children's rhyme about girls being made of "everything nice" and boys being made of "frogs and snails" stuck in my mind and the fact that snails have shells . . . lead me nowhere, I couldn't get the naughty part to work in.
Jul 04, 2012

I got Conch on;y because that was the nearest I could compare it with. The rest were rather lame. You had to reach pretty far to figure them out. I work with shells and never heard of one called a nautilus. Sorry! Did not like it!
Jul 04, 2012

I live in Florida and collect shells, so I am familiar with all of these including the nautilus, which is the one I did not get! - I groaned (and laughed) when I looked at the answer. Scallops was easy; Conch took a minute to think about. I enjoyed them all. Thanks for the fun teaser!
Jul 04, 2012

I got the first and last one. It was OK quiz. Maybe it is my mood today.
Jul 04, 2012

The ONLY one I got was nautilus!!! Anyhow, brilliant teaser! You don't see many rebuses with a story tied in.
Jul 22, 2015

I don't know much about aquatic creatures, but I got the scallops and the conch I couldn't come up with nautilus, but then I've never herd of them. I only know scallop from watching cooking show son TV and conch from reading "Lord of the Flies".
Jul 22, 2015

nauti-less was a bit of a stretch!!

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