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A Baked Treat

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#30210
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.46)
Submitted By:spookboy0Aus**
Corrected By:spookboy0




(Thing 1)
I, at the start, am old
Many centuries I've been told
Used by the Greeks
For counting techniques
After things were bought and sold

Later is when I became known
As an infinite figure, when shown
You've counted my spaces
Over two billion places
And still, my amount is unknown

(Thing 2)
I, too, am not young
I'm almost as old as Thing 1
I'm just a frog
On the natural log
But I can make counting fun

(Thing 1 and Thing 2)
When you combine us two
In the order of Thing 1 and Thing 2
We'll be a baked treat
That's painful to beat
Whether cherry, peach, or aloo

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(user deleted)
May 01, 2006

At first I thought "thing 1" was an abacus! Then I realised it wasn't when I looked at the ending, which was a giveaway. still fun to do
May 01, 2006

Good one. I missed the 'e', in both college and now, but I sure would enjoy some sweet potato pi...but only if its round.
May 01, 2006

Got me thinkin!!! Good one!
May 01, 2006

Nice job, Spookboy. Good riddle for a math weenie (like me).
May 01, 2006

wow...i got it....nice1mrspookboy....ilovepi(e)!!!!
May 01, 2006

lol...Thing 1 and Thing 2.The Cat in The Hat!
May 01, 2006

i knew there was pie in it somehere. . . .
great teaser! i loved it!
May 02, 2006

as american as baseball and chevy,,,good old ibm pie,,er,,,uh,, i mean apple pie
nice teaser
May 02, 2006

thats a good one.i got pie
May 03, 2006

i got the first one easy

but then the second we haven't covered yet, so i didnt get thing 2 or 3
May 11, 2006

I got the first one and the third one...but I thought that it was "pie" something b/c I thought it was a play on words.
May 12, 2006

I kept saying to myself "the first is pi, the last is pie, what's the middle one?"

It would be good to be clever!
May 19, 2006

Nice, but easy. I barely glanced over it and knew the answer was pie. I'm also suddenly very hungry.
May 23, 2006

Loved the teaser. Got the answer but I don't get the "frog"? Que?
Jun 03, 2006

Jun 03, 2006

Pretty easy, but absolutely clever. Well done!
Jun 03, 2006

Jun 03, 2006

I also started off thinking abacus. Agree I don't understand the frog part, can someone explain that part please? Enjoyed it and understood the rest after a couple of reads.
Jun 03, 2006

Very good.
Jun 03, 2006

I think the frog was a device for him to give the "natural log" clue, or else I don't know...

That was really good, spook! I didn't get "e", didn't exactly have that in my memory banks, but now it's there. But it was very well written! Thanks!

Jun 03, 2006

The frog on the log is a clue. It emphasizes the insignificance of the letter 'e' in the word 'pie'. Just like you probably wouldn't notice a frog sitting on a log, you dont pay attention to the letter 'e' at the end of 'pie' because it is silent. 'E' is also just one of 26 letters of the alphabet, all o which are equally important to the English language.

My goodness, I am such a geek, but I can't help it - I'm an English teacher!!

Great teaser and well written (and I got it too) !!
Jun 03, 2006

coundn't get thing two, but got pi. Well written. Great
Jun 03, 2006

Thank you
Jun 03, 2006

at first i thought thing 1 was an abacous
Jun 03, 2006

WW - S, S clever!!!
Jun 03, 2006

Well written teaser, even I got it from the poem.
Jun 03, 2006

Does any1 here knws wat aloo means except me
Jun 03, 2006

wah! u made me think, i never get the answer i thought its a cake,, tough one baby!
Jun 03, 2006

I loved the poem...which led me pi, no e. But....still loved the poem.
Jun 03, 2006

I got thing 1, but I have no idea how thing 2 is solved. Cute teaser.
Jun 03, 2006

Oh yeah, I got them combined too. Hmmm...
Jun 03, 2006

Now that was a great riddle! Like many, I only got 1/2 of it.
Jun 03, 2006

At first I thought abacus too, then i realized the right answer!! SAND! and it works with part 1 and 2 cuz you can make a SANDwich. So by process of elimination the answer to 2 is Witch.
Jun 03, 2006

Oh my goodness...EXCELLENT TEASER! Two thumbs up! VERY clever.
Jun 03, 2006

Just GREAT....make me use my "brain"....took awhile...but even I got it...
Jun 03, 2006

ok.....couldnt #1 be infinity? and wat the heck did e have to do w/ a frog on a log?
Jun 03, 2006

very clever...even though I got it right off. Nice one!
Jun 03, 2006

Good thinker! Pi was the easy part.
Jun 03, 2006

Good teaser

I've heard of aloo as the word for potato in Indian cookery but not an aloo pie. Mmmmmmmm - where's the takeaway menu?
Jun 03, 2006

Well I guess this one proved that math is not my forte . But after reading the poem and the answer I really have to admire how well written and thought out this teaser was. For those of you who found it so easy, WOW I must have missed the ship when I was supposed to do the three R's. Spooky this was awesome! Even if I didn't get it.
Jun 03, 2006

That was a pretty good riddle i have to give thumbs up on this one!!!
Jun 03, 2006

Good one. It rattled my brain.
Jun 03, 2006

Good one!! I liked the "pi"/"pie" pun, especially.
Jun 03, 2006

I got pi but I didn't understand why you needed the second part; I was happy with the pun by itself. In the cobwebs of my memory vault, that natural logarithm thing is stored somewhere, so the last poem was an AHA! moment. Thanks for the math refresher.
Jun 03, 2006

I didn't know the answer until you said "cherry, apple and whatever else." good teaser anyway
Jun 03, 2006

Very good job. Really liked this one and it was so well written too.
Jun 04, 2006

Great! Despite a background in Math, couldnt get the answer.
I thought the first one was star, but got the third one right.
Jun 04, 2006

Excellent, I now know what aloo pie is! Thanks and please *bake* us some more puzzles!
Jun 05, 2006

After figuring out that the final answer is PIE, I was able to figure out that Thing 1 is PI, but I could not figure how you got E for Thing 2.

Thanks for getting us revved up this morning with a fun teaser!

Jun 05, 2006

OK everybody. The base number in a logarithm can change. The natural logarithm uses the number "e" as the base.
If you don't understand logarithms, it's natural you didn't catch "e"
Jun 09, 2006

Aloo pie is basically potato pie.
Jun 03, 2007

I guessed pie
Jun 03, 2007

Jun 03, 2007

Wow this was fun. I couldn't get the "e" part, but intuitively put it together based on the 1st and 3rd clue.

Let's see if saxman gets it. nya nya nya
Jun 03, 2007

way to easy..
Jun 03, 2007

Easy,but interesting.
Jun 03, 2007

I got pi really easily but could not figure out part 2. I knew the treat was pie but I thought maybe it was more than just pie...pie alamode or something. I just didn't know what the frog on a log was.

Great hard teaser. Made me think and was really well worded. Good job!!!
Jun 03, 2007

my maternal grandparents are

I am insulted by your slurr.
Should I report it? Que'st Que C'est?
Jun 03, 2007

great teaser!!!!

Excellent job !! I too thought 1st of an abacus.

The part 2 I learned something.

Rose Thanx
Jun 03, 2007

great teaser...i got pi, but what does a frog have to do with "e"?
Jun 03, 2007

Such a cute poem! I have a math degree, so it was easy...but soooooo cute!!!
Jun 03, 2007

Like a lot of people I got Pi, but I couldn't get the e . I figured the answer was pie something. Maybe next year !
Jun 03, 2007

I got thing one.
Jun 03, 2007

I also thought thing 1 was an abacus, but then thing 2 made no sense. I finally figured it out when thing 2 popped into my head. Thanks for the post, it was fun.
Jun 03, 2007

this was hard!!!!!!! i was stumped...the end should have been a giveaway...but i was still clueless!!! uuhh...i think im just still a little brain's not workin properly...
Jun 03, 2007

Got Thing 1 but never learned Thing 2 until now!
Jun 03, 2007

I too was unable to get the "e" part of the riddle. You learn something new everyday....
Jun 03, 2007

The saying, "Easy as pie," I am told, was originally "Easy as pi" which was coined by a math teacher.
Jun 03, 2007

great one!
Jun 03, 2007

Great Job!
Jun 03, 2007

Awes me!!!

I am a math genius, so this was easy for me.

Great Teaser - Keep It Up!!!
Jun 03, 2007

That was an okay teaser... Although I've heard better.
Although i am not good at math or riddles lol.
Jun 03, 2007

I'm in the group with many others of getting 1 and 3 but not 2. Nice work on the poem!
Jun 03, 2007

i got the 'pi' for first and 'e' kinda (natural log math crap) for second and thought the answer is something pie. but not by combinin 'pi' + 'e' .. strange

Aloo in Hindi ( National language of India) is Potato

Jun 04, 2007

nice, but easy, (for a math major) I never had a potato pie! but I love aloo gobi, an Indian dish, (made from potatos and cauliflower)...I'm really hungry for Indian food now.
Jun 04, 2007

Very unique!! Very well-written rhyme and a great teaser too!!
Jun 05, 2007

very fun and well done. I like it alot.
Jun 07, 2007

For the first one, I was also thinking abacus, but then the end gave it away -_-, and for the second, nothing sparked, and when I read the third, I was like, OMG! Pineapple! But what the heck? The second one is the letter e? That's hard..
Jun 13, 2007

got 1/2 like everyone else
Jul 16, 2007

Awww it was easier than I thought ... I saw the pi, and figured it was "something pie" although the pi was the first part, so in the order of Thing 1 and Thing 2 it would be "pie something" but ... that didn't seem to work for anything. I even use e a lot in my work, but the frog thing threw me off the ln (lawn -haha.)
May 18, 2009

Obviously I should pay more attention to the title ... or redo pre-calc. pi=+/-e? I choose option a.
Jun 03, 2010

uh.. pi of course.. i was wayyy off with the fairies on this one...give teasers a break time lol
Jun 03, 2010

Jun 03, 2010

I liked how they were almost limericks.
Jun 03, 2010

and everybody knows Pi(R) round, cornbread R^2
Jun 03, 2010

I hated this Teaser as a Riddle or anything.

This Teaser made No sense or failed at displaying any true Logic. Usually, I have nothing but nice expressions about the Teasers created. People work hard to entertain, teach or preach to us, but this one, blahhhhh
Jun 03, 2010

Pie Pi in any sense of the term was not a means of mathematical expression that old in nation, not to mention in Greek.
Jun 03, 2013

Got is one, nice job.
Jun 03, 2013

Though, after the first line, my initial thought was abacus, I solved the Part 1 quite readily but wasn't able to come up with the letter 'e' for the answer to the 2nd. I agree with those who say it was unnecessary as even without it I came up with Pie as the final solution (Pi being used to mean Pie). Before I read it, I was expecting the 2nd part to direct us to a specific type of pie.
Jun 03, 2013

Glad to get Thing 1, not phased at all by not getting Thing 2....that would never have happened for me! I enjoyed the creativity-
Jun 03, 2013

I thought the comments were as interesting (if not more so) than the riddle. Thanks!
Jun 03, 2013

Again I got Pi right away, but "e" eluded me.
Jun 03, 2016

I have no idea what pi or E is. I must have missed whatever subject that was in school. Obviously I did not guess other than think of an abacus. That I knew, but it was not that. Guess I am not too sharp at these things.
Jun 03, 2016

Great riddle, thanks a lot! Even if it was an easy pie (pun intended) for me, I had a lot of fun!
Jun 03, 2016

Once again I liked the riddle; LOVED the poem; guessed at PI but wasn't sure about PIE. I didn't get the connection. But I did appreciate the creativity.

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