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In Cryptography teasers, a phrase or expressions has been encoded in some way (frequently by replacing letters with other letters). You need to figure out the encoding method and then decode the message to find the answer.


Puzzle ID:#31009
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:** (1.79)
Submitted By:alec5216us**
Corrected By:cnmne




There was a death on Treebark Ln. The victim was identified as Mark Oswalt, who recently was married. The police went to the crime scene and they reported the death as a suicide.

Later that day, after the police left, a private detective, hired by the victim's friend who thought it was a murder, searched the crime scene and found a note the police missed.

It read,

"4,3: 8,1:_: 9,1: 2,1: 7,4:_: 6,1:9,3:_: 9,1: 4,3: 3,3: 3,2: !"

The detective took out his cell phone and started dialing the police to tell them about his findings. Once the detective opened the phone to dial, he immediately screamed out, "I SOLVED IT!"

Who was the murderer and how did the detective find out?

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Jun 11, 2006

That was really simple.
I've seen many like that b4
Jun 11, 2006

Good one--I got "wife", but didn't figure out the code completely. But shouldn't the third coded word be 6,1:9,3 for M,Y? I'd like to see more.
Jun 11, 2006

Great idea for a teaser! It does need a slight correction to 6,1:9,3 for the third word. I felt the answer was a little too noticeable in the actual teaser and made it too easy, but it was very cute and fun.
Jun 12, 2006

it should be 2,1=a
Jun 12, 2006

if i'd ac2ali go10 a fone 2 c wher all the numbrs wer w/ wut lettrs, i'd'v go10 the answr... i mean, i new how 2 solv it, but i got lazy... haha...

nys job...
Jun 13, 2006

Same w/ that^ person.I'm not lazy enough to make people's brain's hurt trying to figure out what they typed. No offense.
Jan 23, 2007

I loved it - I got far enough with the translation that I figured it out. Good one. More please?
Jan 23, 2007 did the guy know his wife would murder him with enough notice to write that note?
Jan 23, 2007

UMMMMMM How the Heck could the VICTIM hire his friend to investigate his DEATH....He is dead. Do dead people often hire detectives.....I thought this was going to be significant, but I guess not.
Jan 23, 2007

Opps I misread who hired the detective. NEVERMIND :_(
Jan 23, 2007

Good one.
Jan 23, 2007

I'm thinking the wife probably didn't murder him. First, as Rukia, points out so well, the time factor,"how did the guy know his wife would murder him with enough notice to write that note?" The note could simply been a red herring pointing away from the killer. Secondly, people who use cell phones a lot used speed dial and SMS. They know the keys by touch, so the don't have to read it. Third, not all keypad are the same. And fourthly, if he had the phone he would 911 not 114 about his killer. But chances are the real killer's number is in the victim's cell phone memory chip.

All of this aside, a nicely written teaser, and a good mystery even if this solution would hard to prove in court.
Jan 23, 2007

that was a good one had to think on it for a few..
Jan 23, 2007

Ingenius teaser.
Jan 23, 2007



Jan 23, 2007

This was easy if you know how to text message
Jan 23, 2007

Not much left to say. Imurray said it all.
Jan 23, 2007

Kindergarden quality. :
Jan 23, 2007

Why is it always the wife who gets the blame???

Easy and fun teaser!
Jan 23, 2007

Lots of fun but too much before my coffee, good teaser
Jan 23, 2007

Well thought out teaser, just not my cup of tea.
Good job, though!!
Jan 23, 2007

Wow, this guy knows how to pick 'em...

Kinda easy, but nice nonetheless
Jan 23, 2007

An Ingenious teaser! As for some of the circumstances, relax everyone, it did get you to think about the teaser On the easy side, but very creative. And who knows?!? Maybe the next scenario will have the butler or the husband committing the fowl act! Keep up the good work!
Jan 23, 2007

Quite simply, the person who hired the detective is the killer. Who else could have planted the message pointing the finger at the wife? Obviously this was a murder/set-up perpetrated by said friend.
Jan 23, 2007

The investigator was hired by a
friend - not the victim & possibly the victim had a slow death. Plus, the spouse is always 1st suspect
Jan 23, 2007

Very easy the way it was written. The comment about the phone could have been a little more subtle.
Jan 23, 2007

Cute. I enjoyed it even though it was easy. Good teaser for the children to work on their skills. Hope to see more. Thank you
Jan 23, 2007

Jan 23, 2007

Jan 23, 2007

Jan 23, 2007

I liked the teaser a lot. Thank you very much.

I do have to agree with Old ChinaHand. HE's got a point.
Jan 23, 2007

I think some of you misread the teaser completely.

Tht being said, I would why a man that is dying takes the time to write a coded message. Why not just write "my wife killed me"?
Jan 23, 2007

haha i got this one cuz i text waaaayyyy 2 much
Jan 23, 2007

It was fun, but certainly easy!
Jan 23, 2007

shouldnt it be "7,3" not 7,4? at least on my phone they only have 3 letters per #. of course im not a texter i might be wrong.
Jan 23, 2007

I understand the answer with the key spelled out, but I couldn't get it on my own.

Can someone please explain the hint to me? I sure don't understand that!

(Forgive me if this has already been covered; I haven't read the other comments yet.)
Jan 23, 2007

Now I've read.

A question for OCH: What is 114?
Jan 23, 2007

Its impossible! The note may claim the wife's guilt, but who is to say that the note is to be trusted! It could have been planted, or the husband could have written it to throw off the investigation, perhaps because he wanted revenge on his wife for some reason? The note needs to be examined further!
Jan 23, 2007

Also, to the other poster who also doubted the conculsion of this teaser (don't want to look up name right now), 411, not 114...
Jan 23, 2007

Dibs on the movie rights
(user deleted)
Jan 24, 2007

Nice teaser!!

But to all u peeps who treat this teaser like reality: IT"S NOT! It's JUST a teaser!
Jan 24, 2007

I get that the first number of each 2-number group represents the letters IT WAS MY WIFE on a telephone key pad, but I don't get what the second letter of each pair means or the significance of the commas, colons and underscores. Several other comments mention text messaging, about which I know nothing, and I assume there are others out there who do not have a clue how to text message, so I would have liked a more elaborate explanation of the solution. Then again, maybe not, as I hope to get through my whole life without ever knowing how to text message ;~}
Jan 25, 2007

Well, I have to say that I didn't get the code, but I did get the answer using the usual cryptographic tricks.

The words had 2, 3, 2, 4 letters. If the note was supposed to say who did it, I guessed that the first two words were "IT WAS". The third word, having only two letters, couldn't be "THE" and so I thought a bit more and guessed "MY". The fourth word's first two letters were already deciphered: W-I-?-?. It was easy from there! (Fun, too.)

As I was figuring it out, my dad was reading over my shoulder, and I made the offhand comment that I knew the message but didn't get the code. He whipped out his cell phone and showed me -- I'm so ashamed that I didn't see it myself!!
Feb 03, 2007

Cool. I think this is the only cryptography teaser I've ever solved! (I'm too intimidated to try those complex ones)
(user deleted)
Nov 01, 2007

Not so difficult
Sep 19, 2008

very nice....but it was pretty easy...although i could solve it but i was little confused wid the semi colons b4
Jan 23, 2010

I had a feeling it was his wife from the time I read that someone thought it was a murder instead of a suicide XD
Jan 23, 2010

Jan 23, 2010

Ugh, I got it, but I had to search for an old phone pad style to decipher. I have a qwerty smartphone so this doesn't work for me. I also struggle with those phones numbers that are spelled out, or if I'm on a answering system that wants me to type in the name of the person I am trying to reach. The pains of progress I guess.
Jan 23, 2010

It's obvious this is a forged note.

No person would be able to write something like that before they die, and if they did the murderer would surely suspect something and would hide it.

So, since it's forged it can't tell us anything. This is impossible.
Jan 28, 2010

I, too, was too lazy to decipher the whole thing; but I did figure it out.
Jun 10, 2010

whew. I got it.
The first number represents the keypad on the phone, while the second represents the term of the first number.. right?
Jan 23, 2013

I do not own a cell phone so did not even try on my regular phone as it seemed too long to bother with.
Jan 23, 2013

It took me way too long to figure that one out. Loved the comments!

Jan 23, 2013

I thought the butler did it.
Jan 23, 2013

Since everybody sends text messages today,this was quite easy.
Jan 23, 2013

I agree with cutebug, didn't even have to look at my phone to solve it. Though chances are, even in 2007 when the teaser was written, that if he had a phone for business purposes, it would most likely be a blackberry (or similar phone) and would have had a keyboard so there would be no need to use the numpad to type the message.
Jan 23, 2013

Clever old concept but very badly converted into a story here. I'm pretty sure one of my ancient Encyclopedia Brown Mystery books had this one in it back in the seventies(?). Based on the word lengths I knew what the note said (there was only one possible suspect anyway) but I had a hard time making sense of the number string and what the punctuation meant to get the letters to match.

So this guy lays dying and concocts a ridiculous cipher to ID his killer? Then he hides the note so well the cops can't find it?

The story was unnecessarily clumsy.
Jan 24, 2013

Fun but very easy.
Nov 17, 2015

Solved in less than a minute.

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