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Crazy Cat Lady Cat Off

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#31039
Fun:*** (2.63)
Difficulty:** (1.7)
Submitted By:metallicman*us***
Corrected By:dolphingurl12




Cats! At the Crazy Cat Lady Cat Off in St. Paul, Minnesota, dozens of crazy cat ladies brought their pampered cats to participate in various events (most of which the cats would rather not do). Crazy cat lady after crazy cat lady entered their dozens of cats. Then, one seemingly crazy cat lady came to enter her polecat. The judges took one look at it and knew that it would never belong in the crazy cat lady cat off. What qualities does a polecat have that makes it impossible to belong in a cat off?

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Jun 12, 2006

ha ha thats cool

i had no idea though
Jun 12, 2006

Fascinating stuff.
Jun 12, 2006

In our neck o' the woods, a polecat is AKA skunk. Any way you take it, it's not a cat & it doesn't smell like one either! Nice teaser!
Jun 12, 2006

So, THAT'S what a polecat is???
Jun 12, 2006

great teaser
it would have been as bit hard 4 the people who dont live in that area
Jun 12, 2006

quite good. but i had no idea!
Jun 12, 2006

Nice one.
Jun 12, 2006

Another nice teaser. I enjoyed this.
Jun 12, 2006

Nice bit of trivia hidden in a crazy cat lady cat off charade conundrum. Easy, but so much fun!!
Jun 12, 2006

I knew that it wasn't a real cat, but I had no clue what it really was. Interesting...
Jun 14, 2006

Nice! This was fun!
Jun 15, 2006

yay i got it right!
Jun 20, 2006

I didn't get it right. it was a weird teaser. There wasn't much good about it.

Krista & Amanda
Jun 22, 2006

Haha, love it Tinman, in my favourites.
Jun 23, 2006

Funny!!! I had to do a report on weasles myself so I knew that FUNNY AGAIN!
Jul 21, 2006

This was a very good one for my 8 year old daughter! It took her a little while but she eventualy got it. At any rate, she loved it! Thanks!
Aug 22, 2006

Great teaser! I have also heard some men of disagreeable temperment and interests referred to as "nothing but a polecat". I don't mean to be sexist; I'm sure there are equally derogatory terms for women of that type.
Mar 13, 2008

AKA, a skunk!

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