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Time Zones 3

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#31088
Fun:*** (2.61)
Difficulty:** (1.65)
Submitted By:achnid*us****




How is it that you can cross a time zone and never need to change the time on your clocks?

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Jun 15, 2006

I was thinking of China, it spans five time zones but the government only recognizes one.
Jun 15, 2006

Or you can cross from California into Arizona between Spring and Fall because Arizona does not recognize Daylight Savings so California "catches up" during this time period but is still considered to be in a different time zone.
Jun 16, 2006

i was thinking....go over a time zone then go bak over iy.
Jul 03, 2006

Another solution would be to stand exactly on one of the poles, as then you would be in multiple time zones at once. This would guarantee that if your watch was correctly set to one time zone, it would have to be correct, because it would belong to all time zones.
Jul 09, 2006

Or it could be like your "Time Zones 2" teaser, where you cross during daylight savings...

Easy, but good job--on both "Time Zones"!!
Jul 14, 2006

that wouldn't work right. If you stood where all the time zones conected then you would end up being in the middle of the conections. There would actualy be 25 timezone radiating out from that spot like spokes on a bike tire.
Aug 18, 2006

I knew about the IDL!
Oct 02, 2006

This is more interesting than many think, If there is a -24h time zone and a +24 hour time zone then there must be 25 time zones, but how do you fit 25 time zones into a 24 hour day?

At first I thought that there must be a mistake in the question so I checked. I found that maps do infact show 25 time zones. So how do you fit 25 zones into 24 hours. The equator can be devided into 360 degrees so 1 hour is 15 degrees. The answer is that Greenwich is in the CENTRE or a time zone (Time zone Zulu) - It extends 7.5 degrees to the west and 7.5 degrees to the east. This means that the international date line is in the center of the time zone on the other side of the world. so the +24 time zone (Time Zone Mike) and the -24 hour time zone (Time Zone November) are only 7.5 degrees wide. So the question really is: Are the +24 hour time zone and -24 hour time zone different things or just part of a strange time zone with a date line in the middle. This I will let you decide.
Dec 06, 2006

There is also the case of Indiana. I've heard that parts of Indiana jump back and forth between central and eastern time zones instead of adjusting the clocks for daylght savings time. I still don't understand exactly how they do it across the state, but heres a link that somewhat explains it:
Feb 10, 2007

Or u could just get a self changing clock!
Jan 31, 2008

you can also do daylight savings time
Sep 20, 2009

Actually, this would only work for an analog clock or a 12-hour digital clock.
Dec 12, 2009

I figured that you would have to cross it when Daylight Savings Time ended or began, depending on where you were.

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