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Probability puzzles require you to weigh all the possibilities and pick the most likely outcome.


Puzzle ID:#31127
Fun:*** (2.4)
Difficulty:** (1.3)
Submitted By:horses_rock101Aus****
Corrected By:cnmne




Alexa likes strawberries, blueberries, and apples. She put bananas, apples, oranges, cherries, and blueberries into a basket. There are 36 fruits in the basket total. There are 7 bananas, 4 apples, 11 oranges, 8 cherries, and the rest blueberries. What is Alexa's chance of picking out a fruit that she likes?

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Jun 17, 2006

Wait, where does it say she likes bananas?
Jun 17, 2006

Answer needs to be edited from "bananas" to "blueberries".
Jun 20, 2006

Wait, where does it say she likes bananas?

The answer needs to be edited from "bananas" to "blueberries".

Amanda & Krista
Jun 23, 2006

ya kk, i think u ment to put blueberries not bananas, u never said she liked bananas, and that was kinnda *lame *cough*cough* , jk, but it was really easy. nice job though. (haha i just out that face because i think its funny... that ones funny too!
Jun 25, 2006

i ment to put bananas not blue berries
Jul 02, 2006

lol good one
Jul 06, 2006

you people r confusing me This makes perfect sense.
Mar 23, 2007

good one.
Apr 25, 2007

OK it was simple to add the fruits and come up with 6 blueberries.
So the math works the same 10/36.
The real problem is the human factor. There is NO WAY a person is reaching into a bowl, even if they arent looking, and mistaking a banana for a blueberrie or an apple. There for rule out the bananas -7.
Again no one mistakes an orange for either an apple or a blueberrie, -11.
Cherries are larger than bluberries and smaller than apples, -8.
Thats 26 out of 36 that she wont pick leaving only 10 that she likes and will pick.
The probability therefore is 100%.

Put simply if you put three people into a room what are the odds you will find yourself.
Aug 09, 2007

good teaser
Jul 29, 2008

Thought something wrong, bananas threw the #'s off.
food for thought though.
Dec 23, 2008

I came up with the same answer and reasoning as Eshootzi: 100%.
Jan 06, 2010

Nice one!!

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