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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#31170
Fun:*** (2.67)
Difficulty:*** (2.82)
Submitted By:froggyggAadminus**mod!!!




I wander about the land, never settling permanently in one place.
An unconventional way of life I live, at my own pace.

In my time, I struggled with a notorious and controlling mama flower.
And bloomed when you let me entertain you in my finest hour.

With the help of a small rodent who will point the way,
My system was the first to assist you with records and instruments throughout your day.

Although you might think I am harmless as I flit from here to there,
I can strip and weaken giants of their green covering, which they may wear.
When I am done, I leave behind a path of destruction and barren despair.

I was given by a famous dame with raven hair and beautiful violet eyes,
To an eccentric king who is known for telling you to beat it and often wears a disguise.

I can appear quite robotic in a mysterious and scientific realm and view,
And am quite the hostess during movie intermissions for which I was created to do.

My final clue is that of a short lived charter member who fought for justice in a league.
I am very good at blending in which adds to my intrigue.

If you have solved each of the clues I have given without err,
Tell me now; what is the name that we all share?

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Jun 17, 2006

I love it! Going to my favourites!
Jun 17, 2006

I agree. This is a very good teaser. Of course, I might be a little prejudiced. It's still going in my favorites though.
Jun 17, 2006

i liked it froggy ceep it up
Jun 17, 2006

I love it, especially the reference to my most favorite of all robots. Great teaser Frogger!
Jun 17, 2006

Loverlyy Mummyy. Nicelyy writteny! Hardy oney tooy!
Jun 17, 2006

Thanks everyone for the great comments and I'm glad you liked my teaser.

PunnettSwears, thanks for putting this in your favorites!

Sgt and cb123 I thought you would both like this one!

Glad you liked the robot reference irish - I knew you would.

ziggyy, thanky youy daughtery fory they greaty commenty yety oncey againy!
Jun 17, 2006

Very nice riddle. I didn't get it but I was getting close when I folded and looked at the answer. I was trying to think more of a "proper" name for a classic hero/heroine. Good job !!
Jun 21, 2006

Very well written. I truly did love this one Diva! Going to my Favs!!!
Jun 21, 2006

Thanks KK! I'm really glad you liked it - it was fun seeing how many things share this name, and I didn't even list them all! Thanks for adding it to your favorites.
Jun 26, 2006

thought it was pandoras box it destroys coitys
Apr 28, 2007

Great job, Froggy and so much information about one I might have been in a previous life. For some reason or another I always felt connected with them.
Jun 15, 2007

Never would have guessed it...
Jul 17, 2007

Great teaser- I loved it though it was as difficult as it was fun (perhaps more so...)!!
Jul 17, 2007

Thanks guys for the great comments. I know it was a little harder than my usual, but I found it interesting that all shared the name Gypsy.

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