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Breaking Curfew

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#3143
Fun:** (2.1)
Difficulty:** (1.87)
Submitted By:204_blaze_41****
Corrected By:sdm1177




The coach of the college baseball team, Mike Buck, was checking the residence grounds to be certain his players were in by curfew. Suddenly, he heard a loud crash and turned to catch a glimpse of a man running into the residence. Buck thought it was his star right-handed pitcher, James Macullah, but he couldn't be sure. Buck went to James' room and opened the door. James stood in the middle of the room, his right leg in his pants and his left leg out. James, looking at the wristwatch on his left arm said, "I heard a loud crash and was getting dressed to see what happened", he stammered. "Forget the bull," said Buck, "I'm certain it was you who just ran in here. For that little caper, you won't be playing tomorrow." How could Buck be so certain it was James who had been out after curfew?

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Apr 04, 2002

not necesarily.... i'm a lefty but i start with my left....
Apr 27, 2002

very weak, many left handed people do things the same as right handed. it would surprise me too find that many right handed people get dressed the same way as lefties.
May 24, 2002

i am a righty and i put my right leg in first
Jan 29, 2003

I put either leg in first; it just depends on the situation.
Jun 26, 2003

I thought it was due to his checking his watch, somewhat guiltily when he said that he was just getting dressed. Most people I know do not wear their watch while sleeping.
Aug 15, 2003

Thats not a good teaser, because people do things differently. I'm a rightie but I don't always put the same leg in first every time.
Dec 22, 2003

I was thinking the answer would be that he still had his shoes on. It would have better, at any rate. On a random side note, I am right handed, and as an experiment, I tried switching which leg goes in first when putting on my pants. I discovered that I do much prefer putting in my left leg first. Also, I always put my left arm in my jacket first. Not that any of you cares...
Mar 25, 2004

I am left-handed. I put my left leg in the pants first, but with a shirt, I go right first (arm that is).
Jul 11, 2005

I got this right away, but only because it's a thinly-veiled recasting of an old puzzle. I read an earlier version around 1970.
Jul 11, 2005

"thinly-veiled recasting of an old puzzle"

Right, once again, nobody cares that you "show off" your stupid big words, and also, nobody cares that you've read this before....

Good Teaser got me thinking
Nov 27, 2005

Re; fishmed, my watch stays on my wrist, except for washing et c, 24/7. I'm right-handed, could not put trousers on left leg first or shirt on left arm first for a gold clock!
Oct 16, 2006

I'm right handed and I don't always put on the left leg of my pants first. I don't like this teaser, sorry.
Jul 30, 2007

As I read the comments for this teaser, I am reminded that Braingle discourages excessively negative posts, why is it then that anyone who critiques a teaser is labelled as being negative and is thus subjected to flaming of all sorts? Is that not excessively negative? Why can authors and users alike not simply accept criticism like mature human beings? I would advise prudence in phrasing your criticism, so as to spare unneeded offense, but we must also accept that not every teaser and/or quiz is "brilliant." That being said, this quiz does have holes in it's logic, but the spirit of it is valid, as is the attempt. Also, MANY of the teasers on this site are rewordings of others, it would be hard to hold everyone to the same standard at this point.

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