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Country Scramble 2

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#31451
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:** (1.95)
Submitted By:chidam11Ain***!!!
Corrected By:ThinksForFun




Unscramble these five word jumbles and use the instructions given next to them to form the name of a country which is a jumble of those letters.

1. KERWC. Take the 1st and 2nd letter.
2. LZEA. Take the 1st, 2nd and the 4th letter.
3. KURNT. Take the 1st and the 4th letter.
4. IASB. Take the 2nd and 3rd letter.
5. SUKD. Take the 1st and 3rd letter.

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Jun 30, 2006

These are always fun! Not too easy, not to hard.
Jul 05, 2006

I love it!! Though, even with all the right letters, and pretty much knowing the answer, I still couldn't figure out the right way to spell ......
Jul 10, 2006

kinda hard
Sep 25, 2006

Isn't LAZE a word? It's hard to figure this out when you can't even get the original unscrambling right!

I'll own the next one!
Sep 25, 2006

I got the five words ...then got stuck wondering how to spell New Zealand. Couldn't come up with Switzerland even after I read the hint!
Sep 25, 2006

i got all the clues but didn't get the country. i was feeling really smart and the really stupid this was lots and fun terriffic teaser. hope i spelled that right

Sep 25, 2006

Great puzzle! Yes, LAZE is a word, but having a choice of two words in that one spot made the puzzle more interesting!! I worked around it and found that ZEAL was the word needed. Fun!
Sep 25, 2006

Rats got all but Bias. I did figure out "switzerland" that was a snowboarder.

Sep 25, 2006

Good teaser, though I got switzerland after just unscrambling the first two and looking at "wrzel"
Sep 25, 2006

Didn't get this one. I'm really bad with scrambled words.
Sep 25, 2006

I didn't get this one, but I came close. I was also trying to get New Zealand, but couldn't fit the t in there. Fun teaser. Next time.....
Sep 25, 2006

YOu know what, I really like that one. It had a lot of flavor and pizaz!!! Oh yeah!!!
Sep 25, 2006

Chidam 1 - jabdr 0. I let laze screw me up . Fun though.
Sep 25, 2006

Good teaser, had my mind ticking like a Swiss watch, just glad it wasn't Germany. Switzerland was the wealthiest country in Europe and still one of the costliest. Good chocolate ain't cheap.
Sep 25, 2006

its boring and they didnt explain the directions right Its not nearly as fun i say below boring
Sep 25, 2006

Once I realized that the country would require a W & a Z, my gray matter got a workout.
Sep 25, 2006

Very outstanding teaser! I had to use the hint, and the answer fell right into place. Relaxing enough to be fun! Keep up the dynamic work.
Sep 25, 2006

I enjoyed it and I got it solved That added too my enjoyment, but the teaser was a brain workout -not too hard though especially since I just got up.!!! Thx
Sep 25, 2006

I guess "azle" isn't a word after all. But it is a city in Texas.
And I still got it right.
Sep 25, 2006

I, too, got lost in New Zealand for a minute. Nice.
Sep 25, 2006

unscrambling the listed words was easy. Coming up with the country was a little harder as I had fixated on New Zealand, but there was a 'T" in the name. Finally, I figured it out.
Sep 25, 2006

I disagree about the second word which could be unscrambled as laze or zeal. I think you should only be able to unscramble a word in one way. What if every word could be unscframbled in more than one way, and how would you know this was the case or not? You'd have to consider so many variables, it would be next to impossible, not to mention no fun. But that's just my opinion.
Sep 25, 2006

This was easy! I got it on my FIRST try (which is also a first ). I loved the puzzle, very fun.
Sep 25, 2006

I loved this one. I got all the clues but couldn't figure out Switzerland yikes!
Sep 25, 2006

More alternatives to an anagram word make the teaser challenging! This one was a very good one. Thanks - I enjoyed it!
Sep 25, 2006

Love it it was fun and very informative Thank you.
Sep 25, 2006

Too easy. Completed in about 12 seconds.
Sep 25, 2006

Sep 25, 2006

Sep 25, 2006

A good one for sure...
Sep 26, 2006

Good Job!
Sep 26, 2006

Good fun but I think 12 seconds is a bit short to unscramble the words, select the letters and rearrange the into Switzerland. Once you got LAND, it was easy.
Sep 26, 2006

what was with the info at the bottom?

oh well .....good one
Sep 26, 2006

Nice job chidam11. I thought it weas a lot of fun. And I did get all of it without looking at the clue. But of course next time I will probably completely fail. More please?
Sep 27, 2006

Sep 27, 2006

way to easy
Sep 28, 2006

Awesome!! I admit I started to worry when I saw both LAZE and ZEAL, but the fact that two of the three letters that are used in the scramble really helped. In the end I thought it added nicely to the challenge.

I don't know exactly how I got Switzerland, especially since I had a "Z or A" as one of my 11 letters, but after DIANTSLERWA... LAWRENTSIDA... RAWTSDINZEL... it just came to me. Yay me!
May 20, 2007

I absolutly loved it! Great Job! I love word jumbles and geography so these teasers are right up my alley! I got all the unscrambles correct and when I saw the letters to be used for the country I felt overwhelmed! But then I said to myself, "Come on you can do it!" And I got it faster than I thought! For some reason I always get the correct unscrambling and never even think of the other options.

As to nsamitgirls or whatever your name is, What is your problem?! Grow up!
Oct 20, 2007

2 E-Z

I had fun anyway
Sep 25, 2009

Also tried to guess New Zealand, but saw the letters weren't right. After I got it, and looked at the answer, I skimmed the explanation, looking for the correct answer. When I saw "WRZELTNAIDS", I was THIS CLOSE to submitting a "correct this teaser"!! Good thing I kept reading..... haha!!
Sep 25, 2009

Easy as eating a chunk of SWISS cheese,but not quite as good.
Sep 25, 2009

EZ PZ. Knew afte zeal it was either Swaziland(no longer a country is it?, New Zealand, Mozambique, or Switzerland. Fun teaser!!
Sep 25, 2009

Very easy, but fun just the same. I like jumbles and sometimes get the final answer before I finish unscrambling the first words.
Had fun, and loved all the comments.
Sep 25, 2009

sound of music is my fv movie
Sep 25, 2009

Ha, nice1!!
Sep 25, 2012

Easy suits me fine. I liked it even if it took a short time to solve. FUN!
Sep 25, 2012

After I got 'wrzeltniads', I said 'New Zealand'. Nice teaser.
Sep 25, 2012

Nice and eZZZZZZ
Sep 25, 2015

Fun, but easy. Only had to solve the first two words to solve the jumble, there are not many countries that are 10 letters long and have a W and Z in their name.
Then used that to check my other answers.
Sep 25, 2015

I'm glad I didn't think of laze or I never would have gotten it either. These are easy but I do like doing them- Good Job!

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