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The Shining

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#31517
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (1.38)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****




I with borrowed silver shine,
What you see is none of mine.
First I show you but a quarter,
like the bow that guards the Tartar;
Then the half, and then the whole,
ever dancing around the pole;
And true it is, I chiefly owe
my beauty to the shades below.

Who am I?

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Jul 04, 2006

Yay!!! I almost never get the right answer for these kinds of teasers!
Jul 04, 2006

Very easy, but beautifully written.
Jul 04, 2006

great poem and it is VERY good for a teaser
Jul 04, 2006

Thank you for your kind comments. They are much appreciated.
Jul 05, 2006

That was great and had me guessing all the way.
Jul 05, 2006

I thought the title had something to do with the movie, but boy was I wrong!
Jul 06, 2006

the answer was the moon
and it came very soon
but I liked how it was written
it purred just like a kitten

Jul 13, 2006

If I had botherd to think about it I may have guesed it. o well.
Jul 26, 2006

the first two lines did it for me. it was a great riddle, though.
Jul 26, 2006

Thank you
Jul 30, 2006

Beautifully written!
Aug 12, 2007

Very nice teaser! I liked the poem!

Aug 14, 2007

Congrats on TOTD! This is very nice - you really should write more riddles.
Aug 14, 2007

I usually don't like these kinds of riddles, but I got it with the first 3 lines. Nicely written.
Aug 14, 2007

Beautifully written teaser, though painfully easy. THe first line gave it to me.
Aug 14, 2007

That was a great riddle! Thanks.
Aug 14, 2007

i got the right answer, but don't understand parts of the verse -- e.g. tartar? shades below?
Aug 14, 2007

Awesome!!! I didn't get it...but it was very well written. Great job!!!
Aug 14, 2007

So easy I got it from the first line, but very well written.
Aug 14, 2007

Anyone got a clue what is "the bow that guards the Tartar?"
Aug 14, 2007

Can't answer that Feste. I did get the correct answer to the riddle, and I liked the wording. It was quite easy but beautifully written.
Aug 14, 2007

Well written, I got it right away!!
Aug 14, 2007

Shouldn't people be giving credit to the poets who originally wrote this stuff? Jonathan Swift wrote this. It is beutifully written. Good job Mr. Swift.
Aug 14, 2007

great teaser.very well written.and who cares who wrote the fricken poem.
Aug 14, 2007

Loved It - Thought the comment by Shaz was great should be a poet and doest even know it!!
Aug 14, 2007

That's true, I looked it up. But I liked it no matter who wrote it, and I never would have known this poem if Jazz hadn't adpated it to this teaser. I did get it fast, except I too didn't understand, either here or in the original poem, what are the "shades below"? And, what is the "bow of the Tartar"? Those made me wonder if the answer was as clear as it seemed at first.

Thanks for the nice and fun teaser, Jazzmusician! one of my fave Brainglers!
Aug 14, 2007

i like the way it is written... i couldnt guess it though... oh well great teaser!!
Aug 14, 2007

nice teaser.
i got it, therefore I loved it
Aug 14, 2007

very nice teaser!
Aug 14, 2007

Well it wasn't THAT easy! I thought it was a SUNDIAL!

Shine not its own (sun gleam), shows quarter, half and whole (quarter hour, half hour, full sun of midday), dancing round pole (pole in center of sundial) and shades below...

Good teaser!
Aug 14, 2007

Wonderful!!! Clap, clap, clap.
Aug 14, 2007

Good Job
Aug 14, 2007

Good Job
Aug 14, 2007


I loved it. Got the answer easily but your poetry stirred me.

I'll add this to my collection if U
don't mind.

NICE (Very Visual) Thanx
Aug 14, 2007

Aug 14, 2007

The first two lines mostly gave it away, and I took a guess.
Aug 14, 2007

Am I the only one who guessed stripper? *blush*
Aug 14, 2007

I really like this one. Well put together.
Aug 14, 2007

I loved the way it was worded. It was so beautiful. Then the answer the moon just fit right in perfectly.
Great teaser.

Aug 14, 2007

Loved this one! The quarter, half and whole gave it to me...but even then I wasn't sure because I didn't understand the meaning of the other phrases (except for the area below..) Thanks for a good teaser.
Aug 14, 2007

The shades below..not area
Aug 14, 2007

not sure about the "shades below" but "the bow that guards the Tartar" refers to the shape of the quarter moon (or maybe a near-quarter) It's shaped lie an archer's bow, like the short bows that Attila the Hun's Tartars used when they terrorized Europe.
(user deleted)
Aug 14, 2010 works just as well for "kaleidoscope," which was my guess.

The "beauty to the shades below" fits especially well, as does "dancing around the pole."
Aug 14, 2010

I got this one right away, and then I realized I had seen it before. Still a good one.
Aug 14, 2010

Very much enjoyed this one. Thanks.
Aug 14, 2010

First two lines, awesome!
Third line completely gave it away.
Overall well-written.
Good job but next time try to make it a little less obvious.
Thanks and All the best!
Aug 14, 2010

Easy and well-written. Now I know what a "tartar's bow" is.
Aug 14, 2010

I learned another thing - who wrote it. "Shades below" could mean the shadows below. Or don't shades mean souls sometimes? Either one fits, I think.
Aug 15, 2010

Maybe shades below is talking about the moons shadow on the Earth during a solar eclipse
Aug 24, 2013

Nice job! I got this one because I used to be an astronaut.
Aug 24, 2013

I just can't give credit to jazzmusician when Jonathan Swift wrote it and I do not like it when people take credit for someone else's work. It would have been admirable to say "Quote from Jonathan Swift." Strictly my opinion!
Aug 24, 2013

I too found this teaser exceptionally easy, but like both Babe and jtoupence pointed out, it is plagiarized. I first read this poetic riddle as a very young child.

The poster made no attempt to offer credit to its source (which is required by the rules) nor did he or she correct anyone offering kudos on writing such a good poem.

Congrats Mr Swift on having the "Teaser of the Day" THREE TIMES since your death (268 years ago).
Aug 24, 2013

Well, Babe you are out of line in your remark. Jazz submitted it, he never said or took credit for writing it. Think before you put somebody down.
This is my comeback for all the times you post bad remarks about others.
Aug 24, 2013

I like the poem, but it was too easy (I got it from the first line). Still, a very good riddle!
Aug 24, 2013

It was a good teaser. I got it, but a half and full moon are the same thing. The quarter moon is actually when half the circle we see is lit, named so because we see a quarter of the moon lit up. It could also be referred to as a half moon, I suppose, but a half moon doesn't exist. Good teaser anyway!
Aug 24, 2013

Also, I think the 'shades below' thing just means it's night.
Aug 26, 2013

@Cutebug - By submitting it without specifying the original source, Jazz is passing it off as his own. Even if he is doing it unintentionally, it is the very definition of plagiarism.
Aug 30, 2016

I got it
Aug 30, 2016

Fun and easy teaser; it did not take long for me to figure out.

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