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Word Pairs

These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#31575
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:*** (2.65)
Submitted By:cnmne*us*****




Each word from Group A can be paired with a different word from Group B, creating ten pairs. The pairings are all created using the same reasoning. What are the pairings? What is the link?

Group A: come, dark, early, easy, in, left, slow, strikeout, tall, win
Group B: eat, find, heavy, living, open, run, safe, soft, stop, wrong

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Jul 06, 2006

An example would have been nice.
Jul 06, 2006

U r the dog!
Jul 07, 2006

Yeah, an example would have made it easier.
Jul 13, 2006

I agree-an example would have helped.
Aug 15, 2006

Very clever idea. Unfortunately it's not an idea easily repeated.

The teaser was to figure out the relationship (antonyms) and then pair them up. How could you make an example for that?
Oct 24, 2006

This one was fun
Jun 06, 2008

Fantastic teaser. Got all of them except tall open (obviously, I knew the pair, but couldn't figure out the connection)
Mar 25, 2009

An example in the instructions would have given it away, but it would have been nice to have a hint.
Mar 25, 2009

Nice job. I just think the following 2 clues aren't the strongest.

early LATE living
(This would really depend on one's personal beliefs)

tall SHORT open
(short & open - electrical circuit) This would totally depend on one's accumen related to cicruitr)

I only mention these because the other clues are more general.
Mar 25, 2009

I was out in left field on this one.
Mar 25, 2009

That's brilliant!
Mar 25, 2009

great teaser!!!
Mar 25, 2009

I don't usually agree with doehead, but this time we're in the same ballpark.
Mar 25, 2009

Not my cup of tea. I really needed a hint or example.
Mar 25, 2009

Once I took a random guess (easy & soft), the rest were easy! But it was awesome! Thank you! I use too many exclamation points!

Oh, and I must agree with the "tall & open" one - that one was hard! I only got it by elimination.
Mar 25, 2009

I personally thought it was hard. How is fast an antonym of eat?
Apr 02, 2009

I don't understand this teaser at all. So I have to say it is hard, but thanks for posting.

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