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Bark At The Moon

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#32197
Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:*** (2.88)
Submitted By:Fhqwhgads*us****




What emotion is an anagram of a homonym of an antonym of a homonym of an anagram of wolf?

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Jul 31, 2006

Gonna go to my faves!

Yay! First one!!
Jul 31, 2006

Darn it! Got it wrong. Antonym of foul I was certain was sweet. I was thinking foul as in nasty rather than foul ball. Next time...
Aug 02, 2006

I started with flow... need more coffee...
Aug 04, 2006

I was way off base on this one but good job
Dec 31, 2006

I got this one and can't believe I did. I love the backwards sequence! Could my name have anything to do with it? Good teaser!
(user deleted)
Dec 31, 2006

These aren't homonyms; homonyms are spelled and pronounced EXACTLY alike, but with different meanings. Such as "quail"-the bird and the verb. Homophones are what are used here.... sound the same but spelled slightly different.
Dec 31, 2006

Wow I loved this teaser, but it was really hard, I agree with erkgirl, so I was a little miffed with the homonym thing.
Dec 31, 2006

Whew! I had to take a deep breath on that one. Way to go.
Dec 31, 2006

"Homonyms are, in the strictest sense, both homophones and homographs, alike in spelling and pronunciation, as the two forms bear. Homonym, however, is used more frequently than homophone, a technical term, when referring to words with the same pronunciation without regard to spelling. Homonym is also used as a synonym of homograph. Thus, it has taken on a broader scope than either of the other two terms and is often the term of choice in a nontechnical context."
Dec 31, 2006

Hmm, I'd neverknown a pair of homonyms could be spelled the same! I use the term homophone easily enough (I construct Cryptic crossword puzzles), but the term for two words with the same spelling but distinctly different meanings (like fair being light-skinned, evenhanded, or a carnival) was graphonym, and they were expressly NOT homonyms. And then there are the heteronyms, like "I'm content with the content of this post."
Dec 31, 2006

Loved this one!! It made the brain work a little but it was solvable....and fun. More of these, please!!!!
Dec 31, 2006

HUH?? You sure lost me.
Dec 31, 2006

This is and was fun! Quit worrying about the other comments, and make a comment toward the teaser. If you work long enough on any given words, you should be able to find a few appropriate words to fit this condition Keep up the totally awesome work! I enjoyed it, immensely!
Dec 31, 2006

Homonyms are spelled the same, this one used homophones. Sorry, I don't think they can be interchanged, but good puzzle anyway. I will pass it on with corrections!
Dec 31, 2006

I'll give this a try once I learn the diff between homonyms, homophones & homographs. All very thoght provoking.
Dec 31, 2006

Very good teaser. I've been visiting this site a lot lately and this is one of the best I have seen (but I did like the chemistry one as well). What would be the point of doing an anagram of a word spelled the same?

I will continue to enjoy this site.
Dec 31, 2006

I thought this was great.Something like grated cheese that slipped though the grates of my mind and never grated on my nerves. It got me smiling - which is a good thing
Dec 31, 2006

This is my second comment - but I had to comment on the comments. Reading THEM is half the fun! Now let the New Year commence.
Dec 31, 2006

I like this teaser because I love working with words. By the way, homophones sound alike, homographs are spelled alike, and they all fall under the category of homonyms. (Use your dictionary!)
I believe we've had this discussion before.
Dec 31, 2006

Good one!!
Dec 31, 2006

Nice one! Unique and confusingly fun!
Dec 31, 2006

Very good teaser. I got it right, but I needed a thesaurus to get the antonym of foul.
Dec 31, 2006

I enjoyed this one. Quick & easy, but very fun! Even a little bit of a tie-in with the title, wolf, and fear. Well done!
Dec 31, 2006

How weird. I thought, there are several antonyms to FOUL, and homonym and homophone mean differently, right? (See above.) However, a little imagination and I was able to get it, not to mention that I've been wrong before.
Dec 31, 2006

Oh yeah, and I thought how cool it was to have such a compact, yet challenging, teaser.
Dec 31, 2006

I thought of "fear" right away but I ended up getting the answer by going from the last word back to the first. I was taught eons ago that homonyms sound alike but are spelled differently. All the comments on the other homo... types were quite confusing.
Dec 31, 2006

Fantastic teaser. Keep them coming!
Dec 31, 2006

great teaser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep them comming
Dec 31, 2006

That was great!
Jan 01, 2007

the first one i got by myself!!!
Jan 02, 2007

Wow, that was great fun!! I was so intrigued about what the solution would be, and now I'm feeling chilled that I was actually in search of FEAR all along.

But I started with FLOW like someone else above, and then of course I couldn't find an antonym for FLOE. My sister, who is visiting this week, noticed that the WOLF was also hiding FOWL, and we gleefully progressed from there. I eventually thought of baseball FOUL and its antonym FAIR, though immediately after that I thought of Frodo's comment about how if Strider was a spy he would "seem fairer and feel fouler".
Jan 04, 2007

i could'nt keep that one straight in my mind long enough to figure it out.
Jan 05, 2007

i love this....more please!!!
Jan 08, 2007

it was challenging since i ament good at word things
but fun
nice teaser keep then comming
Jan 09, 2007

I'm barking and my High School English teacher mom is laughing at my complete ineptitude at solving this teaser I learned alot by reading the answer. Txs for the mind-blower
Jan 11, 2007

Yay! got it right! great teaser!
Jan 17, 2007

Great job. More please?
Mar 29, 2007

Kind of confusing but still good.
Mar 29, 2007

Kind of confusing but still good.
Sep 14, 2008

That was fun!
Sep 14, 2008

That was fun!
Dec 31, 2009

Antonym of new is old,just like this teaser.
Dec 31, 2009

This teaser was just plain wrong. Homonyms are two words that are spelled the same but have two different meanings. Fowl and foul are heterographs.
Dec 31, 2009

Fowl is defined by the webster dictionary as
1 : a bird of any kind

Foul is defined by the webster dictionary as
1 a : offensive to the senses

They mean different things. They are homenyms.
Dec 31, 2009

That was EXCELLENT! How did you ever think of such a puzzle?
Dec 31, 2009

I got flow and bogged down. Never thought of fowl.
Dec 31, 2009

Oh, this one hurt my brain. Great sequencing though! Good job!
Sep 23, 2011

Dec 11, 2011

That's a good one. I picked the wrong antonym of foul so I got lost.
Dec 31, 2012

I did not even try!
Dec 31, 2012

Only got up to 'foul'. Nice teaser.
Dec 31, 2012

XD I got it using common sense. I saw all of that homo, syno, anto, confusion and was like....duuuuuuuh.
Wolf = Fear. Then i looked at the answer and boom bam, I got it.
Best teaser i ever read, for the sheer compact size and level of challenge.
Dec 31, 2012

Even though I am a "Wolf" I "fear" I didn't get it!
Dec 31, 2012

HA HA gailwolf that was funny. I didn't get it either. I usually don't but it took some thinking to make this one up.
Dec 31, 2012

I like this kind of puzzle and usually do well with them - but - I got as far as an anagram of wolf = flow, and was stuck right there! Ended up just looking up the answer - /really great puzzle regardless of how far off I was!!
Jan 01, 2013

I missed the first 'anagram of' so only got as far as 'fare'. References to 'homonym' should be corrected to 'homophone' to avoid confusion. For example:

row (to propel a boat) and row (a line of objects) are homonyms. They have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings.

row (to propel a boat) and row (to argue) are homographs. They have the same spelling but different pronunciations and meanings.

row (to propel a boat) and rho (the Greek letter) are homophones. They sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings.

Fair/fare and fowl/foul are therefore homphones, not homonyms.
Dec 31, 2015 2006 you said you got it and in 2012 you say you did not. Why, I am wondering, is that? You are usually good at these things. Just curious. I did not even try as I said in 2012. Tee Hee!
Dec 31, 2015

easy and fun; once you figured out the homonym/homophone thing
Dec 31, 2015

EZ just start at the end and work backwards. This was FUN!
Dec 31, 2015

Babe, your comment made me laugh! I guess I'm just losing it! LOL Happy New Year everyone
Jan 18, 2016

You're all weird...

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