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Which Bottle?

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#32240
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:*** (2.39)
Submitted By:medster99*
Corrected By:medster99




You are stuck in a room. All that is there is a slip of paper on a table, and many bottles. The only exit is guarded by a heat sensor that will not let you out. The only way out is to drink one of the bottles' contents, and the liquid will cool down your body heat (with no harm to yourself) enough so that the heat sensor doesn't detect you anymore. There are nine bottles on the ground beyond the table. The content of the slip of paper will tell you what each of the bottles are. Find out what all the bottles are, and then find out which one to drink to get out.

Three of me are poison, and will kill you if you drink.
Two of me are water, nothing bad will happen with these.
Two of me are wine, and it will only get you drunk.
One will heat you up forever, and this room will never let you out. (hinder)
Only one here will help you, it will cool down your body heat.
No medium bottles are poison.
Wine is bad in large doses, so none are large.
Each of the end bottles have the same contents.
No matter how help hides, it will be on poison's left side, but its left side is safe.
No two small bottles are the same.
The hinderer is harder, for it resides between wine and water.
The hinder bottle is large, so it works forever.
Neither big nor medium will save your life.
Poison is all you will get from the bottle on the far right.
Water is next to the helper.

Bottle Order:


Only the middle bottle will save your life.


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Aug 02, 2006

Sounds like a job for Hermione Granger.
Aug 02, 2006

Yeah, but I can't believe I got this right! Great one! It's going to my faves!
Aug 02, 2006

I just got the sudden urge to go read Harry Potter.
Aug 02, 2006

I actually found this quite easy...Really fun though! I agree with the person above me, this is going in my favorites.
Aug 02, 2006

But I couldn't get past the giant chess set...
Aug 02, 2006

Yes yes, ok, I admit it. I did get the idea from Harry Potter. But the riddle is not the same. And for the chess set, just move your knight to E7
Aug 03, 2006

i've never tried this kind of teaser before. So this was really tricky for me, had to make this weird chart thing on paper. lol. In the end I got it right though, and it was a lot of fun!
Aug 03, 2006

I got thrown off by "The two bottles at the end are the same.
". Maybe the first and last bottle are the same...or the two bottles on the ends are the same....???
Aug 03, 2006

I agree the bottles at end reference made it sound like they where adjacent not on oposite ends. Otherwise it was still fun.
Aug 03, 2006

Agree...should read "2 bottles at the endS are the same" - took me a while - great teaser. Logics are my favorite
Aug 05, 2006

its quite hard
Aug 07, 2006

I just got bottles 4 and 5 mixed up, but other than that i think i did pretty good.
Aug 09, 2006

I pulled up the comments to make mention of the same confusion regarding the end bottles:
"The two bottles at either end are the same."
That had 3 possibilities: either a total of 4 bottles were alike- the two from the far left were the same as the two on the far right -or- the 2 bottles on the far right are the same as each other AND the 2 bottles on the left are the same as each other -or- the one bottle on each end is the same as the other end.

I think it should read "Each of the end bottles has the same contents."

This was a super fun teaser other than the confusion.
Aug 14, 2006

awesome teaser. I bet it took a long time to come up with. nice job
Aug 15, 2006

Alice had it bottle...drink me. Good taser.
Aug 20, 2006

I am amazed I actually got this right!!! It took me awhile but I finnaly got it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 29, 2006

Good one! It must have taken you some time to come up with... Good job!
Sep 25, 2006

great, even its lengthy...
Oct 13, 2006

this one's easier that 2.39 (at this time)

much easier than that

great fun though.
Jan 04, 2007

Too easy. Nice verses, but you gave it away.
Nov 13, 2013

Not a bad teaser, am I the only one that thinks this is altered from the potion riddle in Harry Potter? Awesome teaser though, threw me for a loop.
Nov 10, 2016

What about?

Water- Help- Poison- Wine- Poison- Poison- Wine- Hinder- Water

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