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Round Like a Circle, Deep Like a Cup

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#32348
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:** (1.12)
Submitted By:IMCUL4E*us***




Round like a circle,
deep like a cup.
Yet all the King's horses
could not pull it up.

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Aug 08, 2006

This was a good one, but I think that this was a little to easy, but that's ok.

Yay! First one!LOL
Aug 08, 2006

Altough easy, I loved it!
Aug 08, 2006

The hint made it too easy, but it was still great!
Aug 08, 2006

Came to me straight away. Is this a re-writing of a classic riddle by any chance?

(I'm getting scenes from the ring going through my head now.)
Aug 09, 2006

I must be missing something- what have the Kings horses got to do with a well?
Aug 10, 2006

well, i mean, it's just a rhyme, but can you think of anything that can pull up a well? it's just to make the riddle more specific.(so it can't just be a glass of water)
Aug 10, 2006

this isn't from the ring or anything, but my friend Kristen is really into riddles and she gave me a few. most are already here, though. and thanks for the great comments, guys! this is my 1st teaser.
Aug 11, 2006

Glad to see your wish for a first riddle was granted! Hope there are more to follow. Thanks!
Aug 11, 2006

Well now this is a deep subject for your first teaser...congrads...and that goes with it. In a Mickey Mouse cartoon a giant did pulled up a well for a drink.

Good One.
Aug 12, 2006

(lol "DEEP subject")
well, now, i didn't think of giants! lol
Aug 13, 2006

and all the kings men
shall drink from it then

Aug 15, 2006

i really liked it good one

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