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Three Word Rhyme

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#32796
Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:** (1.76)
Submitted By:Hana_Kimi*us*****




Find a rhyme for each word below so you end up with a familiar three-word phrase in the form "__, __, and __"

Clue = "Took, Sign, Blinker"
Answer = "Hook, Line, and Sinker"

1. Flop, Crook, Glisten
2. Pin, Brace, Though
3. Versed, Beckoned, Heard
4. Leg, Sorrow, Wheel
5. Bawl, Park, Ransom
6. Sprawl, Tedium, Barge
7. Trap, Shackle, Top


1. Stop, Look, and Listen
2. Win, Place, and Show
3. First, Second, and Third
4. Beg, Borrow, and Steal
5. Tall, Dark, and Handsome
6. Small, Medium, and Large
7. Snap, Crackle, and Pop


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Sep 02, 2006

Amazingly wild teaser! When repeating these, the answers will pop into your head Addictive commercials make these easy for individuals who watch too many ads or listen to radio constantly. Isn't it wild, the way ads have converted our senses?
Sep 02, 2006

Ditto! I was thinking how interesting that there are so many phrases that come in threes - probably 'cuz they catch our attention & are easy to remember, like "stop, drop, & roll."
Sep 03, 2006

Had never heard of Win, place and show, but I sure had fun solving the others. Fun teaser!
Sep 11, 2006

This was fun! Wild threesomes - had trouble with the horserace one also. Guess I haven't been to the track enough! Great Job!
Sep 17, 2006

I saw this exact same thing in Readers Digest. did you get it from there cause i was a good one?
Oct 04, 2006

I loved this! I just repeated the words over and over until I got it, really fun!

I didn't get the second one though!!
Oct 29, 2006

I loved it!!!
Thanks keep them coming
Oct 29, 2006

This teaser is awesome... i didnt get the first second and third one or the show one... damn, i tried my best!
this teaser, i say once again... is AWESOME!!!
Oct 29, 2006

Oct 29, 2006

Good ones.. I have seen similar ones elsewhere before.. good job if u really made up some of them.. I didn't get 2 & 7; the rest were easy.
Oct 29, 2006

awesome! superfun! i especially liked the first second and third.
Oct 29, 2006

Very well done teaser...thanks for sharing it.
Oct 29, 2006

IMURRAY, You're summarily a crab. Good teaser. Thoughtful and well done.
Oct 29, 2006

I had fun, and, I GOT EM ALL!!! yayness!!!

It was much harder than I thought it would be, and, I too got a little hung up on the second, but got it after awhile.

I was wondering about others. Someone above said "stop, drop, and roll", how about:
oh, I should encode these:

Stinkin', Thinkin', Plod
Stood, Sad, Snugly
Goats, Cheese, Scenes

Well, Im sure those won't be so hard, but I couldn't resist trying to come up with some of my own. Gosh, there really ARE so many "groups of three"! Thanks for the fun teaser!

Oh, did I tell ya I GOT EM ALL?!
(yeah, I know)
Oct 29, 2006

that was lame
Oct 29, 2006

i have one complaint on this teaser and its that the words though and show dont rhyme like all the others do
Oct 29, 2006

though and show do rhyme maybe youare thinking of tough or thou?

good teaser
Oct 29, 2006

Can't imagine why anyone would have a negative comment about this teaser. It Was fun, not too hard, not too easy, made you think. That's the reason I come to this site, to work my brain. This teaser did just that. Thanks for sharing this great teaser.
Oct 29, 2006

What fun! I got them by just saying the words without the initial sound and then it immediately reminded me of the correct phrase.
I enjoyed yours, too, shawneo.
Oct 29, 2006

Nice. Never heard of the second one, though..
Oct 29, 2006

Congrats on ToD I still like this one. It is so fun and this time I did get the horse race. Nice job
Oct 29, 2006

Liked it.
Oct 29, 2006

i'm new and i liked it....a have a famous one: flake tattle soul

can you use another conjunction word like"or"

how about stiffs, hands, mutts

this is fun!
Oct 29, 2006

I got the first ones quickly but stalled on the last. Would you believe it, I live in the city where Kellogg Rice Krispies are made.
Oct 29, 2006

Great teaser! made me smile!
Oct 29, 2006

I got all but the second one. I have never heard of win, place, and show. I really liked the teaser.
Oct 29, 2006

How can ImYoMama put such an offensive comment on this site?
Oct 29, 2006

I especially liked the esoteric snap, crackle, and pop.
Oct 29, 2006

Got all but win, place and show....and I was just at the track yesterday!
Oct 29, 2006

did not even know they were that mening things in that format till i looked at answer
Oct 29, 2006

My thinker was on the blink! I added to my favorites though. I like this one.
Oct 29, 2006

What are the rules on Braingle concerning plagiarism? These are taken (stolen) directly from a puzzle by Will Shortz that appeared in a recent Reader's Digest. - Shame on you Hana.
Oct 29, 2006

I enjoyed the puzzle. Got them all ya-hoo keep them coming.thx.
Oct 29, 2006

How about Frame, Threat, Hatch

hint: tennis
Oct 29, 2006

Oct 29, 2006

Hiow about flake tattle soul?
Oct 31, 2006

Oct 31, 2006

Easy except no. 2. I'd never heard of that one.
Dec 04, 2006

Hey cool, now I don't feel so bad about not knowing #2. Got the rest though. Yippee.
Oct 29, 2009

Sounding them out,makes this quite easy.
Oct 29, 2009

I'd never heard of #2 either.
Oct 29, 2009

Took me a bit to get win, place, show. Great teaser!
Oct 29, 2009

I've always heard "win, place, OR show", not "win, place, AND show", but what the hey.
Oct 29, 2009

Very fun teaser. Loved it.
Oct 29, 2009

Fun teaser!! Just missed #2.
Oct 29, 2009

great one. i only looked at the first and the rice krispies one. got the latter. and only the latter. great one though!! you know, if this is REALLY plagiarism, the dumb guy should be happy that his thing is on the internet. more publicity. THINK, PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT OTHERWISE! ! ! !
Oct 29, 2009

no offense, or anything. i got all riled up, sorry.
Oct 29, 2012

Easy, fun, and thanks!
Oct 29, 2012

Very easy. Do u agree GW?
Oct 29, 2012

Oct 29, 2012

It was fun but some of the things did not rhyme so had a hard time with some of them. Crawl and small? I got it anyway but come on. Had fun and that was the main thing. I liked some that were posted as comments.
Oct 29, 2012

sorry it was sprawl and small that didn't rhyme and some others. Sorry I'm so picky thought it was fun.
Oct 30, 2012

To Iggy 39: If you're going to be picky, at least be right. Sprawl is a perfect rhyme for small, as you will discover if you consult any decent rhyming dictionary.
Oct 29, 2015

I got 6 - I thought prin, lace and bow for 2- wasn't to be this time. Fun!
Oct 29, 2015

simple, yet fun

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