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How Many Students Got an A?

Math brain teasers require computations to solve.


Puzzle ID:#331
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:** (1.63)
Submitted By:Phyllis*****!
Corrected By:Atropus




The teacher has finished grading the math papers at West High School. The class size is under 30. One third of the class got a `B`, one fourth got a `B-` and one sixth got a `C`. One eighth of the class flunked and the remainder of the class received an `A`.

How many students in the class received an `A`?

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Jul 26, 2002

So the only possible grades at this school
are A, B, B-, C, and F? No B+, A-, C+, etc.?
Dec 24, 2003

Just because no one received a certain grade doesn't mean they couldn't.
Jul 04, 2004

Wow, I haven't used common denometers in years! I totally forgot!
Jul 13, 2004

The comment by dewtell is most apt.
--- The correct answer to the teaser as stated is: "No more than 3."
--- For the correct answer to be: "3", the question should be changed to something like:
"The other students in the class received an A; how many were they?"
Dec 15, 2005

Yay!! not only did i get it, but i did it in my head. Yay for fraction review. (even though i hate them to death)
Mar 07, 2006

I GOT IT!!! In my head too! This is the first one i did in my head.......RIGHT!!!!!!
Mar 09, 2006

Just because 24 would be a common denominator, does not mean that's the number of kids in the class.....i dislike these teasers that leave out vital information, and then only offer up one answer based on a piece of information of the authors choosing, and I don't think they should be posted...

I say there's 27 kids in the class, and nothing in the teaser says I can't....
Apr 22, 2006

ummm In my school a D isnt that kinda threw me off
Apr 22, 2006

yeah same here. Actually D is never failing.
May 27, 2006

i did that in my head too! yay!
i dont get CANU's comment at all
Dec 19, 2006

If you get a score equivalent to a D in a pass/fail class, you would fail the class. However, if you were taking the class for a letter grade, you would pass the class with a D. I don't know why this is.

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