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Chlorine and Sodium

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#3323
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:* (1.08)
Submitted By:bighippo4****
Corrected By:MarcM1098




A scientist gives you two jars: one is filled with the poisonous gas of chlorine, and the other filled with the dangerously reactive element called sodium. He will pay you 5 million dollars if you ingest both jars. How do you do it without killing yourself?

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Apr 09, 2002

How would I heat a chamber to that temperature?
Apr 10, 2002

you would heat a chamber to that temperature by going to a laboratory where you can do that sort of thing!
Apr 15, 2002

not only that but if u mix those two chemicals together esactly then they will cancle each other out and it wont harm u. my 8th grade science teacher got us on that one because he started class by going i am sick of u guys and u know how last class that i told you about sodium and chlorine well here i will mix both of them together and it will be twice as bad and then i will drink it then i will be gone. he mixed them drinked at and then he fell to the ground. we had no idea that he was still alive and we all crowded around him and then it got all queit then my friend tapped him, he didnt budge so he tapped him again and right before he touched him the teacher grabbed his finger and said gotch ya then he explained it.
May 02, 2002

if the scientist is smart, he will give you more chlorine that sodium, so youll end up with salt and chlorine, and he wont have to pay you, as youll be dead
May 15, 2002

All I know is that you'd have to ingest a heck of a lot of salt! ewww...
(user deleted)
Aug 14, 2002

Jar, how big? Salt? Talk about dehydration!
Dec 30, 2003

Do you really need to heat the mixture? I thought the reaction is spontaneous at room temperature.
Mar 16, 2006

For this to work one must start with the same number of MOLES of each. One mole of sodium is 23.0g and one mole of chorine is 35.5g. Clearly a gas-filled jar chlorine will contain less in terms of moles than a jar of similar size filled with sodium metal. You would still die from the sodium. Heat is required, but adding a little water to the sodium provides enough heat to get started.
Aug 04, 2006

@ watupchicks: lmao, what a douche... that's pretty funny.
Sep 30, 2006


I already knew this was coming before I saw the body(from the title).
Jan 28, 2008

You forgot the part about preparing the steak and mashed potatoes.
Jun 17, 2008

you wouldn't even need to heat it! the REACTION IS EXOTHERMIC. IT WOULD HEAT ITSELF UP.
Jan 31, 2012

Oh yes, I mean, heating up the substances to fifty thousand degrees fahrenheit is such an easy thing to accomplish. "Easily." I don't know what kind of elements you've been ingesting, if you have a little mercury or lead poisining, or some radioactive uranium has been seeping into your body, but by my last calculation, being given JUST the two jars, getting them simultaneously to 50,000 degrees is tough. Oh, and wouldn't opening the lid of the Chlorine release the gas? Food for thought (PFffchfch)
Sep 17, 2016

Sounds scientifically feasible, but is it? Is the mixture in correct increments? Remember, it is a chemical "compound", not a chemical "mixture"..

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