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The Traveler & The Nut Tree

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#33448
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:** (1.51)
Submitted By:OldChinaHand*****
Corrected By:Winner4600




A traveler who stopped to rest under a nut tree noticed a huge pumpkin growing on a thin vine near by.
"How foolish are the ways of nature," the traveler muttered. "If things were as they should be, this big, strong tree would hold the large pumpkins, and the spindly vine would hold the small nuts. Now if I made the world, that is how I'd have done it!"
If indeed, he had "made the world", what flaw could there be with such a logical arrangement: big, strong trees growing big heavy crops, and small vines, small crops?

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Oct 12, 2006

Thought the title sounded like you, China! Another clever little story! So glad the world is designed the way it is, or most of us would be maimed... or worse!
Oct 13, 2006

I think it would have made more sense to have it been that the fruit would be ruined... but even then that implies that its purpose is to be eaten.

Either way, if trees were that way, people would know not to dawdle under the ones with the pumpkins...
Oct 15, 2006

Still they could be in the middle of a whole group of them on accident! Oh and great teaser!
Oct 15, 2006

It makes a better story than a teaser. But it's still awesome...I love all of your teasers.
Oct 16, 2006

And aren't you glad cows don't fly?!!
Oct 19, 2006

If pumpkins grew on trees would that made their stems brown instead of green?
Oct 21, 2006

Loved it!
Oct 23, 2006

I agree with MalcolmReynolds and Punk_Rocker. I thought the answer was that a tree's infrastructure wouldn't support pumkins very well, while the flexable vine can support any size.
Oct 24, 2006

I have already read this somewhere else, but I still loved it. And, If the world had been designed that way, the tree would have grown in such a way to support the pumpkin.
Oct 28, 2006

This makes me glad God created the earth. He obviously knew what he was doing when he did it.
Dec 17, 2006

that was good! God created this world so thoughtfully, and He knows whats best for us
Jan 18, 2007

I guess some of you have never heard of a coconut tree.

You do not want to get hit on the head by one of those!
Jan 19, 2007

And why do you suppose coconuts grow where and how they do in we don't have to keep an eye up all the time.

Thanks to all those who drop by to share their comments. OCH
Jan 20, 2007

Obviously you never watched Gilligan's Island...those nasty coconuts were a force to reckoned with!
Apr 17, 2007

Another great teaser.
May 24, 2007

Jun 07, 2007

Liked the teaser but I think that Aranara is wrong when she says that the tree would grow to support the pumpkin. As far as I know trees grow fruit to drop them so that the seeds can be spread around and the tree can continue to grow. It is simply an annoyance to the trees that humans pick the fruit and eat it. As soon as the Pumpkin was ripe the tree would need to drop it to the ground.
Jan 05, 2008

The hint gave it away
Jun 12, 2008

I opened the hint and got it right after I read the hint so i gave it a 1/2 difficulty rating, great teaser
Feb 14, 2010

best teaser ever

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