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Solver on the Case

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#34329
Fun:*** (3.02)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)
Submitted By:phemme*******




Law enforcement officials in the city of Brane Gully face a peculiar challenge. The city's criminal element, the Witty Mafia, violates all the laws on the books and attempts to obscure its crimes using riddles and puzzles of all kinds. When the BGPD is stumped, they call in Miss Terry Solver, P.I. to help solve the case.

Twenty-four Amazonian artifacts had disappeared from the Brane Gully Natural History Museum, so the police rounded up the usual suspects. The small carved fish were worth a fortune, and could be hidden nearly anywhere. Evidence and leads from interrogations led the police to the public library, where the artifacts were being hidden until they could be shipped safely out of the country.

One officer's hunch proved correct when he searched through books on the Amazon and found 12 fish hidden in the hollowed-out tomes. The last book he searched contained no fish--but a riddle for the courier divulging the location of the remaining artifacts. Time was of the essence, so police called in Solver to make sense of the puzzle. Solver read:

Let this note be your Reference,
Your guide for where to look.
You don't have to search the
World for a Book.
You may feel heartbreak,
Like you lost your first beau,
Just remember that old cliche,
And you'll know just where to go.

Solver looked pensive for only a moment, then a smile spread across her face. She led detectives directly to a large book, and produced all of the remaining artifacts from the hollowed-out volume.

How did Solver know where to find the remaining artifacts?

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Dec 09, 2006

Neat teaser. The clue helped very much. I did get it right and enjoyed it a lot.
Dec 09, 2006

Very good Teaser! Enjoyable, hope to see more!
Dec 09, 2006

That was really good. =]

I got the World Book part, and the quote crossed my mind, but I didn't really put together that it was the C volume.
Dec 09, 2006

This was a cute teaser. Good job. ^_^
Dec 09, 2006

A very cute teaser! Although, I didn't figure the clue about the volume letter. I have seen something like this before, in my lifetime. (But, Not as a repeat in the Braingle department)~ Keep these type of teasers coming! A Fantastic One!
Dec 09, 2006

This one was fun ~ reminds me of a riddle/mystery game my hubby and I used to play a lot. We didn't get the "C" part either, but it was a very good clue. It would be fun to see more of these!
Dec 10, 2006

I really liked this one! I didn't get the part about the C volume though. But still fantastic. Keep 'em coming!
Dec 11, 2006

Very Fun...hope you make more!
(user deleted)
Dec 24, 2006

That was loads of fun! You should really make some more! I loved that teaser
Dec 25, 2006

This was a good riddle. I didn't get it tho The only cliche I could think of was Time heals all wounds.
Jan 04, 2007

That was cool keep them coming
Jan 10, 2007

Very fun teaser! Loved it!
Jan 12, 2007

not bad but to easy
Feb 13, 2007

Darn..I only got this half right.
I thought of Worldbook encyclopedia but couldn't figure
out the job on
this one.
Feb 19, 2007

nice one phemme you're the greatest!!!
Mar 18, 2007

Haha that was great. Actually, I've never heard of the saying before.
Apr 22, 2007

umm yeah that was really easy 2 me good job though
May 18, 2007

Man! I was so............close to getting that right. Great teaser!
Jul 18, 2007

And you say that I tell bad puns!
Jul 29, 2007

I loved this one, great job.
Nov 15, 2007

Well, I knew it was a Reference Book...
Nov 30, 2007

that was a good one... i got the fact that it was a world book, but didnt get the 'C'...
Feb 09, 2008

Haha. Great teaser. I just wonder: Why were there all those hollowed out books in the library anyway?
Jun 30, 2008

Whoa, this one was spectacular. $ourDough appreciates these!

Aug 19, 2008

that was good...I didn't get it though...but it was still fun....
Feb 07, 2009

That was good,hopeyou make more!
Jan 17, 2010

loved it!!

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