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Missing Letters 7

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#34618
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.35)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****




Below are incomplete words. Place three (3) letters in each bracket so that you can complete the word on the left and begin the word on the right. Good luck.

unf (_ _ _ ) est
to (_ _ _) tures
hic (_ _ _) ful
eit (_ _ _) etic
fee (_ _ _) eder
he (_ _ _) ful

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Dec 29, 2006

These were a bit harder than some of the others...
Fun teaser!
Jul 14, 2007

Jul 14, 2007

Great! Next to last word stumped me, but got all the rest with a little brain power. For some reason, this is better than the other pu
Jul 14, 2007

(pardon me -- my fingers slipped) the other puzzles like this. Thanks.
Jul 14, 2007

Keep up the good work, this was great. It actually made me think for a while. Thank you
Jul 14, 2007

This was quite easy for me for a change. Very enjoyable and a fun way to start my day. Thanks and more please.
Jul 14, 2007

Fairly easy,but OK
Jul 14, 2007

I DIDN'T think it was easy and I DID think it was a very good one!!

and aren't all the other comments nice ones!

More like this one, please!!
Jul 14, 2007

Thanks guys
Jul 14, 2007

What was a good one, even if I missed most of them. I got 2 right. Thanks for the post. Maybe I'll do better next time.

Jul 14, 2007

These were just hard enough to be fun!
Jul 14, 2007

Thanks Jazz
I missed out on 2. It was a fun

Enjoyed this.
Jul 14, 2007

Took me a bit, but I got most of them. Keep up the good work, Jazz.
Jul 14, 2007

It was an excellent teaser, even though I only got half!! Keep it up!
Jul 14, 2007

I like teasers like this. Some are obvious, and others I never would think of, so it makes it hard to say how difficult it is.
Jul 14, 2007

Thank you all for the positive feedback.
Jul 14, 2007

really hard! great teaser!
Jul 14, 2007

Very good! I couldn't get the first for the life of me, but managed to get the rest.
Jul 14, 2007

For the first one, I really thought it was going to be "AIR" for UNFAIR and FAIREST - not picking up that the 3 letters would be the absolute beginning of the 2nd word.
Jul 14, 2007

Some of those were tricky. Well done teaser!!
Jul 16, 2007

Thanks for that
Aug 02, 2007

Hi i am ikram. I am from Pakistan. For friendship send me message.

Teasers are good activity. I like it really.
Mar 25, 2010

That was fun
Aug 05, 2010

I got 3 right! That's good for me!
Aug 05, 2010

I forgot this one, had to work at it, but I did O.K.
Aug 05, 2010

Didn't get them all but it was still fun! Good teaser!
Aug 06, 2010

Loved it.
For #2, how about topos and postures.
Aug 05, 2013

I got them all, but had to work at it. A nice fun teaser.Thank you!
Aug 05, 2013

Good teaser. I got the first 4 easily and then didn't spend enough time to figure out the last 2. Thanks for posting!
Aug 05, 2013

got hung up on words that wouldn't work for some-got others with no problem-fun! I can handle the rest of my Monday if it also averages out so well!
Aug 05, 2013

Got stuck on the first two, got the last four easily. When I went back to the first two, I still didn't know #2, but guessed at "unflat" and "latest" for #1. hey, "unflat" might be considered a word..
Aug 24, 2016

I go back the next day to read the comments and am glad I did as I got a message and compliment from "cutebug" It was delightful and made my day. So nice to be loved. Thanks cute bug.
Aug 24, 2016

Babe- you are more than welcome. Keep -up your great comments.
Aug 24, 2016

well done
Aug 24, 2016

Good one, but I came up with topas and pastures . . . ;-)

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