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Lost and Found

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#34651
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.55)
Submitted By:Winner4600******
Corrected By:Winner4600




What a week! Mr. Gilles, in charge of the Lost and Found, has been busy with students looking for lost items! Five students came, one on each day of the week, to retrieve their misplaced articles and possessions. So many came that Mr. Gilles has messed up his daily log! Can you help him piece the information back together?

1. The five students are Dominique, Mr. Harris, the one who lost a notebook, the one who retrieved her lost item Tuesday, and the one who came at noon.

2. Elsie picked her key up before Peterson came.

3. Ms. Sanson came at 9:50 a.m. to pick up a purse.

4. Birch came on Friday to pick up a lost item; Mary came on Wednesday.

5. Jacob spent an entire weekend worrying about his sweatshirt; he picked it up first thing on Monday.

6. Allen came earlier in the day than the one who picked up an iPod.

Girls: Mary, Dominique, and Elsie
Boys: Jacob and Allen

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Dec 30, 2006

Ouch. My lowest ranked logic-grid...
Dec 31, 2006

This was truly hard. I just could not figure our how it could be determenistic.
Dec 31, 2006

I'm sorry Winner but it was so many clues so it became easy
Dec 31, 2006

Jan 01, 2007

Finally! someone else can't do a puzzle. I'm at sea. I commend your efforts though winner, I love to try these puzzles with all you smurty folks.
Jan 01, 2007

I made the mistake of not following my first instinct on one clue and that caused 2 days of frustration. I finally solved it, though!
Jan 01, 2007

...Well, the fun ratings skyrocketed 0.52 points in two days...Guess the Braingle population in general likes it more than the reviewers did!

Thanks to all the people who posted positive comments! They're very much appreciated!!!
Jan 01, 2007

Oh, and the difficulty jumped about 0.35 points to go from my 24th hardest to my 13th hardest teaser!

(It's popularity went from #29 to #23, and will hopefully go much, much higher... )
Jan 02, 2007

Fun! If you consider pulling half of your hair out a good time. I kept making the same error (over and over and over and... ), so I set it aside a few times to come back fresh. Finally, I overcame! And all is right with the world. Thanks for a great teaser!
Jan 02, 2007

I was disappointed with this teaser because once again, not all of the clues were given in the text of the puzzle. For those of us who copy and paste the logic grid puzzles into Word and print them to take along to work, this puzzle was unsolvable in several areas; namely the times and who owned the I-pod and purse.

I made up a last name for Elsie and knew the only last name left was for her.

For those of us who do not use the Braingle logic grid, this was a let-down.

Otherwise, an entertaining puzzle. I was able to correctly solve all the days, all the last names, two of the times and three of the items.

Jan 02, 2007

scallio, if you're going to copy-paste anyway, why don't you take (approximately) 3 seconds to click "Open Grid-Solver" and print-screen THAT?
Jan 02, 2007

By the way, I don't include the categories because it just takes way too long to type...
Jan 03, 2007

I got confused on the first clue "the one who lost a notebook, the one who retrieved hers Tuesday,". It sounds like 2 ppl had notebooks. What's up w/dat?
Jan 03, 2007

I don't copy and paste the grids because I don't use them and because nearly all other logic grid teasers include all the facts in the text of the teaser. The grid I make and use is a little different.
Jan 03, 2007

Great fun Jacob picking up his sweatshirt "first thing" Monday morning, went right by me! I only got 2 time clues until "first thing" Txs for the challenge
Jan 04, 2007

Amazing fun! It took me two days and people kept interrupting me! Nyaaa! How I hates dem people! A very challenging and interesting teaser to solve. Keep them coming!

To Moody: I think that "hers" refers to "her item", thus ruling out "notebook" (and letting us know that it was a girl the one who retrieved the lost item on Tuesday!) Hope it helped.
Jan 04, 2007

YES! That explains it. I got there and couldn't allow myself to assume it was not her notebook. Then I'm thrown off the problem.
It IS a good puzzle.
Jan 04, 2007

Thanks, everyone!

Moody, do you think it might help others if I changed the phrase to "her item" instead of "hers"?
Jan 04, 2007

WOW... apparently this is my hardest logic-grid and 5th hardest teaser!
Jan 04, 2007

When I saw your name with this teaser, I knew it was going to be a good one I did find it fun and a little tricky but I didn't find it difficult. It was a perfect teaser in my opinion...good job!!
Jan 04, 2007

that was hard. GOOD JOB!
Jan 05, 2007

yay thanks!
Jan 06, 2007

I think I have tried this teaser more than a dozen times... Each time I try it, I arrive at a different solution (which doesn't agree with the provided solution). I have looked at my solution over and over and can find no faults with it... It appears to work given the clues provided:

Mary Peterson; iPod; Wednesday; 120 noon
Jacob Harris; Sweatshirt; Monday; 8:30 am
Dominique Birch; House key; Friday; 2:25 pm
Allen Jaroth; Notebook; Thursday; 105 am
Elsie Sanson; Purse; Tuesday; 9:50 am

If someone can explain how my solution is incorrect and, if so, how the provided solution is correct...I would be ever so grateful! I have spent more time on this teaser than I really should admit!
Jan 08, 2007

Clue #2 tells us that Elsie had lost a key, not a purse.
Jan 09, 2007

I did this one in reviewing- and thought Dominique was a guy (The clarifications were added after that!) Even though it still worked, I got a different answer!

Great teaser!
Jan 11, 2007

Once I figured out Dominique was a girl, I did ok! That was fun, thanks for the challenge!
Jan 20, 2007

I had the same problem with Dominique being a girl. I think it would help if the names were at the beginning.
Jan 20, 2007

Does it matter that much? They're right under the clues, so it's not like putting it in the hint or anything...
Feb 01, 2007

"To Moody: I think that "hers" refers to "her item", thus ruling out "notebook" (and letting us know that it was a girl the one who retrieved the lost item on Tuesday!) Hope it helped." Thel

"Moody, do you think it might help others if I changed the phrase to "her item" instead of "hers"?

Thank you both for your feedback. I do think that changing it to 'her item' would help for those of us who need it spelled out alittle more.
Look at all the comments, wow.
Mar 16, 2007

Great puzzle. I still haven't figured it out completely. My problem comes into play with question 2. It says Elsie picked her key up before Peterson came. Does that mean day or time? I think I am just second guessing myself.
Mar 16, 2007

The day. (Remember, 5 pm Wednesday still comes BEFORE 7 am Thursday.)
Aug 12, 2007

I had to work this one 4 times! It was certainly a challenge. When I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, I felt kinda stupid. I guess that's what I get for not reading clues carefully. Thanks for the mental work out.
Aug 14, 2007

ah i got confused with Elsie, put her at 2:25 because i wasn't even thinking of days.
and then i realized, hey Tuesday comes before Wednesday, it doesn't matter what time she was there.
Sep 01, 2007

I think for the sake of others sanity maybe add a hint about the 2nd clue. Like you said in one of your comments "5 pm Wed comes before 7am Thurs."
Sep 01, 2007

That's a bit unnecessary, I think... this IS a logic puzzle, after all...
Oct 13, 2007

I really enjoyed this, and found it rather easy... good job! It did take a little effort, which was nice for a change.
Oct 29, 2007

I finally had to give up on this one - I have to admit it was harder than I expected. As usual, fun storyline!
Jun 05, 2008

it was a hard one for me but i'm a newbie to this so i will give it a try later
Feb 08, 2010

Very good
i only got one group right.
Feb 15, 2010

From Clue #2, I assumed that Elsie picking up her key earlier than Peterson meant earlier in the day and didn't even think about it being earlier in the week. Nice twist! A rare one that I had to try twice to get. Thanks.
Nov 25, 2011

Mar 29, 2013

Thank you! Fun and clever. I just left the "before" for later, if it was needed for time or day, and it turned out not to be a problem, I think those twists are fun and make the teaser worth doing! I gather a lot of people solve w/o grid, but it is in the Logic-Grid category, so why complain if it doesn't work out not using it !? Thank you again, great teaser

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