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Take The Cake

Math brain teasers require computations to solve.


Puzzle ID:#3495
Fun:** (1.9)
Difficulty:** (1.47)
Submitted By:Sinead




Tonight you are having a sleepover. Your mom bakes a cake, but there is only enough for you and 3 other people. How much would you each get?

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Nov 13, 2002

I'm literally laughing. Thanks for the laugh. OMFG this was so stupid it's hilarious.
Dec 03, 2002

you must be joking!!! you insult my intellect
Jan 10, 2003

gee even my 2 yr old cousin is getting some of your teasers. i think his brain might be serverly damaged due to this teaser
Mar 19, 2003

Gee I went for the trick! Since it's my Mom and it's my place then I gobble it all down before they arrive! We have a rule in our place, he/she who cuts the cake gets to choose last. Some of the quarters look awefully like halves if you can get away with it!
Jun 20, 2003

C'mon guyz don't be harsh!! Of course they are easy! They are in the "Easy" section!? Nice and easy one maybe you could try to get one a bit harder next time?
Jan 31, 2005

OMG . I'm sorry, no offense, but how'd this slip through the editors?
Mar 10, 2006

I agree with the sentiment. This should have been rejected. No offense meant to the originator.
Aug 22, 2006

that was easy and good
Aug 22, 2006

that was easy and good
Dec 17, 2006

I was looking for the trick element for ages - when I couldn't find any, I looked at the answer. There really was no trick! a waste of time!
Dec 17, 2006

Guys, it's in the easy section. I made it when I was in grade 5. Gimme a break, if you're looking for something challenging, look at the difficulty rate!
Dec 23, 2006

For a teaser with so much thud factor, it is nice to see submitter is still with us.
Jul 07, 2007

it still needed a little more details, how would i know how much each person gets if i dont know how many people are coming? nice try!!!
Mar 30, 2008

This is misleading, as it assumes that the reader is in the third dimension, which is not guaranteed. (j/k)

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